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A Look At The Billy Meier “Prophecies”                                                                                        5

         A Look at the Billy Meier


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        It was an analysis of the specific claims about
        the moons of Jupiter. Just one small portion of
        that report said:
               Listed by Michael Horn as part of
        Corroboration 163, Billy states in Contact
        Report 115, written October 19, 1978, that
        Jupiter "has 17 larger moons and several smaller
               Unfortunately, this is too vague to score
        as an accurate prophecy. What's the cut-off for a
        larger versus smaller one?  The four Galilean
        satellites make up >99.9% of all the mass of the
        moons of Jupiter. By diameter, the smallest
        Galilean satellite is 3,122 km in diameter, and
        the next-largest moon is Amalthea with a long
        radius of 250 km ... more on Amalthea in a bit.
        There's another break in size between Leda and
        Callirrhoe, where Leda is 16 km and Callirrhoe
        is 9 km across, but that's 16 moons Leda and    searching for them, just like we'll be looking for Meier’s predictions are. In 115th Contact:
        larger, not 17. Most astronomers refer to Jupiter  more moons from New Horizons as it gets to A        m      a     l     t     h     e     a
        as having 4 large moons and then a gaggle of    Pluto, and the thirteenth and fourteenth moons <
        smaller ones.  The number of known Jovian       had just been discovered 5 and 4 years earlier. piter.pdf>  The moon closest to Jupiter
        satellites now is 66, which is not enumerated in  Given that the encounters were in March and (Amalthea) “would only measure approximately
        Meier's writings. One might be tempted to say   July, and there is a major planetary science 200 km in length, which I defined as a gigantic
        this is a miss, but I'm going to be conservative  conference in October, it is logical to say that hen's egg.”
        and generous and say it's simply too vague      moons would be discovered in 1979, but not             The true information is something
        without a specific definition of "several smaller  announced until that DPS meeting in October, different.  Amalthea is not the innermost moon
        ones."                                          hence, "not become known on the Earth before and it has been determined to be approximately
               The next line in the Contact Report, or  the month of September." This happens all the 270 km long.  This is based on articles in
        "CR" for short, is by the alien Semjase, who    time where the mission teams work furiously as Science, 1 June 1979 265 +/- 20 km and
        stated, "... for certain reasons, that may not  soon as the data are downloaded, get their Science, 23 November 1979 270 +/- 15 km.
        become known on the Earth before the month of   abstracts written and submitted, get the papers Meier’s information, however, matched
        September, 1979." So, we wouldn't know for at   written and submitted and reviewed, and inaccurate information of multiple newspaper
        least 11 months after this CR was written that  everything is embargoed until the meeting so and magazine articles in early 1979 which
        Jupiter had more than 14 moons that were        they can get their big timed press release and the reported that Amalthea was the innermost moon
        known to that time.                             whole team is at the meeting to talk to the and that it was approximately 200 km long.
               Now we get into more specifics. There    journalists. That's what happens, it's not a leap to Since Meier’s information matched that of the
        were 14 moons known prior to  Voyager 1's       expect that. And so, I would argue that this claim newspaper articles published at the time of
        encounter with Jupiter. They started the Jupiter  is both falsified - they were known before Meier’s contact, it is clear that the source was
        observation phase on January 6, 1979.  The      September - but it was also a pretty safe one to not alien space travelers, but newspaper
        closest encounter with Jupiter was around noon  make that they at least would not be known to reporters on Earth.
        on March 5, 1979. Jupiter observations stopped  the general population until after September, as       This is enough to suggest that Meier’s
        on  April 13, 1979.  Voyager 2 started its      in during October's DPS meeting. Given that predictions are often based not on the science of
        observation phase on April 4, 1979, and ended   and the probability and expectation of finding the time but on the science reporting of the time
        August 5, 1979.  Two were discovered by         moons, this is a classic type of safe prediction to and does not reflect the superior knowledge that
        Voyager 1 and one by Voyager 2 and announced    make that has a high chance of coming true, you would expect from space travelers. I could
        in 1979 and 1980. While the images were taken   especially when ignoring that the information argue that they should have been able to predict
        in 1979, the actual discovery of the moons from  was known to the mission scientists before the the existence of the ninth planet far out in the
        Voyager 1 images were not made until 1980 in    big release.                                    Kuiper Belt.  While still a mathematical
        two papers by Synnott in Science and Science           This situation also illustrates the dangers construct, many astronomers argue for its
        News. However, the discovery by Jewitt and      of using only press releases as your source for existence, but there is nothing in Meier’s
        others of  Adrastea was made in  August,        when something happens because a press release writings to suggest it is out there or that many
        submitted that same month as an abstract to the  only happens months if not a year or two after smaller objects, now called Dwarf Planets,
        Division of Planetary Sciences meeting          something has been discovered.  You have to would by orbiting the sun.
        scheduled for October 1979, and embargoed and   make the discovery.  You have to run it by             The final bit of evidence for the faulty
        published in Science in November 1979 as well   colleagues.  You have to write the paper.  You predictions, which also suggests something
        as presented at that DPS meeting in October. It's  have to submit the paper. You have to have the more sinister comes from Gabrielle Pickard
        true that the press release was not made        paper peer-reviewed.  You have to revise the writing by clicking here.
        available until October. Remember, the          paper and re-submit and have it re-reviewed.
        prophecy was that we wouldn't know about them   Then you can get it published which can take                            (Continued on Page 6)
        before September.                               months.  Then, if it's big enough, you get the
               One could look at this in a few different  sexy press release when your paper is finally  A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE
        ways. First, objectively, one must admit that this  published. Meanwhile, dozens if not hundreds or  with DR. KEVIN RANDLE
        was known to some people on Earth before        thousands of people already know about it
        September 1979. Second, cynically, one could    because of this lengthy process.                                 Daily on
        easily predict that moons would be discovered in       When talking about Jupiter’s moons,      The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
        the  Voyager images.  After all, they were      there is one point that is quite important. It
                                                        becomes clear what the source for some of                 WWW.XZBN.NET
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