Page 6 - The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - Feb-Mar 2018, Vol 27, No 2
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6                  Time For A UFO/Alien Reality Check

                                                                                                                   “The belief in aliens,
                                                                                                                   UFOs, the new world
                                                                                                                   order, aliens abducting

                                                                                                                   humans, lake monsters,
                                                                                                                   psychics, mediums, tarot
                                                                                                                   cards, ouija boards,
                                                                                                                   government conspiracies
                                                                                                                   and cover-ups,
                                                                                                                   communication with the
                                                                                                                   dead and other ridiculous
                                                                                                                   claims from paranormal
                                                                                                                   groupies is just more
                                                                                                                   proof that more money
                                                                                                                   has to be injected into the
                                                                                                                   Mental Health field.”
                                                                                                                      Rob McConnell, Publisher

                                                          fantasy, shared with those who cannot separate  place for all to live in.
                       Time For A                         fact from fiction, and fiction from reality.          It is our responsibility, obligation and

                       UFO/Alien                                 As hard as it may be to understand, just  duty as humans to work together, to make our
                                                          because something is seen, heard or read on the  world, this tiny planet that we call Earth, a better
                     Reality Check                        internet, does not mean it is true.            place now and for the future, since it is
                                                                 The internet is the largest septic tank  becoming obvious that aliens, ghosts and other
                                                          that has ever been created by humankind, for it  subject matter of myth, fantasy and legend, will
                                                          contains more “crap” than anything else.       not.
                                                                 The internet is the modern day soap box,       The belief in aliens, UFOs, aliens
                                                          replacing “666” with “www” as the mark of the  abducting humans, lake monsters, psychics,
                                                          beast.                                         mediums, tarot cards, ouija boards, government
                                                                 The Roswell UFO incident, the Billy     conspiracies and cover-ups, communication
                                                          Meier UFO case, the abduction of Betty and     with the dead and other ridiculous claims from
                                                          Barney Hill, Area 51 as a location where UFOs  paranormal groupies is just more proof that
                                                          and Aliens are housed by the government, the   more money has to be injected into the Mental
                                                          city beneath the Getty where aliens drink      Health field.
                                                          slushies made from human beings, and other            For The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show, The
                                                          yarns, tales and fantasy that have been revered  ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper and REL-MAR
                                                          as fact by UFO groupies, have all been proven  McConnell Media Company, I am, Rob
                                                          to be hoaxes by credible professionals,        McConnell. []
                                                          researchers and authors. Because of the honesty
                                                          of these reports, they are accused of being
                                                          government agents of disinformation, part of a
                     by Rob McConnell                     worldwide UFO cover-up and conspiracy.
                                                                 In a world filled with deflection, it is
                     Publisher & Host of
                                                          understandably difficult to accept the fact that
               The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show
                                                          we as a global society, the human race, are
                                                          solely responsible for the mess this planet is in.
          I have hosted an internationally syndicated     We have no one to blame but ourselves. Instead
                                                          of believing that extraterrestrials from another
          radio show for over 28 years, interviewing over
                                                          plant, or even Jesus Christ, will be coming to
          4,300 guests. As host and executive producer of
                                                          clean up our mess and deliver us to a state of    Did You Know, Ewww!
          television shows, I have been a consultant for
                                                          nirvana, it is time to seriously look at ourselves
          international Television Producers regarding my
                                                          in a mirror and accept that we humans of this      •  In 16th-century England, people who
          expertise on the paranormal, and a consultant
                                                          third little planet from the sun are the only ones   cleaned out cesspits were known as
          for producers of a hit Canadian TV series. With
          this background, I can say with confidence there  who can repair what has been done.                 “gong farmers.”
          has been no evidence whatsoever to support the         It will take time, but as a species, we can  •  The contents of King Louis XIV’s
                                                          and will do it.                                      chamber pot were noted daily and
          claims of those who continue to spread the
                                                                 After all, if you are not part of the         entered in a logbook.
          nonsense that UFOs, extraterrestrials from other
                                                          solution, you are part of the problem.             •  Cloacina was the Roman goddess of
          planets, crop circles and the other related
                                                                 So to all those who believe in UFOs,          sewers.
          subject matter, really do exist.
                                                          aliens from other planets, members of the Royal    •  A healthy bladder can hold two cups of
                 Prior to the internet and the ability to
                                                          Families are actually reptilian extraterrestrials,   urine for up to five hours.
          monetize these topics, such fanciful statements
                                                          the governments of the world are conspiring        •  There is a British beer called Old Fart,
          could be found in the pages of fairy tales, where
          cows jumped over the moon, people lived in      against you, the dead can communicate with the     •  In French folklore, dreaming about
          pumpkin shells or shoes, a little old lady flew on  living, the earth is flat, the world is hollow and  poop is an omen that good fortune is
                                                          within lives yet another civilization, psychics      on the way.
          the back of a goose, dishes actually ran with
                                                          are real and they can actually tell the future, and
          spoons, and other childish illusions.
                                                          all the other stories, myths, and legends – join         To purchase your copy of
                 However harsh reality can be for
                                                          the rest of the human race in the world of reality         “Did You Know” go to
          members of a troubled society, this escape from
                                                          and help us make this world of ours a better 
          daily pressures of life in the year 2018 is sheer
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