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How To Use Meaningful Coincidences                                                                                        9

            How to Use Meaningful


            Synchronicities can offer

            counsel at life's decision


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                 Another offers to sell a "highly
          effective" investment advising newsletter:
                 Mr. Lucky receives a financial
          newsletter, no strings attached, at no cost. He
          glances at it. The financial advisor announces
          that there will be a dramatic rise in a specific
          stock index. And there is. The next newsletter
          trumpets his clever methods for making this
          prediction. It also predicts another rise in the
          index.  And there is. Once again, the advisor
          reviews his metrics for this conclusion but this
          time forecasts a decline in the index. And down
          it goes.  After several more of these accurate
          predictions, the newsletter editor asks Mr.     enthusiastically discussed the Christian
          Lucky to send $2,000 for future newsletters     theology of that book for the rest of the
          with a fuller range of trends and a greater     interview. At the end, they prayed together and
          potential for earning high returns.             gave thanks for their meeting. Subsequently, the
                 Let’s look behind the scenes. By         dean eliminated all other chair candidates, much
          purchasing a list of investors with a net worth of  to the frustration of the departmental faculty,
          over one million dollars, the financial advisor  and hired the professor.  The faculty could not
          selected 128,000, half of whom received a       work with him. His wife couldn’t create a
          newsletter predicting a rise in the index while  positive social network. So they returned to the
          the other half received a newsletter predicting a  town from which they had come, wishing that
          decline.  To those 64,000 who got the correct   that he had never accepted the job.
          prediction, he sent another set of newsletters,
          half predicting gains and half predicting losses.  Living Life with Meaningful Coincidences
          The 32,000 who received the correct prediction
          were then sent another set of newsletters, again,  Expecting coincidences during daily life can
          half predicting gains and half predicting losses.  become a way of living. They ebb and flow like
          Mr. Lucky was one of the 16,000 for whom the    ocean tides, coming in and moving out. They
          financial advisor was “correct” three times in a  are more likely during major life events like
          row. He decided to wait for one more            birth and death both symbolic and real. They are
          prediction. Unfortunately for him, he received a  also more likely to occur in times of high
          prediction that was again correct, so he joined  emotion, and need.  They may pop up
          many of the 8,000 investors who sent the        humorously and suggestively and mysteriously.
          advisor $2,000 for this variation on a scammer-  They indicate that we are embedded in webs of
          created coincidences.                           meaning. They show us that we have abilities
                                                          we may not have yet recognized.
          Over-weighing Coincidences in decision                 We still must live the life of the 5 senses-
          making                                          -driving the car, caring for loved ones, earning
                 Coincidences can inform decision         money, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of
          making but cannot be relied upon as the sole    our bodies. We can learn to hold the multiplicity  pain and panic disorder. In addition, he has
          reason for a decision. Here is an example:      of our human capacities in balance, allowing
                 Sitting her car with her boyfriend, a 19  our minds to gracefully meet the expectations of  edited two issues of Psychiatric  Annals that
          yo female was weighing the marriage proposal    current and future demands. Synchronicity      focus on coincidences, and is the founder of
                                                                                                         Coincidence Studies.
          of her boyfriend.  As she pondered,             awareness then becomes part of the fluid               Join Dr. Bernard Beitman for his very
          grandmother's favorite song came on the radio.  landscape of our minds.
                                                                                                         popular radio show, “Connecting with
          She decided that was the sign she needed and                                                   Concidence with Dr. Bernard Beitman, MD”
          said yes.                                       Meet Dr. Bernard Beitman, MD:
                                                                                                         which is aired on  The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast
                 She provided no more information than
                                                                                                         Network,  TalkStar Radio Network, Mutual
          this. It seemed that her uncertainty may have          Dr. Beitman is the first psychiatrist since  Broadcast Network and iHeart Radio.
          had good reasons.                               Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of
                                                                                                                 Past show of “Connecting with
                 And another:                             coincidences. He is a Visiting Professor at the
                                                                                                         Coincidence” are available on iTunes, Spreaker,
                 During the interview with the dean of    University of Virginia and former Chair of the
                                                                                                         SoundCloud, YouTube and other online sites.
          the another medical school, the professor, who  Department of Psychiatry at the University of
                                                                                                                 To find a day and time that Dr. Beitman
          was applying for Chair of a department there,   Missouri-Columbia. He attended Yale Medical
                                                                                                         can be heard, visit, and scroll
          glanced at a pile of books on the dean’s        School and completed  a psychiatric residency
                                                                                                         down to the XZBN broadcast schedule where
          bookshelf and spotted a thin book with a        at Stanford. Dr. Beitman has received two      Dr. Beitman’s show is identified as CCBB.
          maroon cover and gold edges.  The professor     national awards for his psychotherapy training         Be sure to visit Dr. Beitmans website,
          blurted: “I know that book.”  The dean said,    program and is internationally known for his []
          “That’s    my     favorite   book!”     They    research into the relationship between chest
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