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6                   Growing Up With Stanton Friedman

            EXCLUSIVE! Growing

            Up With The Stanton T.

             Friedman That I Knew

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          Sgt. Melvin E. Brown: Brown is touted as
          a “witness” who saw alien bodies by Friedman
          and many other Roswell authors.
                 Truth:  Melvin Brown cannot be
          considered a witness since he died in 1986 and
          was never interviewed by UFO researchers.
          Indeed, the only “proof” one has that Brown was
          a “witness” comes from his daughter, Beverly
          Bean, who first made the claim years after his
          death. No other member of Brown’s family
          supports her claim. Furthermore, when I
          checked Brown’s military file, he was just a
          cook who held no security clearance and never   One of the most infamous hoaxes Stanton Friedman promoted was the Rex Heflin case of 1965.
          pulled guard duty. Beverly Bean has also        Heflin confessed he FAKED his photos using a miniature train wheel set. Collecting miniature
          changed her story several times.                trains was his hobby.

          Jesse Marcel: The Hidden Truth                  ashamed, including Friedman.                   (I could clearly see them behind his glasses) and
                                                                 Project Mogul is what ‘caused’ Roswell.  he casually told me “There MUST have been a
          Stanton Friedman and other pro-UFO Roswell
                                                          Mogul was a secret operation in 1947 that      debris switch!” Stan was now doing the very
          authors consider Major Jesse Marcel’s every
                                                          involved the use of constant-level balloon trains  thing he always accused skeptics of doing, often
          word to be Gospel truth.  Yet Marcel’s own
                                                          that were equipped with various instruments for  wrongly, which was “research” by proclamation.
          military file, which only Bob Todd and myself
                                                          intelligence gathering purposes. Constant level  Since I was personally present and essentially
          bothered to obtain, proves that Marcel had a
                                                          balloon trains are clusters of balloons that are  WITNESSED  THE MOMENT that Stanton
          penchant for exaggerating things while
                                                          balanced so that they can float at a fairly    Friedman basically MADE UP the idea that
          repeatedly trying to “write himself” into history
          books. Ironically, Marcel’s tendency to         consistent altitude and not continually rise up  there must have been a “debris switch,” this was
                                                          into the atmosphere. Project Mogul was a       the first major rift between Stan and I.  There
          exaggerate things was specifically noted in his
                                                          classified operation begun by the U.S.         were more to come.
          military file in a review of his performance that
                                                          government after the end of World War II to spy
          was signed just after Roswell occurred.
                                                          on the former Soviet Union to determine the The Hill Case
                 Marcel claimed that he personally flew
                                                          status of Russian attempts to build nuclear
          the UFO wreckage to Carswell AFB. He could                                                     Speaking from firsthand experience again, I
                                                          weapons. Project Mogul had a national security
          not have done so, for he was never a pilot.                                                    promise you that Stanton Friedman always knew
                                                          rating of “Top Secret A-l” equal to that of the
          Despite this, Marcel said in numerous                                                          the real truth about Betty Hill’s “alien star map”
                                                          original Manhattan Project (the effort to build
          interviews with Friedman and former National                                                   which according to him, based on the admirable
                                                          the world’s first atomic bomb).
          Enquirer reporter Bob Pratt that he was not only                                               work of amateur  Astronomer Marjorie Fish,
                                                                 When I interviewed Professor Charles
          a pilot but had managed to shoot down five                                                     supposedly identified the stars Zeta Reticuli 1
                                                          Moore, who ran the secret Project Mogul effort
          enemy aircraft. If so, this would have made him                                                and 2 as being the ‘home base’ where ‘aliens’
                                                          and launched the very balloon train that was
          an "Ace," a distinction that certainly would have                                              who supposedly abducted the Hills had come
                                                          later recovered by Marcel, and asked him if
          been noted in his military file. Instead, there’s no                                           from.
                                                          Stanton Friedman had ever spoke to him about
          record of this nor even anything close, in fact it                                                    In 1976, UFO skeptic Robert Sheaffer
                                                          Roswell, he told me that in the early 1990s
          was General Ramey who specifically noted in                                                    had written an article that was published in
                                                          Friedman had placed a newspaper ad in the
          Marcel’s file that because he was not a pilot, he                                              Official UFO Magazine. In this expose, Sheaffer
                                                          local paper soliciting witnesses to Roswell, and
          would be severely limited in his career                                                        argued (correctly) that another “star map” had
                                                          that he wrote to Friedman and later met him and
          opportunities in the Air Force. Is it no wonder,                                               been found that was a better fit than Marjorie
                                                          his co-author, Don Berliner, at a hotel in
          then, that Marcel would later ‘blame’ Ramey for                                                Fish’s work.  This was a map figured out by
                                                          Socorro, New Mexico.
          the “UFO coverup” at Roswell?                                                                  Astronomer Charles Atterberg. Sheaffer is also
                                                                 When I asked Moore how their
                 Marcel boasted he had a Bachelor's                                                      an  Astronomer, unlike Friedman. Confronting
                                                          discussion went, he told me bluntly that
          degree in Physics and even named the                                                           Stan with Sheaffer’s article, he immediately
                                                          Friedman and Berliner did not want to hear his
          universities he attended. However, when I                                                      gave me the song and dance routine that
                                                          side of the story and then accused him and his
          checked with those institutions, I discovered that                                             Sheaffer was a “Debunker” and that “All
                                                          group of being part of the UFO coverup! Put
          he never attended one of them and never                                                        debunkers operate the same way – research by
                                                          another way, Friedman refused to face the facts.
          finished his education at the other. Curiously,                                                proclamation, don’t confuse me with facts, my
          while Marcel blatantly lied to UFO researchers                                                 mind is already made up.”
          about his mythical ‘educational’ background, he  The “Debris Switch”                                  Another unfortunate legacy of Stanton
          never dared make such false claims to the       When Bill Moore finally gave me uncropped      Friedman, is that he has tried to twist and
          military. Indeed, in signed statements contained  8x10 black and white images from the official  outright distort the very meaning of the word
          in Marcel’s military file, he replies “none” when  Roswell debris photos that were taken in    “Debunker.”  As any mainstream credible
          asked under oath if he had a college degree.    General Ramey’s office, a couple of which      dictionary will tell you, the word “Debunk”
          Marcel also claimed he was “shot down” over     show Marcel with the recovered material, I took  simply means to remove the “bunk” from facts,
          the Pacific and was the only survivor. Bullshit!  Moore’s pictures and visited Friedman at his  to separate truth from fiction.  This definition
                 Other Roswell “witnesses” such as        house in nearby Union City. Confronting him, I  proves that “debunking” is a good thing, not a
          Glenn Dennis, Rueben  Anaya, Frankie Rowe,      said, “Stan, Bill has given me these pictures.  bad thing.
          Frank Kaufmann, Jim Ragsdale and others have    This does not show an alien spacecraft. This is
          all gone bust. Those Roswell “researchers” who  aluminum foil.”
          promoted and championed these liars should be          Friedman looked at me, his eyes got big                         (Continued on Page 7)
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