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4              Greatest Conspiracy Theory Of All Time

           The Greatest Conspiracy                        conference. Nor was their extensive print or   engine was throttled back and shut down prior to
                                                          web news coverage of the invention of the first  contact with the surface of the Moon. If the
                Theory of All Time                        stone tool or the first time a human created fire.  vehicle’s engine had been engaged at anything
                                                          Even most of  World  War II took place off     near its ten-thousand-pound thrust capability, it
                                                          camera.                                        could not have landed.
            Quick and easy responses to moon
                                                                 By contrast, every step of NASA’s effort       •  The flag moved.   The American flag
                     landing hoax claims                  to get to the Moon was meticulously            that was displayed on a rod extending
                                                          documented from within and without.  This      horizontally from a flagpole did not move
                     by Guy P. Harrison                   thoroughness left behind many thousands of     because of wind. It moved because of the
                                                          documents, photographs, and audio/video        astronaut’s manipulation of the flagpole during
          What is the single best conspiracy theory of all  recordings, as well as millions of typed and  his effort to drive it into lunar soil.
          time? Which one is so ambitious in its reach, so  handwritten words.  Artifacts, the tangible         •  They lied. Hundreds of thousands of
          outrageous in structure, that it deserves top   hardware, from lunar mission are currently on  NASA personnel and contractors might have
          ranking? Sorry 9-11 Truthers, great effort but no  display in numerous museums around the      lied and then kept lying about it for all these
          gold. No glory for the chemtrails crowd either.  world. And there is the Moon itself. Astronauts  decades, but I doubt it. Over the years I have
          Illuminati,  Antichrist, and grassy knoll       returned with more than 842 pounds (382        interviewed more than twenty Apollo engineers,
          enthusiasts must accept disappoint as well      kilograms) of Moon rocks that have been shared  mission control personnel, and astronauts.
          because the single greatest conspiracy theory   and studied by scientists in many countries for  Maybe they lied to me about their work and
          ever cooked up by a human mind is the Apollo    decades. None of these experts have expressed  personal memories, but I doubt it. There are too
          Moon landing hoax claim. This is one so bold    doubts of the rocks’ origin.                   many people telling the same story. Faking a
          and audacious that the Earth itself could not          Crossing 240,000 miles of cold, hostile  Moon landing would be easy compared to the
          restrain it.                                    space was a technological achievement ahead of  challenge of getting thousands of conspirators to
                 In case you haven’t been paying          its time, an amazing moment of intelligence and  keep the lie all these years.
          attention, millions of sober and sentient beings  courage. I have discussed the hoax claim with       • The US lied because it was determined
          around the world at this moment reject the six  believers in several countries and found the   to win a public relations war with the USSR.
          Apollo lunar landings of the 1960s and 1970s as  following to be the most common reasons       And the Soviet Union could have won by
          real events. Millions more have significant     people doubt or reject Apollo. I offer rebuttals  exposing such a vast American fraud. But the
          doubts about whether or not they occurred.      here as brief as possible for ease of use. Please  Soviets, also technologically sophisticated in
          Some say this is not worth paying attention to  arm yourself with these quick answers so you   space, knew the landings were real and
          because it is too silly. I disagree for two reasons.  can push back against the idea that one of our  acknowledged it.
          First, it’s sad that these believers are missing out  greatest moments never happened wherever you    • NASA could have faked it. Maybe
          on the greatest of all human adventures. They   encounter it.                                  NASA could have produced convincing video
          are human, too, and should enjoy some of the           •  The US government has lied about     on a terrestrial sound stage that was good
          awe and pride that comes with feeling           other things. Of course it has, and will again.  enough to fool non-experts. But why do it so
          connected to it. Second, the Moon hoax belief   However, pointing out that the US government   many times?  There were nine missions to the
          should be explored and addressed because it     is capable of lying does not prove that it lied  Moon, six of which landed. The Apollo 16 and
          offers us a brilliant example of how anything   about  Apollo.  Watergate is not evidence of   17 crews each spent three days there. Why? If
          can be believed when intellectual waters are    Moongate.                                      this was all a daring PR stunt, why increase the
          muddied and people fail to protect their               • The absence of stars in photographs.  risk of discovery with multiple missions? Why
          thoughts and dignity with good thinking.        Cameras were set for the proper exposure to    make it necessary for so many astronauts and
                 Make a short list of important and       photograph well-lit astronauts wearing white   ground personnel to lie and maintain the cover
          spectacular historical events, and it’s clear that  suits and the highly reflective Lunar Module,  up? If this were a hoax, doesn’t it seem more
          the Apollo Moon missions were unique in the     not the faint light of distant stars in dark space.  likely that NASA would have faked one landing,
          way they were documented.  There were no        Had the cameras been set to properly capture   had a big parade, and then promptly shut down
          cameras at the Battle of Marathon. No NPR       the light of stars, the astronauts would have  the operation?
          reporters at the French Revolution. The Mongol  been overexposed.
          invasions came and went without a single press         • No blast crater under Lunar Module. In                          Continued on Page 5
                                                          order to land, the Lunar Module’s descent
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