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4                  Life & Death of Dr. Stephen Hawking


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             Man Out Of Time: Life                        essentially impossible to observe.”
                                                                 Wikipedia also correctly notes that, “In
           and Death of Dr. Stephen                       [Einstein’s] general relativity, an event horizon
                                                          is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events
                         Hawking                          cannot affect an outside observer. In layman’s

                   Continued from Page 3                  terms, it is defined as the shell of ‘points of no
                                                          return’, i.e., the points at which the gravitational
          Black Holes                                     pull becomes so great as to make escape
                                                          impossible, even for light. An event horizon is
                                                          most commonly associated with black holes.
          A black hole is (most ordinary people know
                                                          Light emitted from inside the event horizon can
          about black holes thanks to science fiction
                                                          never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any
          movies) formed when a massive star exhausts
                                                          object approaching the horizon from the
          its nuclear fuel and collapses under its own
                                                          observer's side appears to slow down and never
          gravity. If the star is massive enough, no known
                                                          quite pass through the horizon, with its image
          force can counteract the increasing gravity, and
          it will collapse to a point of infinite density.  becoming more and more redshifted as time
          Before this stage is reached, within a certain  elapses.  This means that the wavelength is
          radius (called the event horizon), light itself  getting longer as the object moves away from
                                                          the observer.  The traveling object, however,
          becomes trapped and the object becomes
                                                          experiences no strange effects and does, in fact,
          invisible.  An event horizon is a theoretical
                                                          pass through the horizon in a finite amount of
          boundary around a black hole beyond which no
                                                          proper time.
          light or other radiation can escape. This term is
                                                                 “Black-body radiation is the thermal        If you would like to be a guest
          also used to describe an event in time from
                                                          electromagnetic radiation within or surrounding
          which there is no escape nor turning back, when                                                                     on
          it is too late.To use an analogy, when the famed  a body in thermodynamic equilibrium with its        THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO
          ship Titanic broke into two pieces after striking  environment, or emitted by a black body (an
          an iceberg and started to sink, there was no    opaque and non-reflective body). It has a                        SHOW,
                                                          specific spectrum and intensity that depends
          turning back. No way to save the ship.                                                                             go to
                                                          only on the body's temperature, which is
                 As  Wikipedia puts it, “The theory of
                                                          assumed for the sake of calculations and theory
          [Einstein’s] general relativity predicts that a
                                                          to be uniform and constant.                                 and click on the
          sufficiently compact mass can deform
                                                                 Makes sense, doesn’t it? Did you copy
          spacetime to form a black hole. The boundary of                                                     “TO BECOME A GUEST”
                                                          that? While this is clear to brilliant minds like
          the region from which no escape is possible is                                                   tab at the top of the page and our
          called the event horizon.  Although the event   Hawking’s and other scientists who study
          horizon has an enormous effect on the fate and  cosmology and theoretical physics, it means                booking producer,
          circumstances of an object crossing it, no      nothing to most of the rest of the world.          STEPHANIE McCONNELL
          locally detectable features appear to be
                                                                                 (Continued on Page 5)        will contact you  when your
          observed. In many ways a black hole acts like
          an ideal black body, as it reflects no light.                                                        completed form is received
                 “Moreover, quantum field theory in                                                                            or
          curved spacetime predicts that event horizons                                                      Contact Stephanie Directly at
          emit Hawking radiation, with the same
          spectrum as a black body of a temperature
          inversely proportional to its mass.  This                                                 
          temperature is on the order of billionths of a
          kelvin for black holes of stellar mass, making it
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