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MOON MAN Available at                                                                                            9

                    MOON MAN: The True Story of a

                           Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List

                                                                                   Moon Man is Bart Sibrel’s revealing memoir

                                                                                   recalling his harrowing journey investigating what
                                                                                   really happened during  America’s famous
                                                                                   “Apollo” missions. It features truly hair-raising and

                                                                                   life-threatening encounters with agents from the
                                                                                   US government’s secret agencies. Sibrel’s memoir

                                                                                   divulges, for the very first time, his real-life
                                                                                   espionage adventures while uncovering one of the
                                                                                   CIA’s greatest secrets, including Sibrel’s discovery

                                                                                   of privately recorded audio of an Apollo astronaut
                                                                                   plotting his assassination by the CIA, which would

                                                                                   not be necessary if the Apollo missions were real.

                                                                                   Moon Man also exposes, for the very first time, the

                                                                                   official CIA Code-Name for the real  Apollo
                                                                                   project, the military base where the first fake Moon

                                                                                   landing was filmed, as well as the names of fifteen
                                                                                   US government scientists and officials who were
                                                                                   recorded in attendance for the first Moon landing

                                                                                   falsification, some of whom are still alive today.
                                                                                   This highly revealing information was provided to

                                                                                   Sibrel by the Chief of Security of this secretive
                                                                                   military base, who finally confessed his regrettable
                                                                                   participation in this despicable government fraud

                                                                                   on his deathbed.

                                                       Bart Sibrel is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and investigative journalist, who
                                                       has produced television programs and documentaries for over forty years. He has
                                                       been employed by two of the three major US networks, worked as a television news
                                                       reporter, and has produced segments for ABC, NBC, and CBS. Sibrel regularly
                                                       speaks as a guest commentator regarding the Moon landing fraud, and has appeared
                                                       as such on NBC, FOX, CNN, and HBO to discuss his films “A Funny  Thing
                                                       Happened on the Way to the Moon” and “Astronauts Gone Wild”.

            Bart Sibrel grew up as a devout supporter of the supposed Moon landings, yet over the years, gradually began to recognize
            their unfortunate falsification. In Sibrel’s mind, the claim that astronauts walked on the moon on the very first attempt with
            antiquated untried 1960s technology, when today with five decades of more advanced technology the US can only send

            astronauts one-thousandth the distance to the Moon, simply defies logic. Sibrel is convinced that until the Moon landing
            fraud is exposed, the governments of the world will continue deceiving the people under their care until their eventual
            demise. For more information about Bart Sibrel and his book Moon Man, visit

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                                                     by                              Journalist, Filmmaker, and  Author, who created the movie "A
                                                                                     Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" and the book
                                         BART SIBREL                                 "Moon Man:  The  True Story of a Filmmaker on the C.I.A. Hit
                                                                                     List", now searches the Alternative Media each week and compiles
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                                                                                     uncover the World's Deceptions before being Ensnared By Them.
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