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P.E.I. UFO Not Taken Seriously Man Says 5

                P.E.I. Man Says His

          Sighting Of UFO Hovering

            Above Sturgeon Wasn't

                   Taken Seriously

                          Tony Davis

          STURGEON, P.E.I. - 2018-10-30 - Jim Bruce
          stepped out on his deck the last day of
          September around 11 p.m. just to check how
          cold it was. As he looked to the sky, he noted
          there was no moon and he could see the stars
                 Then, something came from the west.
                 Bruce has seen a lot of satellites in the
          sky near his home in Sturgeon, but this object
          was not like any he’d seen before.
                 “Must be a plane,” he thought.
                 The object with flashing lights just
          stopped dead. Then, it shot in a 90-degree angle
          towards Bruce’s home and stopped once again.
                 “Then it continued again toward the east,
          stopped, dropped, sort of moving towards Nova  there were eight in P.E.I.                      check out the capital while on a cosmic vacation.
          Scotia.”                                               “He (Bruce) is certainly not alone if that It was parachuters practicing for their landing at
                 Next, it flew in a circle and hovered,  is any comfort.”                                the Florida State-Clemson game, according to
          Bruce said.                                            There are a number of ways to make FSU officials.
                 “It shot off and disappeared over the   UFO reports online, and there are Facebook             There was a UFO reported in
          horizon faster than any satellite I had ever seen.”  groups specific to regions.               Jacksonville Friday night. "Object appearing in
                 The next day, Bruce was getting some            “So, that would be a way to do it in a corner of eye, traveling at speeds greater than
          paint at Stewart and Beck’s in Montague and    passive way if you don’t want to attract attention mach 1," the observer reported to MUFON, a
          couple of people were talking about what they  to yourself, or you don’t want to be on the front site that keeps track of sightings.
          had seen in the sky.                           page of The Guardian tomorrow.”                        Alleged UFO sightings aren't new to
                 The same thing. In the same part of the         Rutkowski says between one and three Tallahassee.  The first one was reportedly in
          sky, a few weeks ago.                          per cent of cases can’t be explained, but most 1973 when pilot Captain R.C. Cook and his
                 Bruce wanted to know what it was he     people do get an answer when they ask about crew took off for Atlanta. They reported seeing
          saw, so he began making calls.                 what they’ve seen.                              a spherical light that traveled with them almost
                 He got some numbers for the Royal               “I want people to understand that UFOs the whole way to  Atlanta, according to  Alien
          Canadian Air Force, hoping they could tell him  can be studied in a scientific way.  We can Abductions Exposed.
          something. No one took him seriously. He called  explain most UFO reports.”                           It was just parachuters this time. But
          Air Canada, who hung up. Then he called NAV                                                    keep your eyes to the sky; who knows what's
          Canada, who also hung up. Finally, the RCMP
                                                         Canadian Metropolitan areas with                lurking out there. []
          told him it wasn’t something they dealt with.
                                                         most UFO reports
                 So, who do you phone when you think                                                       DID YOU KNOW...
          you’ve seen an unidentified flying object?
                                                            Montreal 74
                 Since 1989, Ufology Research of
                                                            Toronto 57                                     - Head’s up! It’s not unusual for porcupines
          Manitoba (UFORM) has been taking reported
                                                            Vancouver 46                                   to fall out of trees.
          sightings in Canada and compiles them into an
                                                            Edmonton 29
          annual Canadian UFO Survey.
                 Chris Rutkowski, who manages the           Hamilton 28                                    - Since the 17702, there has been a global
                                                            Ottawa 26                                      flu pandemic about every 20 years.
          survey, says sightings are no longer being
                                                            Calgary 24
          managed by any military or police groups.
                                                            Winnipeg 9                                     - Unlike most big cats, which go for the
                 “At one point the RCMP were
          investigating UFOs on behalf of the National                                                     throat, jaguars kill their prey by biting
                                                                   Source: Canadian UFO report, 2017       through the skull.
          Research Council of Canada (NRC). They did it
          for several decades,” Rutkowski said in a phone
          interview.                                        UFO In Tallahassee? No, It                     - You can eat ‘em, but only once. More than
                 The idea was some of the things seen in   Was Parachuters Practicing                      2,000 plant species contain cyanide.
          the sky could be meteorites, which the research
          council wanted to follow.                        For The Florida State Game                      - The Nile River has only frozen twice in
                                                                                                           recorded history.
                 “That program with the NRC finished in
          the ‘90s and so the RCMP had no commitment                    Ashley White
          to continue,” he said.                                                                           - Okapi, a species of antelope, are the only
                 Still, Rutkowski is saddened Bruce’s    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...UFO?          mammals whose females are taller than the
          claim was not taken seriously.                         Some  Twitter users reported seeing a     males.
                 “Polls have shown about 10 per cent of  mysterious floating light zig-zagging across the
          all Canadians believe they’ve seen UFOs, which  Tallahassee sky Friday night.  The  Tallahassee  - When the Price of Wales visited the White
          is a fairly significant number when you think  Soccer Club account posted a video of a ball of   House in 1860, he brought so many guests
          about it.”                                     light with a small trail above downtown. At the   that president Buchannan had to sleep in the
                 Every year in Canada there are about    end of the 30-second video, the light disappears.   hall.
          1,000 UFO reports, Rutkowski said. Last year           But it wasn't space creatures coming to
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