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The Truth About The Mandela Effect                                                                                           5

            Did Tom Cruise really

           dance in his underwear

         and a pair of Ray-Bans in

          “Risky Business”? If you

        answered “yes,” you might

             be suffering from the

                  Mandela Effect.

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        10. Kazaam, not Shazam

        The most startling example of the
        Mandela Effect?  The widespread belief
        that an entire feature film exists titled
        Shazam (or Shazaam) starring actor and
        comedian Sinbad as a genie. What people
        are recollecting is probably Kazaam, a
        1996 comedy starring NBA great
        Shaquille O’Neal as a wish-granting
        mystical figure. Part of the confusion

        stems from the fact that Sinbad appeared
        in several children’s films in the 1990s.
        One of them, First Kid, reportedly had a
        preview for Kazaam on the VHS release,
        which could have strengthened the
        tendency to reconstruct the actor as
        starring in it rather than O’Neal. This one
        is so convincing even Brewer himself
        says he’s caught himself “remembering”


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        exactly. Current theories in psychology helped establish the scientific merits of - ESP is often generally referred to as the
        are exploring the idea that our ability to studying ESP.                                          “sixth sense.” Researchers of ESP often
        cull details from past experiences to                                                             argue that the sixth sense is inherent in all
        create theoretical concepts is actually part - “Precognition” is the ability to “see” or most of us, but some are better able to
        of a survival mechanism. “Taking future events, while “retrocognition” is tap into it.
        episodes from our past allows us to the ability to see rhe past. Often,
        construct possible futures and anticipate retrocognition is tied with claims to know - American psychic Nancy Myer claims

        those events,” Brewer says. “It makes us about “past lives.”                                      to have consulted on 300 police
        adaptive to new environments.” Like                                                               investigations in the 1980s and to have
        living in a world without Jiffy. []              - ESP is generally included in the wider given useful information in 80% of those.
                                                         subject        of        “parapsychology.” Clearly, the police believed her because
                      FACT*oids                          Parapsychology studies also include she claims that they kept on calling her.
                                                         ghost sighting and other elements of the
                    Proof of ESP?
                                                         supernatural.                                    -  After World War  II,  Leonid Vasiliev
                                                                                                          conducted official research of ESP for
        - Extrasensory Perception (ESP) refers to        - Canadian psychologist, James Alcock, Joseph Stalin and the Soviet government.
        senses or “powers”that are not proven,           is one of the worlds top critics of ESP and Vasiliev claimed that he was successful,
        qualified, or quantified by accepted             parapsychology. He lectures, writes, and although the program was discontinued.
        science.  These can include - telepathy,         conducts his own experiments that
        psychometry,         clairvoyance,        and    debunk ESP claims.                                  THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO/TV SHOW
        precognition or retrocognition.                                                                                        with

                                                         - “Psychometry” is the apparent ability to                   ROB McCONNELL
        - The earliest recorded scientific inquiries     “channel” knowledge of people or events               can be heard at
        into ESP were conducted by Joseph                by handling an objects associated with it                        and seen on
        Banks Rhine (1895-1980) and hi wife              or them. Joseph Rodes Buchanan first            - CH54
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