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8                                   Truth Embargo and UFOs

           'Truth embargo': UFOs

        are suddenly all the talk in


             After 75 years of taboo and

             ridicule, serious people can
           finally discuss the mysterious
         flying objects, and even skeptics

                say that's a good thing.

                    By Alex Seitz-Wald
                         NBC News

        Stephen Bassett and Mick West don’t agree on
        much. Bassett has devoted much of his adult life
        to proving UFOs are helmed by aliens, and West
                                                                                                          West pointed to models from other countries like
        has devoted much of his to proving they are not.
                                                         Suddenly, senators and scientists, the Pentagon Argentina, where an official government agency
                                                         and presidents, former CIA directors and NASA investigates sightings and publishes its findings,
        But they both agree on one thing: It’s good that,
                                                         officials,  Wall Street executives and Silicon the overwhelming majority of which are traced
        after nearly 75 years of taboo and ridicule going
                                                         Valley investors are starting to talk openly about to unusual weather, human objects like planes or
        back to Roswell, New Mexico, serious people
                                                         an issue that would previously be discussed only optical effects.
        are finally talking seriously about the
                                                         in whispers, if at all.
        unidentified flying objects people see in the
                                                                                                          “This is something that we could do here,” West
                                                         “What is true, and I'm actually being serious said. “But right now we're left with people like
                                                         here, is that there is footage and records of me, who are just enthusiasts.”
        “If you look at the level of public interest, then
                                                         objects in the skies that we don't know exactly
        I think it becomes important to actually look
                                                         what they are," former President Barack Obama John Podesta, a Democratic poobah who has
        into these things,” said  West, a former video
                                                         told late-night TV host James Corden.            held top jobs in several White Houses, has called
        game programmer turned UFO debunker.
                                                                                                          on President Joe Biden’s  White House to
        “Right now, there is a lot of suspicion that the
                                                         The omertà has been broken thanks to a new establish a new dedicated office in the  White
        government is hiding evidence of UFOs, which
                                                         generation of more professional activists with House’s Office of Science and  Technology
        is quite understandable because there's this wall
                                                         more compelling evidence, a few key allies in Policy, which would help get the issue out of the
        of secrecy. It leads to suspicion and distrust of
                                                         government and the lack of compelling national shadows of the military and intelligence
        the government, which, as we’ve seen, can be
                                                         security justification for maintaining the official community.
        quite dangerous.”
                                                         silence, which has failed to tamp down interest
                                                         in UFOs.                                         Odessa, who has harbored an interest in UFOs
        Later this month, the Pentagon is expected to
                                                                                                          since at least his days as Bill Clinton’s chief of
        deliver a report to Congress from a task force it
                                                         In a deeply polarized country where conspiracy staff, recently told Politico, “It was kind of
        established last year to collect information
                                                         theories have ripped apart  American politics, career-ending to basically talk about this subject.
        about what officials now call "unexplained
                                                         belief in a UFO coverup seems relatively quaint That has clearly switched, and that's a good
        aerial phenomena," or UAPs, from across the
                                                         and apolitical.                                  thing.”
        government after pilots came forward with
        captivating videos that appear to show objects
                                                         'Truth embargo'                                  Believers are unsurprisingly thrilled by the
        moving in ways that defy known laws of
                                                                                                          culture shift.
                                                         Interest in UFOs waxes and wanes in American
                                                         culture, but millions have questions and about   “The ‘truth embargo’ is coming to an end now,”
        While those who dabble in the unknowns of
                                                         one-third of  Americans think we have been       said Bassett, the executive director of Paradigm
        outer space are hoping for alien evidence, many
                                                         visited by alien spacecraft, according to Gallup.  Research Group and the only registered lobbyist
        others in government hope the report will settle
                                                                                                          in Washington dedicated to UFO disclosure. “I
        whether the objects might be spy operations
                                                         But those questions have been met with silence   am elated to finally see this movement achieving
        from neighbors on Earth, like the Chinese or
                                                         or laughter from authorities and the academy,    its moment.”
                                                         leaving a vacuum that has been filled by
                                                         conspiracy theorists, hoaxsters and amateur      Bassett is convinced the government is covering
        The highly anticipated report is expected to
                                                         investigators.                                   up proof of extraterrestrial life and that
        settle little, finding no evidence of
                                                                                                          everything happening now is elaborate political
        extraterrestrial activity while not ruling it out
                                                         West, the skeptic, thinks the recent videos that  theater to make that information public in the
        either, according to officials, but it will
                                                         kicked off the latest UFO craze, including three  least disruptive way possible — a view, of
        jumpstart a long-suppressed conversation and
                                                         published by the New York Times and CBS’ “60     course, not supported by evidence or most
        open new possibilities for research and
                                                         Minutes,” can be explained by optical camera     experts.
        discovery and perhaps defense contracts.
                                                         effects. But he would like to see the U.S.
                                                         government thoroughly investigate and explain    “This is the most profound event in human
        “If you step back and look at the larger context
                                                         UFOs.                                            history that's about to be taking place,” he said.
        of how we've learned stuff about the larger
        nature of reality, some of it does come from
                                                         The government has examined UFOs in the past     But you don’t have to be a believer to believe
        studying things that might seem ridiculous or
                                                         but often in secret or narrow ways, and the      that poorly understood things should be
        unbelievable,” Caleb Scharf, an astronomer
                                                         current Pentagon task force is thought to be     investigated, not ignored.
        who runs the Astrobiology Center at Columbia
                                                         relatively limited in its mission and resources.
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