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4                        FBI Fails To Stop Mass Murderer


                                                                                                           A GUEST ON

                                                                                                                   THE ‘X’




          The FBI’s Shame: Agency                         Constitution’s Second  Amendment gets cited.
                                                          This is at times tragic, since most of the people
                Fails To Stop Mass                        who scream about their “Second  Amendment
                                                          rights,” don’t genuinely understand what it
                        Murderer                          really means when it says that, “A well

                   Continued from Page 3                  regulated Militia, being necessary to the
                                                          security of a free State, the right of the people to
          Take a coin or any other object that is not lighter  keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
          than air. Hold it in your hand and then drop it.       They key word here of course is
          When you do this, it will fall, thanks to gravity.  “militia.”  A Militia is, according to the New
          After it hits the ground, pick it up again and now  Oxford American Dictionary, “a military force
          start “praying” to whomever or whatever you     that is raised from the civil population to
          want, before you drop it again. Pray that it    supplement a regular army in an emergency. A
          won’t fall this time. Keep doing this as many   military force that engages in rebel or terrorist
          times as you want, because ultimately it won’t  activities in opposition to a regular army. All
          matter. For no amount of “praying” will ever    able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military
          prevent such an object from falling once you let  service.”
          it go from your hands, unless you’re in a ‘zero-       Ask yourself this question: Does an
          G’ environment such as in outer space. Every    individual who owns an AR-15 military grade
          time, without exception, it will always fall, it’s  rifle have the legal right to own it? Presently,
          Basic Physics 101 and physics always wins.      yes that person does. Yet he or she is very likely
                 Unless you naively and superstitiously   not part of any “militia,” most gun owners are in
          believe that “prayers” only work on objects you  fact simply individuals who do not even belong    If you would like to be a guest
          choose not to drop, it doesn’t matter what you  to shooting clubs.                                                  on
          say, it doesn’t matter who(m) you pray to.             Those who use the Second Amendment
          Instead, what does matter is what you do.       as a ‘justification’ for owning military grade        THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO
          “Prayers” don’t write laws, legislators do.     weapons are in fact parsing the very words of                    SHOW,
          Improving gun laws and closing their stupid     what the Constitution really says, focusing on                     go to
          inconsistent loopholes that undeniably exist    the latter part which states, “the right of the
          cannot be achieved by prayers, they can only    people to keep and bear  Arms, shall not be 
          become reality when people choose to finally    infringed.”                                                 and click on the
          act!                                                   Yet taken literally, if this were to         “TO BECOME A GUEST”
                 After outrage, condolences and prayers   become law, ordinary citizens would be allowed
          are said, posted on social media and covered by  to have .50 caliber automatic machine guns,     tab at the top of the page and our
          the general press and pundits, leftwing leaning  arguably even their own atomic bombs.  The                booking producer,
          types, self-proclaimed “progressives” and       very word “Arms” is simply another word for        STEPHANIE McCONNELL
          liberals will next call for tougher gun control  weapons. It can also be a short form of the word
          laws, as well as the outright banning of specific  “firearms.” Does this now mean that Americans    will contact you  when your
          weapons such as assault rifles. Conservatives,  get to have their own tanks, stealth bombers and     completed form is received
          on the other hand, will ignore these pleas and  cruise missiles? The answer is absolutely not!                       or
          argue that present gun laws are either too
          restrictive or don’t need to be improved.  To                                                      Contact Stephanie Directly at
          some of these latter types, they believe that it is                    (Continued on Page 5)
          perfectly “OK” for citizens to own military                                               
                                                             For the very best in Paranormal
          grade weapons, even automatics.
                 To ‘justify’ their belief, often the U.S.  Radio Programming -
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