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Growing Up With Stanton Friedman                                                                                        5

            EXCLUSIVE! Growing

            Up With The Stanton T.

             Friedman That I Knew

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                 However, by the next day the excitement
          was over. Brigadier General Roger Ramey, who
          had ordered the wreckage sent to him for
          examination at Carswell Air Force Base (also
          known as Fort Worth), held a press conference
          with Major Marcel present and announced that
          all the hoopla had been over a mistaken weather
          balloon, and nothing more.
                 With Ramey’s deflating announcement,
          the Roswell “flying disk” story was effectively
          dead and would remain so for decades. In 1978,
          Stanton Friedman happened to meet Marcel.
          Because Marcel dredged up his recovered-
          saucer story, and Friedman thought he had at last
          found a “star” witness who could blow open the
          U.S. government’s alleged coverup of crashed
          saucers and pickled aliens, the Roswell myth
          began anew, with Friedman as its most vocal
          (and visible) champion.

                                                                 The remainder of the professed for what they are: a mishmash of erroneous
          “Hundreds of Witnesses”                        “witnesses” cited in  The Roswell Incident are accounts, embellishments and outright lies. In
          In the pro-UFO community, much fanfare has     either secondhand sources (whose testimonies fact, some of the people who have been touted as
          been made over the years about the “dozens” or  constitute hearsay) or people who saw no       “witnesses” by Stanton Friedman and others
          even “hundreds of eyewitnesses” to the alleged  wreckage at all or were never present at the were never really witnesses at all. Here are some
          UFO crash near Roswell. If this near-holy      “debris field” during the critical time. In other examples:
          reverence for the number of alleged witnesses  words, they are not actually witnesses in the true
          were limited to just the UFO buffs who have    sense of the word.                              Lydia Sleppy: Claims she was operating a
          conducted no direct research of their own, this                                                teletype machine announcing the recovery of the
          situation might be understandable. However,    Father        Time        and       Flawed flying disk when her teletype suddenly went
          this is not the case, for the authors of numerous                                              dead and broadcast an ominous message from
          Roswell books play what can only be called this  Memories                                      the FBI back to her ordering her to stop
          numbers game as well.                          While the pro-UFO community and the Roswell     broadcasting the story in the interests of national
                 In the pro-UFO book The Truth About     authors stress the number of witnesses, another  security.
          the UFO Crash at Roswell, Kevin Randle and     factor in their firm belief in Roswell is the          Truth: I checked with all relevant FBI
          Donald Schmitt note the fact that Bill Moore,  apparent consistency of the eyewitness          field offices, there is no evidence that the FBI
          coauthor of first book ever written on this case,  testimonies.                                sent any such message, nor did they have the
          The Roswell Incident (1980), interviewed “more         However, a careful reading of statements  monitoring equipment in place to do so.
          then seventy witnesses who had some            presented in  The Roswell Incident and          Furthermore, the type of teletype machine in use
          knowledge of the [Roswell UFO crash] event.”   elsewhere reveals that there are serious        by Sleppy in 1947 would have required her to
          Indeed, both Friedman and Moore, around the    discrepancies among the various accounts        throw a “receiver” switch in order for her to
          time of the initial publication of  The Roswell  which, when analyzed in detail and taken      receive an incoming transmission. There was no
          Incident, boasted that they had interviewed more  collectively, severely weaken the case. One  way that the FBI could have “interrupted” her as
          than “ninety witnesses."                       undeniable truth that many UFO advocates        she claims
                 While these double-digit figures are    easily forget is that when Moore and Friedman
          certainly accurate, the presentation of such a  first started interviewing some of the original
          seemingly impressive number of witnesses by    witnesses, the recollections of these people had  Loretta Proctor: Neighbor of Mac Brazel,
          themselves, without qualification, is misleading.  undoubtedly changed. If nothing else, their  the rancher who originally discovered the
          The relevant issue is not how many witnesses   memories reflected the passage of nearly 31     “saucer” debris. She claims she tried to bend,
          were interviewed, but rather what type of      years of time, if not more. Even the very first  burn and break a piece of the material Brazel
          witnesses (i.e., firsthand, secondhand), and how  person interviewed, Marcel, was not questioned  showed her but was unable to. Proctor’s
          truthful and accurate their statements were.   by Friedman until 1978, which was almost        testimony is used by crashed saucer buffs to
                 Unfortunately, a careful reading of Bill  thirty-one years after the event.             buttress the argument that a spaceship made of
          Moore and Charles Berlitz’s Roswell Incident           It is a fact that the passage of time erodes  unknown, exotic material crashed near Roswell.
          reveals that despite the impressive claim of   the accuracy of one’s recollections of an event.       Truth: Loretta Proctor has changed her
          having “interviewed more than seventy          Despite this, Roswell authors continue to stress story several times. She has transformed herself
          witnesses,” the testimonies 25 people are      just how “clear and sharp” these witnesses’ from a “witness” who never saw any debris, to
          presented. Out of these 25, only seven of them  memories are. Certainly these recollections one who now suddenly tried to bend, break and
          are firsthand sources who claim to have seen the  could not have improved. Indeed, Marcel’s own burn the “mysterious” material. She began
          alleged saucer debris, and one of these accounts  answer as to when Roswell took place was changing her account after her husband, Floyd,
          is suspect. Of these seven people, however, only  simply “in the late forties.” So much for this who made it very clear in earlier interviews that
          five claim to have actually handled the        supposed “snapshot memory.”                     they had never seen any material, passed away.
          recovered material personally, and one of them         In my expose book on Roswell, I
          is adamant that it was “a balloon which had    examine systematically the accounts of all major
          burst.”                                        “witnesses” presented in the Roswell Incident                           (Continued on Page 6)
                                                         and other books, these testimonies are exposed
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