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6                  How To Use Meaningful Coincidences

            How to Use Meaningful


            Synchronicities can offer

            counsel at life's decision


                                                          we have? Or perhaps they are teaching us about  them. Other periods have very few. When there
                                                          the way statistics can inform our understanding  are lots of them, enjoy the possibility of being in
                                                          of low probability experiences.                the flow. That may be enough of an examination.
                                                                                                         When you do examine them look at the low
                               by                         Activate and exercise our observing selves     probability ones first, especially those that
                 Dr. Bernard Beitman, MD                                                                 trigger intense feelings in you. Be careful about
                            Host of                       Our observing self is that part of our awareness  over-examining befuddling coincidences. If you
                                                          that monitors our mental activity. By coming to  become overwhelmed by their frequency, seek
               Connecting with Coincidence
                                                          recognize that some of our mental events are   coincidence counseling.
                 on XZBN -
                                                          surprisingly matched by environmental events,
                                                          we activate our ability to observe our inner   It's your choice about how to use them
                                                          workings.  We then exercise our ability to
          We know they happen. The data  are very clear.
                                                          connect our mind's events with the events in our  Meaningful coincidences offer us possibilities,
          Coincidences appear in the lives of most people,
                                                          surroundings.  The more coincidences we        not certainty. They are best thought of as sign
          some more frequently than others.  We can
                                                          experience, the more fluidly our observing     posts rather than directives. We are probably not
          describe them in terms of mind and thing. We
                                                          selves finds parallels between our thoughts and  being imposed upon by some external force
          can list their archetypal themes. How can they
                                                          our surroundings.                              although some of us do think of them this way.
          be used? What is their cash value?
                                                                 Prior to the internet and the ability to       Some offer a clear path forward that
                                                          monetize these topics, such fanciful statements  seems very reasonable to take.    Others present
           General Uses of Meaningful Coincidences
                                                          could be found in the pages of fairy tales, where  confusing ambiguity. For the ambiguous ones,
                                                          cows jumped over the moon, people lived in     select the option which best suits your needs in
          Encourage us to become curious about them
                                                          pumpkin shells or shoes, a little old lady flew on  both the short and long terms. Some are
                 We come to the awareness of
                                                          the back of a goose, dishes actually ran with  tempting but not the right thing for us.  That
          coincidences in a variety of ways. Some of us
                                                          spoons, and other childish illusions.          means refusing to follow the implied suggestion.
          seem to be born with the predisposition to be
          curious about them. Sometimes a major
                                                          Encourage us to think about probabilities      Interpreting coincidences
          coincidence dramatically draws our attention to
                                                                 A common response to a weird
          them as happened to Brendan.  Others become
                                                          coincidence is:  What are the odds of that     The use of some coincidences may be obvious.
          overwhelmed by a flood of coincidences,
                                                          happening?  Try to answer that question by     Others may be not so clear. Take some time, let
          demanding personal investigation.
                 However one comes to acknowledge         estimating the probability of each part of the  the meaning percolate through your mental-
                                                          coincidence. For more details about estimating  emotional system. Write them down. You may
          their existence, curiosity often follows.
                                                          probabilities, please see this previous post. For  see a pattern emerge as can happen with dreams.
                                                          a sobering view of the role of probabilities in  As you become more tuned to coincidences, you
          Confirm cherished beliefs (The confirmation
                                                          the creation of coincidences see  The          will see that we also live in a symbolic world, a
                                                          Improbability Principle.                       real life dream world. Events may become
                 If you want to believe that God makes
                                                                                                         symbols as in novels and plays. Some of us
          your coincidence happen, then a startling or
                                                          Great stories to tell!                         learned this in childhood from a nursery rhyme:
          useful coincidence can confirm that belief. If
                                                                 Tell some friends a coincidence story.         "Row, row row your boat, gently down
          you want to believe that the universe is random,
          coincidences can also confirm that belief. If you  You may trigger a very interesting discussion.  the stream.
                                                          You are also likely to hear stories from them.        Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is
          believe, as I do, that each of us contributes to
                                                          Maybe you will help each other to figure them  but a dream."
          the creation of many coincidences, then that
          belief can also be confirmed.
                                                                                                                                 (Continued on Page 8)
                                                           Guiding Principles for Using Coincidences
          Stimulate interest in how the world works
                 If what you are thinking is surprisingly
                                                          Be selective about which coincidences to
          matched by an event in your environment, how
          does that happen? Perhaps our minds minds
                                                                 The frequency of coincidences varies.
          more connected to the material world than
                                                          For some of us, coincidences rarely appear. For
          science currently tells us.   Are some
                                                          those who regularly experience them, whom I
          coincidences windows into a hidden reality? Do
                                                          call coinciders, some periods can be full of
          we have more psychic powers than we believe
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