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8                  How To Use Meaningful Coincidences

            How to Use Meaningful


            Synchronicities can offer

            counsel at life's decision


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             Specific Uses of Certain Coincidences

          Provide comfort and support
                 The most common use of coincidence,
          especially in times of distress, is to provide
          comfort and support. In this video Kathryn
          describes how connections with strangers and a
          Santa Fe jeweler helped to her feel that she was
          not alone and that everything would be alright.
          Pay attention to the feeling she had in response
          to the coincidence. Jung labelled it "numinous".  summarized by statistician David Hand.                  Misuse of Coincidences
          That feeling marks the coincidence to be               When we experience them ourselves, we
          significant.                                    may begin to question scientific orthodoxy.    The dark side of meaningful coincidences tends
                                                          Each of us needs to be scientific in our approach  to get less attention than the sunny side. Here
          Stimulate good feelings                         to recognizing and using these abilities.      are several ways they can be misused and
                 Some coincidences are fun or enjoyable          Being scientific requires becoming our  hurtful.
          or   aesthetically   pleasing.   Like    fine   own personal scientist as described by Gary
          entertainment and fine art, they help us feel   Schwartz .  Test your hypothesis in the real   Self aggrandizement
          good, that everything is right in the world. For  world: Gather evidence. Probe and observe the        Repeated coincidences can foster an
          example, a 24 year old woman, upon              responses. Be careful about bias toward one    expanding sense of one's own specialness. "The
          experiencing an amazing coincidence, told me,   conclusion over another. Compare your          Universe is speaking directly to me so often! I
          "It was  like when your mom pulls the sheet     experiences with others. Read accessible       must be quite wonderful to be the center of all
          over you, and it settles on you, and you feel you  research on the subject.                    this attention." Correction: You are not the only
          are in the right place." p.221.                        You will not have the opportunity to    person experiencing many coincidences.
                                                          perform a controlled, blind experiment since
          Lock and key--providing just what we need       coincidence experiences are difficult to       Good for me, not good for you
                 There it is, just what you are looking for  systematically organize for study. At least at this  Some coincidences have both positive
          or even something better. You recognize the fit  time. You are functioning in the real world not  and negative results, depending on your role in
          between    idea    and    object/person/event   in controlled environment of the laboratory.   them. For example, a husband and wife are
          immediately or shortly thereafter. No ambiguity.       Psychiatrists must take research done   looking for a new house. They find one that he
          A missing object mysteriously shows up, or a    under controlled conditions and apply the      likes and she does not but someone else has put
          long lost relative suddenly appears or just the  results to the messy data set that many patients  in a bid. The couple then finds out that the bid
          idea you needed for work or creativity saunters  present.  As an example of the problem of     has been withdrawn. The husband jumps at the
          out in front of you. Your task is to grasp it or let  becoming your own scientist and yet the need to  opportunity. They argue. This becomes the last
          it go.                                          do. You finally have to decide what is real based  straw in their long standing problematic
                                                          upon limited information.                      relationship and their marriage ends.
          Affirming love and connection                                                                          In another example, robbers try to cash
                 We seek connections with other. These    Helping others through coincidences            the forged personal check of a bank teller to
          bonds can  be and are often supported by               Some coincidences directly involve      whom they brought the check to cash.
          meaningful coincidences. In romantic love       other people. We are the intermediaries. It is as
          coincidences can be especially impactful which  if we are players in someone else's dream.
          presents the lover with a two-sided coin.  We                                                          Tricky people can use coincidences to
          have a tendency to believe that highly unlikely  Using synchronicity awareness as a spiritual  pull cash out of unsuspecting people. They use
          coincidences are encouraging us to believe that                     path                       simple probabilities to catch their victims.
          this relationship will last forever.  The feeling                                                      One group, presenting themselves as
          they generate in us seems to strengthen the     Meaningful coincidences demonstrate that our   Microsoft, randomly calls people offering to
          sense that eternity stretches out in front of us.  minds and our environments are connected.   help with their computer problems.(Microsoft
          Often this is not the case as described in this  They suggest that our minds are part of a     does not call people.)
          post.                                           Greater Mind.
                 In family relationships and friendship          Spiritual practices like meditation,                            (Continued on Page 9)
          coincidences can strengthen bonds through the   ecstatic dancing, and fasting encourage us to go
          remarkable empathy that emerges through         deeply into our mind and body to become
          simulpathity. We feel the pain, distress and other  consciously present in the Here-and-Now.
          feelings of a loved one at a distance. Rob Hopke       As a spiritual practice, synchronicity
          describes many love synchronicities in his new  awareness takes a complementary position. On
          book as has SQuire Rushnell.                    this path you look outward as well as inward.
                                                          You discover that external events converging
          Expanding awareness of personal powers          together in each moment are related to each
                 Simulpathity and human GPS suggest       other. By immersing yourself in awareness of
          we have psychic abilities that are not recognized  the interconnections at this moment, you can
          by modern science. Scientists have well-        enter Here-and-now.
          reasoned arguments against these potentials as
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