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4             A Look At The Billy Meier “Prophecies”

         A Look at the Billy Meier                      French nuclear reactor near Lyon would have an
                                                        accident and that the plant would be promptly      BECOMING
                   “Prophecies.”                        shut down. Michael Horn claimed this prophecy

                                                        was proven true in August 12, 2003.”
                                                                “The actual news articles” claimed the    A GUEST ON
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                                                        IIG, “referencing the Bugey nuclear power
                                                        station near Lyon, France were actually
        Horn, however, in his corroborations of the
                                                        referencing the danger of the nuclear plant               THE ‘X’
        predictions noted, “Corroborated: November
                                                        shutting down in the midst of a heat wave, when
        29, 1988, published report from Lawrence
                                                        citizens of the country were so desperately in
        Livermore National Laboratories announced                                                                    ZONE
                                                        need of its power.  The facility never had an
        this ‘new discovery’: ATOM BOMB TESTING
                                                        accident, and was never shut down due to any
        TIED TO OZONE DEPLETION, 13 years after
                                                        accident. Another false prophecy.”
        Meier had already published it. Consider that          The IIG also looked into the claims that            RADIO
        this damage was first mentioned to Meier        Meier had accurately predicted the number of
        during a contact on February 4, 1956, when he   moons that orbited Jupiter. Overlooking the fact
        was just 19 years old, an astonishing 32 years                                                              SHOW
                                                        that there are now 69 known moons, here is
        before the Livermore announcement.  The
                                                        what they reported:
        extraterrestrial woman,  Asket, specifically
                                                               An IIG researcher conducted a full
        referred to some of the catastrophic damage
                                                        investigation in 2004 surrounding Meier’s
        done to the environment, humans and other life
                                                        various predictions from throughout his 115th
        forms by atomic bombs. She pointed out that
                                                        Contact writings.  The investigator found the
        the great atmospheric disturbance would result  following revealing facts about those so-called
        in climate changes, adverse weather conditions  prophecies:
        and lead to genetic mutations in plants, animals       – Meier’s predictions in 1978 about the
        and humans as well.”
                                                        details of Jupiter were not predicted, but
               But while the information from the
                                                        actually drawn from information reported
        Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories is
                                                        publicly after Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 passed
        interesting, it is also irrelevant since we’ve
                                                        by Jupiter in the early 1970s. Scientists did not
        already seen that the links to atomic testing and
                                                        discover that Jupiter’s ring was made of small
        the ozone depletion was well publicized before
                                                        particles in 1995 as Horn claimed.  That
        Meier’s 7th Contact. This is just confirmation of  information was published in 1979.
        what others had already reported before Meier          – The investigator proved that Meier had
        talked about it.                                drawn his “prediction” directly out of
               Horn claims that Meier first mentioned
                                                        newspaper and magazine reports in 1979,
        the ozone depletion in February 1956, and just
                                                        because one of his predictions regarding
        recently suggested that it was in 1951.  The
                                                        Amalthea, the innermost moon, perfectly
        problem is there is no way to verify those earlier
                                                        matched the incorrect information (that the
        dates. They are on the notes that Meier made
                                                        moon was approximately 200 km long)
        and he could have written them at any time after
                                                        published in the 1979 newspaper articles. (The
        1974 and put the earlier date on them. The point  moon was later determined by scientists to
        is that the only confirmed dates are in 1975 after  actually be 250-270 km long).
        multiple articles had been published that
                                                               – Meier had copied from the media
        expressed concerns about the ozone.
                                                        claims in 1979 that speculated (incorrectly) that
        While the point now is that science has rejected
                                                        Jupiter’s moon Io contained water. Meier wrote,
        the idea that atomic testing as part of the
                                                        “the moon, Io, once was totally covered with
        problem, there are still those, outside of the
                                                        water”. Later scientific findings revealed the
        scientific community, who hold that atomic
                                                        truth – Io contains little to no water.
        bomb testing is responsible for, or at the very
                                                               – Other predictions that the IIG
        least contributed to, the hole in the ozone. The  researcher noted Meier as getting completely
        real point is that there is nothing in Meier’s  wrong (usually because he copied incorrect         If you would like to be a guest
        prediction here that was particularly insightful
                                                        information from 1979 media sources) or the
        and nothing that could be used to prove his                                                                          on
                                                        researcher proved Meier had obtained correct
        accuracy.                                                                                             THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO
                                                        information from earlier media sources were
               We can take this a step further.  The
                                                        related to facts like Io’s volcano eruptions, Io’s               SHOW,
        theory that CFCs were causing atmospheric
                                                        Plasma  Torus, the rings of Jupiter, and much
        trouble was proposed in the Molina-Rowland                                                                         go to
                                                        more. You can read the full, detailed, thorough
        hypothesis that suggested the release of CFM’s                                               
                                                        report at the IIG West website.
        (Chlorofluoromethanes) into the atmosphere             The IIG researcher finally concluded:                and click on the
        might lead to serious environmental harm. This         “The fact is, the more I researched the
        is dated from June 1974, or more than six                                                           “TO BECOME A GUEST”
                                                        predictive information in Billy Meier’s
        months before Semjase told Meier about it. In                                                    tab at the top of the page and our
                                                        Contacts, the more likely it seemed that Meier
        other words, though there is the claim that this
                                                        copied his information from widely-available               booking producer,
        was a problem that had not been recognized by
                                                        news sources.”
        terrestrial scientists, the truth is that it had been                                              STEPHANIE McCONNELL
                                                               Although we’ll be told to ignore what
        and had been written about.                                                                          will contact you  when your
                                                        the IIG found, there is another, independent
               In fact, as we look at the Meier
                                                        report that examined these same claims. Found        completed form is received
        predictions that is what was see… a real lack of  at:
        anything that is insightful. Many of the                       or
        predictions are vague and can be applied to any                                                    Contact Stephanie Directly at
        number of events and sometimes the timing
                                                                                (Continued on Page 5)
        can’t be verified. For example, IIG
        (Independent Investigations Group), reported,         The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network      
        “Meier predicted in Contact 251, Part 2 that a       Paranormal/Parapsychology Radio
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