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8            Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate

           Peter Robbins Explains

          His Take on Left at East

              Gate : A First-hand

                   Account of the

          Rendlesham Forest UFO

            Incident, Its Cover-up,

                and Investigation

                                                        question, but I my efforts will be enough to    means less to me than you might imagine.
                                                        assist all of us in bringing this sad ugly affair to   I more than appreciate that in the minds
                                                        an end. I very much regret that the conclusions  of some I may seem too close to all this to fully
                                                        I have been forced to arrive at fly in the face of  apply the rigorous objectivity necessary to come
                                                        certain specifics published in Left At East At  to the clearest and most accurate conclusions.
                                                        East Gate and that many of the falsehoods       That’s alright. I am more than willing to leave
                    By Peter Robbins                    referred to are ones I stood by as 100% factual  any such judgments to you the reader.
                                                        and repeatedly defended over the years, then the       My only practical regret in ending this
        An open letter to my friends and readers,       decades, some of them not only in Left At East  piece where I do is it leaves out so much of the
        colleagues in ufology, the many UFO witnesses,  Gate, but in part in two follow-up books I      factual, conclusive evidence others have
        experiencers and abductees I count as friends   authored as well. My unswerving belief in       labored so long and hard to find, confirm and
        and who I’ve never met, and most of all to the  almost all of them had remained the case until  publish. The best reasons I can give for this is
        men and women whose lives were changed          said ‘facts’ began to fully unravel for me      that every minute I have spent working on this
        forever by the events of December 1980 in       beginning in the spring of last year.           is one I have resented giving up to yet one more
        Suffolk England.                                       Since that time I have quietly been      visit to this sordid mess, this after investing
               For more than a year now a scandal - for  struggling to see beyond all of the malice and  thousands (and likely additional thousands) of
        there is no other word that aptly describes it -  misunderstanding that this controversy has    hours on defending, supporting, praising and
        has been steadily growing in the field of UFO   generated. I have done so, if largely in private,  assisting my former coauthor in his efforts.
        studies.  It is as ugly, contentious, and vicious as  in as even-handed a manner as I am capable of,  Writing when you feel angry and resentful is not
        we’ve seen, if not more so, in the seventy years  this with special attention being paid to the part  necessarily something that makes me write fast,
        since the so-called Modern Age of UFOs came     I have played - even if inadvertently - in      and that’s the other issue. I set a self-imposed
        into being.  And it is spreading. While confined  misleading what likely amounts to thousands of  deadline to complete this tonight, though it’s
        to that specific corner of ufology alternately  readers, and between talks, lectures, and live  now well into tomorrow. My reasons for doing
        known as the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident     and broadcast audiences, millions of others.    so were not arbitrary. I set off tomorrow for
        or the Bentwaters incident, it continues to draw       The focus of this writing though is Larry  three weeks of work and travel and have no
        in good people who have come to increasingly    Warren and his relationship with the truth      desire or intention of dragging this millstone
        demonize each other and allow hatred,           regarding Rendlesham, his role in the events of  with me when I do.
        frustration and fear to rule their lives.       December 1980, and in some of his unrelated            But the ‘dialog’for lack of a better word,
               At the center of this storm of           dealings as well. Why bother to reference any   between Larry Warren and his supporters, and
        controversy is a man named Larry Warren. He     such ‘unrelated matters?’ Because character and  those who have completely lost faith in the
        was my coauthor on a book some of you may       honesty go hand in hand across the board in     published and spoken accounts of his stated role
        have read or heard about.  Its title is Left At East  human behavior, and to my way of thinking we  in the events in question, is now long past the
        Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham    should be held to the same standards in both our  point where any vestige of civility exists
        Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and           public and private lives as they are mirror     between them. The discourse on both sides long
        Investigation.                                  reflections of each other.                      ago turned toxic as nuclear waste, serving no
               The investigation itself was begun in           Coming to grips with the myriad pieces   one and no aim other than to amp up the rancor,
        1987 and concluded in 1996. It was conducted    of information involved has proven to be one of  hatred and partisanship, and in the process
        by me and my coauthor, and looking back on      the greatest, not to mention depressing series of  continue pitting decent people on both sides
        what I now know to be true about the            realizations I have ever had to face as a writer  against each other. There have been times over
        circumstance I had walked into back then, my    and individual. On a personal level the         this past year when my irregular forays into this
        efforts in many respects came up woefully       experience has closely paralleled the five stages  swamp of commentary, claims and counter
        short. It is with more than a fair amount of    of grief as defined by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-    claims, threats, lies and insults has left me
        anger, regret and frustration that I’ve written  Ross, a Swiss-American psychiatrist who was a  feeling as though I was going to be physically
        what you’re about to read, but the              pioneer in near death studies.  The stages as   ill, and with good cause.
        circumstances in question have given me no      defined by Dr. Kübler-Ross are denial, anger,          Before proceeding on, I think there is
        choice. My purpose in doing so is nothing less  bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Those   something you should know about me, that is to
        than to stop it in its tracks. If not, this blight will  of you who know me will not be surprised to  say about my make-up and character, because it
        continue to fester and consume more             learn that this past year has been the most     bears upon the way I have approached writing
        individuals and that is something I will not and  introspective, self-critical, and increasingly  this and some of the inclusions it contains.
        cannot allow.                                   disheartening    in   my    forty-year   long
               The assorted evidence included here is   involvement in UFO studies and where I go
        anything but a full accounting of the outrages in  from her I’m not quite sure. But at this point that                  (Continues on Page 9)
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