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FBI Fails To Stop Mass Murderer                                                                                     5

          The FBI’s Shame: Agency

                Fails To Stop Mass


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                 Regardless, deadly items such as flame
          throwers are not only legal in the USA in 48 out
          of 50 states, they can be openly purchased over
          the Internet for less than $1,000 dollars. These
          weapons shoot flames as far as 25 feet. No
          permit is required to own one.
                 The current debate in the USA,
          especially among its lawmakers, is where does
          one draw the proverbial line where it concerns
          the right to own guns? Some lawmakers think
          that owning military grade weaponry is perfectly
          fine. They often hide behind the claim that these
          are semi-automatic, instead of full blown
          automatics like the military and police are
          allowed to (and do) use. Their argument is cold
          comfort to the hundreds of victims now who
          have been murdered by semi-automatic AR-15
          rifles which have become the “weapon of
          choice” by mass shooters during the past several
          years.  The  AR-15 rifle is extremely popular,
          precisely because it is a knock off of what the
          military uses.
                 Lest anyone doubt the lethality of an AR-
          15 put in the hands of a murderer, on October 1,  House says, her statement isn’t credible. it. Reports that she always went “too easy” on
          2017 the deadliest mass shooting in American   California has stricter laws than Chicago does, him are easily found on Google.
          history took place in Las  Vegas, Nevada.      her claim is a falsehood, not a fact.  While           Lynda Cruz, tragically, died of
          According to police, a lone ‘nut’ sat in his hotel  President  Trump has visited the emergency complications from pneumonia in November  of
          room and from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay   responders who helped save the lives of the most 2017, she was one of numerous victims of a flu
          Bay Hotel he fired some 1,100 bullets, killed 58  recent shooting victims in Florida, what he has epidemic that has swept the USA and has baffled
          people. Of the 851 individuals who were        not done, inexcusably, is lead from the front on scientists.
          injured, 422 of them were hit by the gunman,   this issue by advocating common sense changes          While his adopted mother’s death
          Stephen Paddock.  As of this reporting, Las    to gun laws. In fact under  Trump and the       obviously impacted Nicholas Cruz, independent
          Vegas Police told this writer that they are now  Republicans, mentally unstable individuals can of this fact there is persuasive evidence that he
          looking for “two people of interest” who may   now resume buying guns, bypassing a previous was a dangerous ticking time bomb, regardless.
          have also been involved in this crime. Paddock  restriction Obama had put into place. If this Cruz was kicked out of high school for fighting.
          is dead, he offed himself before SWAT teams    change in the law is not immoral, nothing is.   He sold weapons such as knives while at his
          stormed his room, which was loaded with                With Trump  now Tweeting  and school, and carried bullets with him on campus.
          several military grade weapons. He had fired so  emphasizing how “mentally unstable” the killer His social media postings paint a disturbing
          many rounds of ammunition, that the smoke      in the recent Florida shooting is, his words ring picture, they contain literal pictures of him
          from his rifles triggered his room’s smoke     hollow and they’re pure hypocrisy.              brandishing weapons and being obsessed with
          detectors.                                                                                     guns, pistols included.
                 This incident remains the deadliest mass Florida
          shooting in U.S. history, when one excludes the                                                FBI, Police Fails
          mass shootings of Native  American Indians Fast forward now to the present, and another
          committed by the U.S. government as part of its mass shooting has taken place, this time at Nicholas Cruz was reported twice to the FBI as
          formal policy of committing genocide against Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in a person who deserved scrutiny for potentially
          the native inhabitants of this country.        Florida. Nicholas Cruz, age 19, has been deadly behavior. The FBI has now admitted that
                                                         formally charged with premeditated murder and as recent as last September, 2017, a warning was
          White House Reacts                             attempted murder, which could get him the lodged with them by a bail bondsman in
                                                         death penalty. His killing spree took the lives of Mississippi who became concerned when he

          There is no question that President Donald     17 students and injured at least 15 more.       saw Cruz’s boast that he was, “going to be a
          Trump is more “pro-gun” than his predecessor,          Already, his legal defense team, which professional school shooter,” which he had
          Barack Obama was. As a rule, Democrats by      consists of Public Defenders, are already posted online for everyone to see. Just six weeks
          much larger margins support far more restrictive  telegraphing their strategy. According to Melissa before these killings, the FBI was warned again,
          gun laws than their Republican counterparts will  McNeil, who went so far as to ‘comfort’ the police had visited his residence on 39 previous
          ever do. Obama is a Democrat,  Trump is a      shooter by placing her arm around him during occasions.
          Republican.                                    his initial hearing before the Judge, McNeil We now know that Cruz was a mental patient,
                 White House spokeswoman Sarah           claims that, “He’s (Cruz) sad. He’s mournful. but stopped going for treatment.  The fact the
          Huckabee Sanders has articulated before what   He’s remorseful. He is fully aware of what is FBI didn’t follow through in checking on Cruz,
          Trump’s stance is, “I think one of the things we  going on, and he’s just a broken human being.”  combined with no known follow ups by health
          don’t want to do is try to create laws that won’t      Another member of Cruz’s defense team, officials concerning why it was that Cruz
          stop these types of things from happening. I   Gordon  Weekes, has told the media that the suddenly        stopped    his   treatments,   are
          think if you look to Chicago where you had over  death of Cruz’s mother is what triggered his inexcusable. Had FBI and health officials done
          4,000 victims of gun-related crimes last year  meltdown and killing spree. Cruz was adopted their jobs, the students Cruz murdered might
          they have the strictest gun laws in the country.  by Lynda Cruz, and according to all known still be alive today.
          That certainly hasn’t helped there.”           accounts by people who knew her, loved
                 As with much of what the Trump White    Nicholas Cruz “to a fault,” as one neighbor put                         (Continued on Page 9)
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