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6                         Cape Sable Island UFO Sighting

              What Was It? Shared

                 Story Of Daytime

            September UFO sighting

          On Cape Sable Island Has

                    People Talking

                       Kathy Johnson

          SHAG HARBOUR, N.S. –  A near capacity
          crowd was on hand at the Shag Harbour
          Incident Society UFO Museum on Oct. 6 to
          hear about, and see video and photographic
          evidence of, a daytime UFO sighting over Cape
          Sable Island on Sept. 15.
                 Noted UFO researcher Chris Styles,
          who was one of four witnesses to the Sept. 15
          unidentified flying object sighting, was on hand
          to make the “brief presentation of new
                 It just so happened that on Sept. 15,
          Styles, as well as his good friend Justin Brown,
          were in the local area. Styles was in the area to
          meet with local resident and unidentified flying  toward us,” he said.                         people actually  doubt the existence of the Great
          object (UFO) experiencer Heather Doucette.             Styles said it was hard to guess what size  Flooplenocker, so go figure. Try these ones on
          The two had plans to travel to Yarmouth to look  the sphere was because conditions were so clear  for size!
          at some UFO video evidence someone had          so there was little to draw a comparison to.
          filmed off  Yarmouth and meet with another             “The sky was blue.  There were no        •  A newborn’s first sneeze is lucky. Before the
          person who had witnessed one.                   clouds.  The moon was up, a half moon.             sneeze, the  baby is under the influence of
                 Brown was on Cape Sable Island to do a   Conditions were almost too good,” he said.         bad fairies, and the newborn  who does not
          film with South Side resident Rodney Ross,             Styles said one thing he noticed that was   sneeze may become a warlock or witch.
          who had an encounter with a sea monster in      very odd was when it was directly overhead      •  Is she really a witch? Drive a nail into her
          1976. He had plans to meet up with Styles and   there seemed to be a powder blue pattern within    footprint. If she returns to pull it out, she's a
          Doucette later on. As it happened, the person   the white sphere. “When you seen it overhead it    witch.
          with the video evidence cancelled so Brown      was oriented the same way to us as when it out  •  Dropping an umbrella on the floor means
          decided to stay on Cape Sable Island and shoot  over the ocean.”                                   there will be a murder in the house.
          some drone footage.                                    Styles was able to view the sphere       •  To remove a birthmark, rub it with a duck’s
                 “We get to Yarmouth at 3:04 (p.m.) and   through binoculars before it disappeared for the   foot. (No word on whether it should be
          the phone rang. It was Justin Brown. He was     last time. He said his best estimate is the sphere  attached to the duck.)
          over-the-top excited,” said Styles. “He said,   was 2,000 to 5,000 feet up – “about the size of  •  Don’t throw out hair trimmings. If a bird
          ‘Chris you have to get to Cape Sable right now  a cue ball in terms of apparent size” given how    uses your hair for a nest, you’ll be prone to
          because there’s been a UFO hovering over me     high up it was from them at that moment. For       constant headaches.
          for 10 minutes.’”                               Styles and Doucette, the sighting lasted about  •  Your best chance of recovering from being
                 At the time Brown was in Centerville,    seven minutes, with the sphere disappearing and    struck by lightning is to be buried up to your
          where Stanley Greenwood’s boat building shop    reappearing several times. For Brown, the          neck in the ground.
          once stood. Styles and Doucette made their way  sighting lasted an hour and 20 minutes. Wickens  •  Carrying St. John’s wart keeps the devil
          to Cape Sable Island, getting a call while en   was on site for about 25 minutes.                  from coming any closer than nine steps away
          route from Laurie  Wickens, one of the                 Styles said when reviewing the video        from you.
          eyewitnesses to the 1967 Shag Harbour UFO       footage shot by Brown, “The whole clip you      •  The pains to childbirth can be lessened by
          sighting, telling them he was on site with      can clearly see it’s not rising in altitude like a  untying all knots in a house and upbraiding
          Brown, and they were now at the Daniel’s Head   weather balloon,” said Styles, noting a seagull    the woman’s hair.
          beach in South Side.                            enters the frame at one point, proving its not a  •  To cure a headache, rub your fingers under
                 Styles recalled arriving at the beach,   blue background with a photoshop mock-up as        your arms really hard and then smell them.
          cresting the dune and seeing Brown and          some have suggested.                            •  To be successful in all you do, carry a bat’s
          Wickens standing in the exact same spot as a           Shag Harbour is most well known for a       heart with you at all times.
          UFO experiencer who had shared their story      UFO incident that occurred on Oct. 4, 1967      •  Break the shell of a boiled egg after eating it
          with Styles this summer.                        during which a sequence of lights was observed     to keep witches from traveling in it.
                 The unknown object, which had been       by several witnesses traveling along the horizon  •  A girl who eats chicken gizzards will have
          appearing and disappearing, reappeared about a  from some time before the unidentified flying      big breasts.
          minute after Styles and Doucette arrived.       object plunged into the water, leaving a yellow  •  To avoid bad luck after seeing an ambulance,
                 “The first sighting it was quite distant  foam behind and unanswered questions that still   pinch your nose until you see a black or
          and was out over the water,” said Styles. “When  linger to this day.  This year marks the 51st     brown dog.
          I first seen it, I thought it could be weather  anniversary of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident,   •  A mole on the buttocks foretells death by
          balloon, but something seemed a little odd. At  which has been called the best documented          hanging.
          this point it’s basically a white sphere out over  UFO case in Canada. []                       •  Swallowing young frogs whole will cure
          the ocean.”                                                                                        cancer.
                 Styles said he noticed there “was a            Strange Superstitions                     •  If you leave the house wearing a fern, you’ll
          steady light wind at our backs,” later learning                                                    lose your way and snakes will follow you.
          the wind was west at 8 mph. “It was obvious     It’s hard to imagine  that anyone could possibly  •  Knives stay sharper longer once they have
          what’s out there was coming against the wind                                                       “tasted their owner’s blood.[]
                                                          believe these old superstitions, but then some
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