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Anatomy of a Demon                                                                                9

              Anatomy of a Demon

                       Gwilda Wiyaka
                            Host of
            The Science of Magic o

          Each of the astrological ages is characterized by
          varying degrees of polarization and unity. The
          slower moving or lower frequency times are
                                                          Nikolas Cruz, 19, told police he was responsible for the mass murder at
          more polarized and segregated, and the higher
                                                          Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 and wounding others.
          frequency times more unified. Human behavior,
          perception and neurological organization varies
                                                          Age, a time that supports unity, we are being  people who threaten schools, even on social
                                                          confronted    with   a    very   challenging   media, as Cruz did. Mental health resources will
                 An interesting coping mechanism
                                                          phenomenon – decompartmentalization and        now be increased, courts will be empowered to
          developed during the polarized age of Pisces.
          During the last age, the one we are leaving, the  personal responsibility. As long as we continue  confiscate guns from those who are deemed
          masses were controlled by dogmatic religious    to live in a self-generated, polarized reality full  mentally unfit. For every 1,000 students, an
          beliefs, guilt and shame. During this time, it  of “demons” and “bumps in the night,” we will  armed officer will now be put into each school,
          became necessary to find a villain to fault, in  be living half-lives as victimized human beings.  mandatory active-shooter training will also be
          order to be found innocent and blameless.       []                                             required. Some $500 million is being spent
                 As a result, we developed a                                                             implementing these new changes.
          compartmentalized format, whereby we view The FBI’s Shame: Agency
          ourselves and our families as everything that is      Fails To Stop Mass                       Meet Kal Korff:
          wonderful and carefully stash away any                                                                 Kal Korff is often called “a writing and
          evidence to the contrary. Everyone lives two                  Murderer                         production machine,” and with more than
          lives – “happy-happy joy-joy” and “the other                                                   10,000 articles to his credit written on a wide
          side of the story.” Children have been                   Continued from Page 5                 variety of subjects, several books; hundreds of
          conditioned from birth to ignore the other side                                                videos and numerous media appearances, it is
          of the story. To point out individual and familial  To make matters worse, the school had an   understandable why.
          denials has very negative results.              armed School Resource Officer, Broward                 Kal Korff has had an extremely diverse
                 The other side of the story has been     County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson. He and  professional career. He is a longtime,
          buried deep in our psyche en masse. When the    three other deputies had not bothered to enter  internationally known accredited  Analyst,
          compartment of our denials becomes too full     nor storm the school building after the killings  Broadcaster, Columnist, Computing Systems
          and information begins to bleed through,        began.  When Coral Springs police officers     Process Specialist in Enterprise  Architecture,
          evidencing us as less than perfect and          arrived at the scene, they were directed to the  Counterterrorism  Analyst and Specialist;
          blameless, we create a villain to carry our less  area of the shootings by these deputies. Peterson  Executive Producer, Investigative Journalist, IT
          than desirable tendencies – and projection is   has since resigned from his job.               Specialist, K-5 School Principal, Lecturer,
          born.                                                  Cruz purchased his AR-15 rifle legally  Senior Systems  Analyst Level III, Human
                 On a grand scale, this phenomenon set    from Sunrise Tactical Supply in Coral Springs,  Interface and Software Developer and Teacher
          the stage for the holocaust.                    Florida. Taking advantage of a law that arguably  whose articles, broadcasts and expertise have
          The operating system of denial and projection   makes no sense, U.S. Federal laws allow people  been sought by governments and private
          has resulted in the living of two lives, both   in states like Florida to buy what are called  companies for decades. His research projects,
          carefully supported by fabricated personal and  “long guns,” once they turn 18 years of age. Yet  results and various works have been featured in
          familial stories supporting our innocence. “I am  to buy hand guns, a person must be age 21.   the global media on four continents: the United
          perfect and the other guy is the villain” is the  Pistols are not as deadly as an AR-15 is. Cruz  States of America and Canada, Europe, Middle
          story, thinly veiling an underlying sense of guilt  passed the required background test.       East and in Asia.
          and shame.                                                                                             Each of Kal's projects, books, products
          When      a     stimulus      triggers    the   Gun Law Reform                                 or causes falls within one or more of these three
          compartmentalized guilt and shame, the denied                                                  categories, or he’s likely not interested.  The
          aspect of a person lashes out, often violently,  Florida Governor Rick Scott is now pushing    results of this research and studies are always
          resulting in the seemingly mindless violence of  forward with changes in gun laws, some of     released to the public or clients in various forms
          our age.  The more violent the reaction, the    which are identical to what Trump is ordering.  so that people are empowered to examine the
          greater the villain required to carry the blame. In  The minimum age required to purchase a rifle  data and decide issues for themselves, to help
          its extreme, individuals become delusional,     such as the AR-15 will now be 21 instead of just  them separate fact from fiction.
          firmly believing they’ve been abducted, that    18.  What are called ‘bump stocks’ will no             Kal Korff is the host of the ‘X’ Zone
          demons exist, and everyone is out to get them.  longer be sold, since they turn semi-automatic  Broadcast Network’s “Kal’s Korner” which airs
          This forms the basis of conspiracy theories. It is  weapons into automatic ones for all practical  daily on XZBN. For times during the day when
          the anatomy of a “demon,” when in fact, our     purposes. The killer Cruz, not only owned but  you can listen to Kal, goto and
          own denials are the very villains we seek.      had fit several of his rifles with them.       scroll down to the XZBN broadcast schedule
                 As we move further into the Aquarians           Scott is also increasing penalties for  and lookup KK (Kal’s Korner).[]
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