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8            Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate

           Peter Robbins Explains

          His Take on Left at East

           Gate  - Part II: A First-

              hand Account of the

          Rendlesham Forest UFO

            Incident, Its Cover-up,

                and Investigation

                                                        photograph Larry yet you insist it’s not. Not   bullet for him? Do you really need for people
                                                        good.                                           like Kate McKenna Lawler to write, “RIP John
                                                               As I wrote to you in June, there is no   and so incredible you met him!” I’m at a loss
                                                        way I will ever believe that you neglected or   here Larry and not being a mental health
                                                        forgot to mention to me that 2 days before you  professional I don’t know how to deal with it.
                                                        flew from the States to England to begin your   Nor do I want to deal with it. So what’s the big
                                                        Air Force assignment there you met and were     deal about a single, basically harmless untruth
                    By Peter Robbins                    photographed with John Lennon in New York       like this? Does it have anything whatsoever to
                                                        City.                                           do with Rendlesham/ Bentwaters? No, of course
        The reason I chose it was because to my                Then that you expected me to believe     not. Does it have anything to do with my and
        untrained eye it appeared to be the crudest, most  you had withheld this fact from both me and  others take on your basic honesty, ethics and
        cut-and-paste-looking picture in the bunch. I   from Left At East Gate because you were saving  trustworthiness? Yes, very much so.
        even imagined, and wrote the same to you, that  it for your next book? Yes, I know that you have       In May 2016 you were increasingly on
        somehow Sacha and/or Dave had managed to        met many famous and interesting people in your  my case to drop Ronnie Dugdale as a friend.
        create a fake FB screengrab of it. Remember?    life, people who you do not mention in our      You made it abundantly clear that you were
        When you responded “pete the pict is real,” I   book, but please, in the words of the great judge  convinced he was our ‘enemy’ and never really
        was all but bowled over. It led me to revisit your  Judy, ‘Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s  been our friend and how he had turned on us,
        earlier FB postings and find the photo where    raining.’ In my entire life I never met anyone –  especially on you. As a result I wrote to him to
        you’d posted it earlier in June. You deleted it not  anyone - more interested or obsessed in John  get his side of things, and you know what? I
        that long afterward. In response to your claims  Lennon’s life, work, history, instruments, etc.,  thought he made a great case but dumped him
        of the picture’s authenticity, I pulled up every  then you, and that goes back to from when we  anyway, something that I sure caused him real
        single photo I had of you taken when you were   first met. I do not believe, not for a moment, that  pain, which I know would have been fine with
        19 and 20, comparing them all to each other,    given how heartfelt you were in writing up how  you. My main point is that I did it because I felt
        then comparing them to ones taken years after,  John’s murder affected you, and how you and     that loyal to you, because you wanted me to. On
        then compared each of the 19-20 year old Larry  other guys attended the huge memorial that      reflection, every falling out I’m aware of that
        photos to the one allegedly taken Nov 28 1980   weekend in Liverpool, and that you never        you’ve had with someone you’d previously
        in New York City. Larry, there is no question   bothered to mention to me that you just         considered a friend seems to have been that
        that your face in that picture is broader and   happened to meet (and be photographed with)     person’s fault, never yours. So it was with
        wider than any of the photos of you taken in    John Lennon in New York City the week before    (name of individuals). I used to just accept this
        1980 and 1981. That broadening of the face is   he was murdered? I get angrier just thinking    but don’t any longer. Isn’t it just possible that
        something that comes with age, and there is also  about it. What I hated most about being lied to  you  contributed   something     to    the
        no question that your hairline is receding in the  like this was just how insulting it was to my  misunderstanding   responsible   for   that
        Nov 28 picture, something that is definitely not  intelligence. But it wasn’t just to me of course.  friendship ending? According to you, you were
        happening in actual photos of you taken in 1980  It was a lie to everyone who sees your posts. In  innocent in each case and I find that harder and
        and 1981.                                       doing so you ‘opened the door’ as they say, to  harder to believe in light of what these people
               Even so, I still did not want to believe  the unwelcome reality of a permanent cloud of  have shared with me or otherwise made
        you were responsible for creating the photo. In  reasonable doubt hanging over other things you  public.In the case of Ronnie, one of the things
        an attempt to exclude this possibility, I used  have said, maintained, or are otherwise on      he did that I think infuriated you was something
        Google’s ‘Reverse Image Search’ to see if I     record with, and more’s the pity. In this case, if  I should have done 25 years ago, that being (to)
        could rule out a similar, separate photo of John.  you had faked a photograph once, might you   really check out and independently confirm the
        Image Search works a lot like modern            have done it another time? And if you would     written account of your interview with Keith
        fingerprint search technology.  You enter any   fake a photo, might you also fake something     Beabey as it appears in Left At East Gate. In fact
        photo ever taken, then search for it or the closest  else? The answer sadly is yes on both counts  you altered the facts Larry. Not a lot. I think it
        ones to it. If the picture appears anywhere on the  and you and only you are responsible for    was a matter of not feeling comfortable with
        internet, Image Search will find it. As it turned  creating the reasonable doubt that it springs  some of the things you told him back then, but
        out a pair of pictures comes right up. They were  from.                                         you changed (a) fact in our book to suit
        taken seconds before or after the one you’re           Then there’s the deeper question of what  yourself. Does this, should this change people’s
        paired with John in, only they have a           would drive a person to make such an            opinions about the great book we wrote
        completely different background, and John’s     outrageous claim? What is it that compels you   together? Should readers, and should I, now
        mouth is as clear as the rest as the photograph  to make others believe this had really happened  wonder if maybe you changed some other little
        and not with the mouth strangely smudged as in  to you?  That if you had been there a week      fact here or there?
        the one of you and John.  Yours is a bogus      later… you would have taken a Mark Chapman                              (Continued on Page 9)
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