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4          L.A.’S Wackiest Spiritual/UFO Convention

            ‘It’s a lot of UFO stuff

              and a lot of healing’:

             Inside L.A.’s wackiest

              spiritual convention

             By Deborah Netburn Staff Writer
               Photography by Mel Melcon

        On the first new moon in February, not
        long after Pluto had entered  Aquarius,
        Shima Moore stood like a priestess in
        flowing white robes behind a podium in
        the Los Angeles Ballroom at the LAX
        Hilton. She was there to officially open
        the 22nd Conscious Life Expo with a
        12th dimensional stargate meditation.

        “When we’re in the 12th dimension,

        we’re more receptive so the angels and
        ascended masters, nature spirits and our
        own higher selves can come to us,” she
        said in a deep, resonant voice as celestial
        music played softly in the background. It
        was 10:30 a.m. on a Friday and a crowd
        of 220 attendees nodded appreciatively.
                                                         cosmic wisdom.”                                  and more likely to have hundreds of
                                                         Over the years, the convention has also thousands of followers on TikTok.
        Moore shared the stage with Asil Toksal,
                                                         become ground zero for many of the “It’s so important for the Expo to
        a former advertising executive-turned-
                                                         wellness trends that have made their way transcend                 generations,”           said
        channeler, and  Viviane Chauvet, a
                                                         into high-end boutiques, gyms and Quicksilver’s son Michael Satva, 41, who
        Phoenix-based woman who claims to be
                                                         grocery stores.  Today, the same black took on more organizing and booking
        a member of an ancient alien race sent to
                                                         garlic spread offered at an expo booth responsibilities this year. “As the
        Earth to share her civilization’s wisdom.
                                                         may end up on the shelves of Erewhon. boomers retire and move on there are so
                                                         Earlier iterations of the event hosted many amazing younger people in this
        “I know I look a lot like a human, but
                                                         some of the first panels on the use of space pushing the culture forward.”
        that’s the idea,” Chauvet said as
                                                         crystals for healing and helped
        members of the audience chuckled. “This
                                                         popularize ancient Eastern practices like             Rooted in California
        was the best way to be a conduit.”
                                                         acupuncture and tai chi in the West.

        Even an open-minded resident of this                                                              “It just showed up in the field for me to
                                                         But in recent years, the Expo has
        most open-minded of cities might balk at                                                          do this,” he said. “I had all the skill sets
                                                         encountered new challenges.  The
        these far-out proclamations, but fringe                                                           and I knew all the people.”
                                                         occasional conspiracy theorist speaker
        beliefs are business as usual at the annual
                                                         has drawn negative coverage of the
        L.A. convention, which took place Feb.                                                            Today, the Conscious Life Expo is the
                                                         convention.  And Quicksilver recently
        9-12.                                                                                             largest of its kind in the United States,
                                                         began enforcing new standards for who
                                                                                                          drawing between 8,000 and 10,000
                                                         can be featured at the festival. He values
        For 22 years, the gathering has been a                                                            attendees per year. Past speakers include
                                                         free speech but draws the line at
        meetinghouse           for       astrologers,                                                     spiritual leader and presidential also-ran
                                                         promoting QAnon-like rhetoric.
        channelers, aura readers, quantum life                                                            Marianne  Williamson and disgraced
        coaches, psychics, hypnotists and a                                                               comedian-turned-self-help guru Russell
                                                         Weighing more heavily on his mind is
        growing number of “starseeds” —                                                                   Brand.
                                                         the future of the Expo itself. Most of the
        people like Chauvet who believe they are
                                                         convention’s tried-and-true regulars
        galactic volunteers that have taken on a                                                          Quicksilver has experimented over the
                                                         came of age in the 1960s and ’70s. As
        human form to help “the children of                                                               years with bringing the Expo to other
                                                         they enter their twilight years some have
        Gaia.”                                                                                            locations, including San Francisco and
                                                         grown too infirm to make the annual trip
                                                                                                          London, but it never caught on outside
                                                         while others have died. Now, he and his
        “It’s a lot of UFO stuff and a lot of                                                             Southern California, where new religious
                                                         partners are grappling with how to
        healing,” said Robert Quicksilver, 75,                                                            movements have long found a steady
                                                         update the conference to ensure that it
        who co-founded the expo in 2003 and                                                               stream of willing believers.
                                                         attracts a new and younger audience,
        has been running it since. “I think of it as
                                                         including bringing in speakers less likely
        offering a Space Age translation of the                                                                               (Continued on Page 5)
                                                         to be accused of cultural appropriation
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