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Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate                                                                                       9

           Peter Robbins Explains                       the feature spot as the final presenters of the  did was what any responsible school should do
                                                        day.                                            in the face of a stated threat of violence on
          His Take on Left at East                             Alyson was regularly attacked by Sacha   university grounds, end of story.
                                                        and her buddies once she began her efforts in          With respect my friend, when you shot
                   Gate - Part II                       our behalf and began promoting the conference.  that brief video with  Tino, it should have

                                                        How did she respond? By getting in Sacha        featured an apology to Alyson, Malcolm, Ron,
                 Continued from Page 8                  & company’s collective faces every time     and the other folks who volunteered their time
                                                        they came at her, in fact spending months and   to make this event a reality, not to mention the
                                                        months defending you at every turn, on her FB   audience members who paid their money, at
        Unfortunately, definitely.
               Again, you opened the door to this line  page and on the SPI’s Facebook page. If you go  least in part, for the historic chance of hearing
                                                        back and read her posts and responses it’s      us speak together again. Instead, you set out to
        of questioning and my doubts have only grown
                                                        obvious she must have spent hours on some       make it seem that others were at fault for your
        stronger (than) ever since (realizing) you did.
                                                        days doing little else but coming to your       not speaking, not you, and that’s a lousy way to
               In your msg from earlier this week, you
                                                        defence,    praising   your    courage    and   treat people who had nothing but goodwill and
        tell me I should drop Alyson Dunlop and James
                                                        contributions to the RFI and refuting Sacha     respect toward you.
        Welch as FB friends. Again, in past I’ve done
                                                        every chance she got.                                  Your recent post, “this bitch needs to be
        this in every instance you’ve asked me to, not
                                                               We then come to this past June. Up until  run out.........just sayin,” only makes me feel
        necessarily to my credit, but almost always
                                                        just after the conference itself there had never  more disgusted with your attitude toward a
        without even looking into what the person has
        allegedly done to warrant being dumped by       been any negative statements, negative          woman who never meant you any harm. Just the
                                                        behavior, or negative comments about you from   opposite, not until you gave her cause to
        you/us. But let’s talk about Alyson. And while
                                                        anyone in ‘Scottish ufology,’ not that I’m aware  anyway. Yes, you genuinely do have a problem
        we’re at it, what exactly is behind your battle
                                                        of or remember anyway, and I’m going back to    with  Alyson, James, and other members of
        with ‘Scottish ufology,’ the University of
                                                        1987 here. But please correct me if I’m wrong.  ‘Scottish ufology’ now, but a problem that you
        Glasgow, James  Welch, etc., beginning at the
                                                        It was in June that Kellymarie McColl Beggs     singlehandedly created on your own and are
                                                        made the comment she did in direct response to  100% responsible for.
               I met Alyson on FB about 2 years ago
                                                        Sacha’s being banned (by  Alyson!) from the            And a little about James Francis Welch
        and was first a guest on her show in January
                                                        conference. The result of this was your telling  who you have also asked me to unfriend. Prior
        2015. She was a huge fan of ours and Left At
        East Gate and asked me if I would come on to    Kellymarie that if she attended, that you would  to your infuriating him by unfriending him as
                                                        come down into the audience and rip her         one of many in your purge of FB friends who
        talk about the incident and about our book. She
                                                        windpipe out through her spine. {Correction:    happened to have any FB friend who is on your
        asked great questions and the show went great
                                                        Larry’s actual statement was that he would      enemies list, he was one of your {the word
        with lots of listeners commenting on it. But with
                                                        “..put your windpipe through your spine.” My    “your” should have read “our” here} hugest
        you being the one actually involved, she was
                                                        error.} Maybe you consider comments like this   fans in all of Scotland. It is sad to me that you
        even more interested in you being a guest on the
                                                        MC/outlaw humor, but to the rest of us they     have become so rage-filled and defensive that
        show and asked me if I thought you’d be willing
                                                        constitute a genuine threat of physical violence,  you are unable to tolerate anyone (maybe with
        to appear on the show as well. I said yes, I
                                                        and that is not okay with me.                   the exception of me, thus far anyway) having
        certainly thought so. She then sent you a friend
        request and you two became friends on                  I don’t know Larry. Perhaps you’ve just  anyone you don’t approve of among their FB
                                                        gotten so used to routinely threatening people’s  friends. Often such friendships are meaningless
        Facebook. Your interview with her also resulted
                                                        health, safety and lives that you no longer     or dormant, but they have to be non-existent in
        in a kick-ass programme which she more than
                                                        consider the impact your words really have on   your book.
        appreciated. It was during this time that she
                                                        others. I know that I have completely had it with
        learned we had not spoken together on the same
                                                        your physical threats against people. No one                          (Continued on Page 11)
        stage for more than 10 years, the result, that she
                                                        else I have ever known (ever) resorts to them as
        made it her business to change that by
                                                        often and as routinely as you do.  When
        convincing Malcolm, Ron, and other colleagues
                                                        Kellymarie made the University of Glasgow
        involved in the Society for Paranormal                                                             For The Very Best Of Programming
        Investigation Scotland (SPI) that you and I     aware of your threat to her, they responded by
                                                        banning you from speaking on campus, and this     From The World Of The Paranormal
        should headline their 2016 conference. After all
                                                        is where you began spinning things. As far as       To The Science of Parapsychology
        parties agreed she began the process of raising
                                                        I’m concerned the school did the absolutely                      24 / 7 / 365
        the hundreds of pounds necessary to bring us to
                                                        correct thing.  They weren’t being wusses in                     Tune Into
        Glasgow for the conference. It was going to be
                                                        taking your threat seriously.  They certainly
        structured so that everything would build                                                           The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
                                                        don’t know you or that you never make good on
        toward our presentation with us scheduled for                                                      
                                                        your threats, at least that I’m aware of. All they
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