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4              Sharing My ‘X’mas Memories With You


                                                                                                           A GUEST ON

                                                                                                                   THE ‘X’




              Sharing My Magic of                                I believe in my heart of hearts, that one
                                                          day the Magic of Christmas will live all year
          Christmas Memories With                         long and that mankind will love and live as one,
                                                          all because of a child who was born on
                                                          December 25 in a manger.
                                                                 My mother asked me the other day why
                   Continued from Page 3                  people line up to see Santa Claus and not Jesus?
                                                                 It took me a few days, but Mom, the
                                                          answer is very simple.
                 At Christmas Dinner, our entire family
                                                                 “While here, as we live our lives, we
          sat around the table. Mom and Dad, my brother
                                                          line up to see Santa who, reminds us all of the
          Anthony, my Grandmother, Aunt Barbara and
                                                          miracle that happened so many years ago on
          Uncle Joe and cousins Melody and Joe Jr., Aunt
                                                          December 25. However, Mom, I believe that
          Liza, Uncle Sid and cousin Dorothy,  Aunt
                                                          when we pass from this reality, what we call
          Georgie and Uncle Peter and cousins Peter and
          Nadine,  Aunt Margaret and Uncle Stan and       life, and when we pass to what so many believe
          cousins  Wayne and Stephen and finally  Aunt    is heaven, we too, like Nanny, Aunt Liza, Uncle
                                                          Sid, Cousin Dorothy, Uncle Stan,  Aunt
          Flo and Uncle Mack.  All was right with the
                                                          Margaret, Cousin  Wayne, Uncle Peter,  Aunt
                                                          Georgie and Cousin Peter, Uncle Mack and
                 Over the years and with the passing of
                                                          Aunt Flo will line up to see Jesus.”
          time, our Christmas Dinner table is not as large
                                                                 This Christmas, we celebrate the newest
          as it used to be.
                                                          member of The McConnell Clan, little Caroline
                 However, I believe that every Christmas
                                                          who was born to our Son Ryan and Daughter-in-
          the Christmas Angels that now come and visit,
          bringing with them the Magic of Christmas that  law Ashley, and little sister to Cian.
          still fills our hearts, include my Grandmother,        Now, filled with the Magic of               If you would like to be a guest
                                                          Christmas, it is my Christmas Wish that I have
          Uncle Stan,  Aunt Margaret, Cousin  Wayne,
                                                          been able to fill the hearts of those who read this                 on
          Aunt Liza, Uncle Sid, Cousin Dorothy, Uncle
                                                          article with the Magic of Christmas, and to each      THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO
          Joe, Uncle Peter, Aunt Georgie, Cousin Peter,
                                                          and every one of you, may your hearts be filled
          Uncle Mack and Aunt Flo.                                                                                         SHOW,
                                                          with love and joy for this and every Christmas
                 Although they no longer sit at our table
                                                          to come.                                                           go to
          but they will always live in our hearts because
                                                                 From Laura, myself and our family, The
          of the yearlong effect that the Magic of                                                    
          Christmas has on us all and how much they still  ’X’ Zone Radio &  TV Show and  The ‘X’                     and click on the
          mean to me.                                     Chronicles Newspaper, Merry Christmas
                                                          Everyone and the very best of health, love,         “TO BECOME A GUEST”
                 As Christmas Day would come to an
                                                          happiness and spirituality for the New Year and  tab at the top of the page and our
          end, and we would be tucked into our beds,
                                                          every year thereafter.
          kissed on our foreheads by Mom and Dad, all                                                                booking producer,
                                                                 To end this article, and for the last time
          was right with the world. My brother and I
                                                          this, I would to end with this sentence from       STEPHANIE McCONNELL
          could not wait until next year when our home
                                                          “The Night Before Christmas”: “Merry
          and our hearts would once again be filled with                                                      will contact you  when your
                                                          Christmas to All, and to All, a Good Night.”
          the Magic of Christmas.                                                                              completed form is received
                 Throughout my many years, I have seen           Or as  Tiny  Tim said, “A Merry
          the Magic of Christmas fill the hearts of our   Christmas to us all God bless us every one.”                         or
                                                                 For REL-MAR McConnell Media                 Contact Stephanie Directly at
          children and our grandchildren and I often
                                                          Company, The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show and
          wonder, why the Magic of Christmas is not be
                                                          The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, The ‘X’ Zone
          felt the rest of the year. Just imagine what a
                                                          Broadcast Network and all our corporate   
          wonderful world this would be, if every day
                                                          divisions, I am, Rob McConnell.[]
          were to be like Christmas Day.
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