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MUFON’S JAN HARZAN ARRESTED                                                                                                     5

                  JAN HARZAN,                            One of the best examples for this redirection is community put it, “…this seems to me to be an
                                                         the list of speakers announced for the 2017 incredibly tone deaf appointment by the
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                               MUFON Symposium. Here the criterion seemed MUFON board considering what just occurred
                                                         to be who could fill the seats without a thought with Jan Harzan. I mean the guy ran a company
                     OF MUFON
                                                         given to the reality of the story. For those for aerial sex. Is this going to smooth over the
                     ARRESTED                            interested in this episode see:                  bad publicity over the reprehensible sexual
                                                    activities of the previous International Director
                                                         are-some-tales-just-too-wild-to-believe.html     [Harzan]?”
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                                                         In 2018, The ‘X’ Zone’s Rob McConnell created The speculation by some of the MUFON
                                                         a petition calling for the removal of Harzan as membership is that the organization might not
        Although MUFON did not profit, directly, from the Executive Director. Response was tepid with be able to survive the latest scandal. At worse, it
        Carpenter’s cooperation with Bigelow, MUFON some of those in the organization, defending could fragment with some of the State Directors,
        did enter into an agreement with Bigelow Harzan and his leadership.                               or regional officers organizing on a smaller
        Aerospace, again sharing information that the                                                     level. At best, it could see MUFON return to its
        volunteers and unpaid field investigators had The petition didn’t gain much traction when it original mission of scientific investigation and
        collected. MUFON was paid for the information was first announced. Ironically, two years later, an elimination of some of the more controversial
        but that money did not trickle down to those the MUFON Board did react to the arrest of elements of the paranormal that has crept into
        volunteers.  This all began under the Harzan faster than they did when Harzan had the MUFON hierarchy.
        administration of  Walt  Andrus, the original almost justified  Ventre’s rant. In a matter of
        International Director. John Schuessler, who     hours, they announced that Harzan was out and ABOUT KEVIN RANDLE:
        took over from Andrus as this story began to that there is no place for him in the organization
        break at the turn of the century may not have in the future no matter the outcome of his A professional writer with more than 80 books
        been aware of these arrangements.  The  April current trouble. Harzan had not been convicted to his credit, Randle is perhaps best known for
        2001 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal              of a crime, only that he had been charged with his books about UFOs and the Roswell story.
        announced that Carpenter had resigned his        multiple felonies.                               While the vast majority of his books are science
        position as the Director of Abduction Research, The problem here is that the Board replaced fiction and historical fiction, it's his books on the
        which tended to end that scandal.                Harzan with David MacDonald, a member of accounts of the Roswell story, New Mexico in
                                                         the Inner Circle. According to the information 1947 that have exerted an enormous influence
        One question arises from all this. What, exactly, available, MUFON had taken the precaution of on those interested in the saga. Randle, along
        is the mission of MUFON? Originally it had to creating a way to rapidly transfer power from with          Stanton   Friedman,     is   generally
        do with the scientific investigation of UFOs, but the west coast if there was a catastrophic event acknowledged as one of the leading researchers
        in the last decade, it seemed to have shifted into to their California headquarters. I was told that it into the Roswell story and the UFO question. He
        creating financial streams of compensation for took little more than the push of a button for the continues to work in the UFO field, although
        the    MUFON         corporation.    Scientific operation to shift.                               lately he has concentrated more on his science
        investigation has been lost under the                                                             fiction books than UFO research.  Visit
        stewardship of Harzan.                           MacDonald’s selection did not meet with
                                                         universal approval. As one member of the UFO
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