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8                        The Sea Monster of Pollock Shoal

                 Cape Sable Island

             Fisherman Recalls 'Sea

             Monster' Encounter 42

                      Years Later

          CAPE SABLE ISLAND, N.S. – The 1967 Shag
          Harbour UFO crash is not the only strange,
          unexplained occurrence that has happened in
          Shelburne County over the years.
                 Shag Harbour UFO Festival goers were
          treated to an eye witness account of a sea
          creature encounter, experienced by Cape Sable
          Island fisherman Rodney Ross in July 1976,
          while fishing with his father on the fishing
          grounds known as Pollock Shoal.
                 The opening night of the UFO Festival
          (Aug. 3) was only the third time that Ross has
          told the story to an audience. He is the last of the  there.”                                         Tom DeLonge’s UFO
          five fishermen aboard three different boats that       “Except for this one time. It stopped and
          saw the creature during a one-week period 42-   turned and looked right at us. I could feel the  Research Firm Reports $37
          years ago.                                      hair stand up on the back of my neck. It started     Million Deficit: Report
                 “Some like to call it the South Side sea  coming at the boat and coming and coming and
          monster and I think I probably agree it looked  coming until it was just a few feet away and it
          like a monster,” said Ross.                     reared about 10 or 12 feet out of water and
                 The story begins on a Monday when a      opened its mouth and there were row and rows                  Tosten Burks
          fellow fisherman, the late Eisner Penney, was   and rows of teeth sort of like fangs or tusks,” he
          out fishing on the Pollock Shoal. He had        said.                                          To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a
          finished fishing for the day and started for home      “You could see its body was full of     UFO research venture founded by former Blink
          when he turned around and saw this strange      barnacles and corals and big bunches. It was   182 frontman Tom DeLonge, has accumulated a
          looking creature following behind him, said     probably 50 to 60 feet long. Its head was much  $37,432,000 deficit, according to a mid-year
          Ross.                                           bigger than its body,” he said, and its tail was  SEC filing first reported by Ars Technica. The
                 “It was something that kind of scared    vertical. “We watched this thing for about 15  firm racked up nearly $32 million of that deficit
          him, so he opened his boat full throttle and it  minutes and not one time did it go under, it  last year and reported just $369,510 in revenue
          was still following him.  As he increased his   didn’t blow (like a whale) there was just that  as of June 30.
          speed the creature kept rising out of the water  swishing noise.”                                     DeLonge’s company drew increased
          and was 12 to 14 feet out of the water. He was         Once the creature started coming at the  attention last December after  The New  York
          quite scared,” he says. As a tactical move he   fishing vessel, Ross said, “Dad put it in gear  Times reported on the existence of a Defense
          steamed towards the shallow waters of the       wide open and I looked back and it came within  Department program, formed in 2007 and
          Horse Race where the depth is only two or three  inches of smashing our boat. I know in my heart  formally terminated in 2012, that funded
          fathoms deep. The maneuver worked. The sea      if it wasn’t for my father’s quick thinking I  investigations into reports of unidentified
          creature was gone.                              wouldn’t be here to tell this story. He saved our  aircraft.  The program’s former director, Luis
                 When Penney got back to shore and told   lives that day.”                               Elizondo, last year became a partner at To The
          his story, people didn’t really believe him, said      Outrunning the creature, the two        Stars to continue his research.
          Ross.                                           fishermen stopped and listened.                       The company, which lists on its website
                 “They laughed at him, told him he was           “We heard the sound again,” said Ross.  “telepathy” and “beamed energy launch
          crazy and said there had to be some logical     Not taking any chances and seeing another boat  systems” as subjects of interest, last September
          explanation for it.”                            on the radar about a mile away, they decided   began issuing stock to help fund its operations,
                 Then Wednesday came and Ross and his     they should steam down and tell them what they  ultimately raising $1,167,000 from investment-
          father Keith headed to the fishing grounds. They  saw before heading home. It turned out to be  curious alien optimists by June 30.
          hadn’t heard about Penney’s encounter so had    Eisner Penney, the same fisherman that saw the  Unfortunately for anyone interested in the
          no idea of what might be in store.              creature two days before.                      action, the stock offering closed in September.
                 “It was sort of foggy that day,” recalled       “He said you don’t have to tell me what        The SEC filing also reveals a new
          Ross.  After fishing for a while and catching   you see. I seen it Monday and just hauled his  partnership for DeLonge’s company with
          about 500 pounds of cod, the tide turned. Ross  anchor we went to land together.”              EarthTech International, a research firm founded
          said his father went in the cud to have his lunch      The third encounter happened on the     in 1985 by Harold E. Puthoff. Puthoff is best
          while he stayed on deck trying a new fishing rig.  Friday, when the late Edgar Nickerson and his  known for directing a widely discredited Cold
                 With every cast he was catching fish,    son Robert went fishing to the Pollock Shoal.  War-era program, funded by the CIA,
          then nothing, he said.                                 “Edgar was bragging on the set, ‘I guess  investigating psychic capabilities, featured in
                 “Everything got right quiet” except for a  I got the Pollock Shoal all to myself. Everybody  the 2004 book and 2009 film  The Men  Who
          “swishing noise. I couldn’t see very far in the  is scared of this fish.’ He no more than said it  Stare At Goats. To The Stars has agreed to assist
          fog, so I kept listening and by and by seen this  and up came this thing close to his boat.”   EarthTech in the study of “materials samples
          thing in the water. I thought it was something         The Nickersons also made it back to     [EarthTech] obtained through reliable reports of
          adrift in the water. I looked, and it was moving  shore safely. Ross recalled telling the story to  advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown
          like a hump with big huge eyes on the top of its  two retired fishermen in the community the day  origin.”
          head. I mean huge, probably 10 inches across,”  it happened and was told that in 1934 two      If you’d like to help To The Stars stay solvent
          likening it to a crocodile.                     fishermen out of South Side that had an        while it uncovers the truth about the great
                 Ross called to his father to come up on  experience much the same.                      unknown, t-shirts, hoodies, and trucker hats are
          deck and have a look. Together they watched it         “It was a scary creature,” said Ross,   available on the website for the company’s
          going back and forth from the east to the west,  adding he thinks it was some sort of dinosaur or  entertainment arm. []
          “not once looking at our boat and we were right  pre-historic creature from the ocean deep. []
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