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Life & Death of Dr. Stephen Hawking                                                                                       5

             Man Out Of Time: Life

           and Death of Dr. Stephen


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          Personal Life

          As   Hawking     continued    his   scientific
          breakthroughs, his personal life was changed by
          both his family and the burdens inherent in
          eventual worldwide fame. Despite his physical
          condition, he fathered three children who were
          healthy, and for many years was happily
          married. Unable to help around the house
          because of his physical limitations, students and
          associates often lived or stayed with him and his
          family. One of them became close with his wife,
          and fell in love.  With strains on his marriage
          persisting over years, knowing that his wife had
          feelings for another man, even understanding
          the existence of those feelings because the
          terminal condition he suffered from destroyed
          his capability to lead a ‘normal’ life, Hawking
          was put increasingly in the care of medical
          professionals as his health deteriorated.  They
          tended to him and were on duty around the
          clock.                                         throughout the universe due to the sheer number lived to the same age as Albert Einstein, and
                                                         of other stars, planets and galaxies that died the same day Einstein was born, only not
          Second Marriage                                absolutely exist. He was right about this, there is during the same year. For both of these geniuses
                                                         every indication that life does indeed exist lived to be 76 years years of age and
                                                         elsewhere in the universe, there are countless transformed humanity forever. []
          One of these assigned nurses was Elaine Mason.
          Both her and Hawking fell in love.  The        other planets similar to Earth which may indeed
                                                         harbor alien life. Yet until such life is found, its Meet Kal Korff:
          Hawkings officially divorced and in 1995 he
                                                         existence cannot be conclusively proven.
          married Mason. Mason was not widely liked,
                                                                 Hawking also dismissed so-called        Kal Korff is often called “a writing and
          she was viewed as being an “opportunist,” a
                                                         “UFO” reports, accurately noting that not a     production machine,” and with more than
          person who took advantage of her close relation
                                                         single case met the requirements demanded by
          to Hawking to further her own personal agenda,                                                 10,000 articles to his credit written on a wide
                                                         science to definitely say that a “flying saucer”
          both in social status and financially. During the                                              variety of subjects, several books; hundreds of
                                                         had visited the Earth.
          years they were married, there were reports of                                                 videos and numerous media appearances, it is
          abusive behavior by Mason, in 2006 Hawking             He also warned against sending signals  understandable why.
          and her divorced.                              into space announcing or making a point to             Kal Korff has had an extremely diverse
                                                         broadcast that humans existed. His warning was  professional career. He is a longtime,
                 The fact that Hawking was still alive in
                                                         simple: if aliens received this signal and decided  internationally known accredited  Analyst,
          2006, decades after being diagnosed with his
                                                         to visit the Earth in response to it, their very  Broadcaster, Columnist, Computing Systems
          terminal condition, was a medical miracle in
                                                         arrival might prove fatal to the human race. For  Process Specialist in Enterprise  Architecture,
          itself.  The unexpected slow progress of the
                                                         there was no way of knowing in advance if they
          disease he suffered from, ironically and arguably                                              Counterterrorism  Analyst and Specialist;
                                                         would “come in peace” or destroy the Earth and
          mercifully, gave the years necessary to Hawking                                                Executive Producer, Investigative Journalist, IT
                                                         its human inhabitants. Hawking also said he saw
          for him to remain strong in spirit and formidable                                              Specialist, K-5 School Principal, Lecturer,
          in determination to push forward, to ‘live’ life as  “no future” for humanity if it did not venture out  Senior Systems  Analyst Level III, Human
          much as he could, and to continue to make      into space to survive over the longterm, from his  Interface and Software Developer and Teacher
                                                         view humans are destroying the Earth. He also   whose articles, broadcasts and expertise have
          historic contributions to science.
                                                         correctly noted that if a big natural disaster ever  been sought by governments and private
                                                         wiped out all life on Earth, if humans were not  companies for decades. His research projects,
                                                         already living on other planets in our solar    results and various works have been featured in
                                                         system, it would become extinct of course.      the global media on four continents: the United
          Near the end of his life, Hawking began to             Hawking also mused over the dangers of
          seemingly obsess over the issue of                                                             States of America and Canada, Europe, Middle
                                                         developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how  East and in Asia.
          extraterrestrial life. While he remained an atheist
                                                         things might easily go wrong. He absolutely            Each of Kal's projects, books, products
          and never accepted the idea of there being a
                                                         believed that it was possible machines could    or causes falls within one or more of these three
          “God,” his comments trying to ‘disprove’ the
                                                         “wake up” one day and decide to destroy         categories, or he’s likely not interested.  The
          existence of “God” were not his finest moment,
                                                         humanity. The so-called “Terminator scenario”   results of this research and studies are always
          for they achieved no such thing.
                                                         was a viable possibility in his mind, because he  released to the public or clients in various forms
                 Yet his remarks on alien life existing
                                                         lacked faith (understandably so) in human       so that people are empowered to examine the
          elsewhere in the universe were much more
                                                         beings (who are flawed creatures) to develop    data and decide issues for themselves, to help
          grounded in reality. Hawking pointed out the   artificial “intelligence” that was perfect and not
          obvious, which is essentially that the existence                                               them separate fact from fiction.
                                                         capable of self destruction.                           Kal Korff is the host of the ‘X’ Zone
          of life on Earth, even human beings, cannot be a
                                                                 In conclusion, it is impossible to      Broadcast Network’s “Kal’s Korner” which airs
          sole exception to itself.  That if life somehow
                                                         summarize the life and incredible mind of Dr    daily on XZBN. For times during the day when
          evolved without there being a “God” or creator,
                                                         Stephen Hawking even in an article this long,   you can listen to Kal, goto and
          and the development of this life was a rare
                                                         one must skim over many details and nuances to  scroll down to the XZBN broadcast schedule
          occurrence however improbable, that this
                                                         barely capture him as he was. That he was born  and lookup KK (Kal’s Korner).[]
          phenomenon had to repeat itself countless times
                                                         with a brilliant mind is an understatement. He
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