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A Look At The Billy Meier “Prophecies”                                                                                        3

         A Look at the Billy Meier


                   by Dr. Kevin Randle

        One of the pillars propping up the Billy Meier
        contact case is the allegedly uncanny
        predictions that he had made over the years.
        These have been published widely and it is
        possible to bring some of that under scrutiny
        now that enough time has passed.
               According to Michael Horn, Meier’s
        American spokesman, quoting from some of the
        Meier predictions and writing in Ronald Story’s
        The     Encyclopedia     of    Extraterrestrial
        Encounters, Meier had said that TWA Flight 800
        was brought down by an “errant U.S. Navy
               For those unfamiliar with this aircraft
        accident, TWA Flight 800 took off from JFK in   Meier, as well as those who thought the face on multiple entries provided by Meier and his
        New  York and crashed some twelve minutes       Mars was an artificial construct, have been supporters about what he had said and when he
        later. Given that there were concerns that the  proven wrong.                                   had said it. Horn wrote about the 7th Contact, 25
        aircraft had been brought down in a terrorist          Meier, through Horn, also mentioned February 1975; 35th Contact, 16 September
        attack, there was a parallel investigation by the  that part of the problem with the hole in the 1975, that “Connection of  A-bomb testing,
        National  Transportation Safety Board and the   ozone, which has plagued the planet since the explosions to ozone damage, high frequency
        FBI. After four years, the NTSB concluded that  1970s, was brought about by atmospheric ‘elementary radiations’ unknown to terrestrial
        the crash was caused by an explosion in the     nuclear testing.  According to Meier, and his scientists, damage to Earth’s rotation, magnetic
        center fuel tank. No evidence was found that a  Pleiadian pal Semjase, “…the greatest and at the disturbances, polar displacement; contribution
        missile, or any other explosive was responsible  time unknown to us, damage was caused by of bromine gases to ozone damage, penetration
        for the accident.  Although there were eye      atomic testing of the late 1940s, 1950s, and of UV through holes killing microorganisms,
        witnesses who said they had seen a missile, it  1960s (which released certain ‘elementary leading to disruptions in food chain, genetic
        should be noted here that various radars did    radiations that our scientists didn’t have a means mutations, other long term negative effects for
        track the flight and while there were multiple  of detecting) as well as from bromine and CFC humans and the planet.”
        targets around the aircraft, none of them       gases… Semjase told Meier that the explosions          The problem here is that there were
        intersected with it. In other words,  TWA 800   of the atomic devices tore holes in the ozone…” already a number of published reports about the
        was not brought down by “an errant U.S. Navy           Current science does not agree with this. ozone and atomic testing. According to research
        missile,” or any other external force. Meier’s  Various organizations including NOAA, the       published by ike42 in April 2004, The New York
        prophesy turned out to be in error.             U.N., NASA, the EPA, and the  World             Times on September 6, 1974, reported, “The
               Yes, it will be claimed that the solution  Meteorological Organization have all blamed potential depletion of the ozone layer by nuclear
        is government disinformation and that Meier is  bromine and CFCs for the hole in the ozone. explosions is a new, accidental discovery…”
        correct. However, in my independent research, I  Some of this exists in the atmosphere naturally       On October 17, 1974,  The New  York
        found nothing to suggest that the government    such as bromine and chorine which is part of the Times reported, “The Defense Department
        was in error.  Their answer seems to be the     CFC.  While we can argue about human estimates that an all-out nuclear war would
        correct one and the Meier camp has provided no  contribution to the destruction of the Ozone significantly deplete the protective layer of
        contradictory proof.                            Layer, or rather the hole in it, atomic testing did ozone in the stratosphere…”
               Horn has said that “What we call the     not cause it. In fact, natural weather and winds       Science on October 25, 1974, reported
        ‘Face on Mars’ is, according to Meier, only the  have a role in the depletion of the ozone, that “Supersonic transports, aerosol sprays and
        tip of the artifact-iceberg of what exists, and  something that Meier did not mention.          nuclear weapons… are all potential sources of
        will be one day found by man, on the now        But here’s the thing about this. If you read the catalytic agents that penetrate the earth’s
        desolate planet. Meier contends that Mars was   latest interpretation of this warning, published stratosphere and decompose the ozone…”
        one of three planets in the solar system that have  by Kåre Bergheim in January 2014, there is a       Contrary to what has been published by
        been inhabited by humans.  The other planet     single mention that doesn’t exactly address the Meier and his followers, there is a clear body of
        (besides Mars and Earth) was called ‘Malona’    atomic testing. According to Bergheim, quoting evidence that terrestrial scientists were
        or ‘Maldek’ (its remnants now making up the     from the Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte concerned about the ozone prior to the
        asteroid belt).”                                (contact reports), conversations, block 1 (2002) predictions made in 1975. Interestingly, just
               Overlooking the fact that the idea of the  s.74 Contact 7  Tuesday, 25th February, 1975, days after the 7th Contact, The New York Times
        asteroid belt being made from a broken-up       time 18.02, “Primarily are also destroying reported on February 28, 1957, about Dr.
        planet was big in science fiction in the1950s and  chemical substances, gases and radiations, being Michael B. McElroy of Harvard University…”
        1960s, we know that it is the result of a planet  released by combustion engines and other Ike42 in his analysis remarked, “I find it
        that never formed. Current scientific thought   matter-destroying processes of other types, like suspicious that the newspaper article and
        suggests that Jupiter’s gravitational influence is  for example nuclear fission and other similar Meier’s Contact Notes both mention Dr.
        responsible for that. This means, of course, that  forms, which since 1945, to a large extent have Michael McElroy…”  And, since we only have
        Meier is wrong about a planet having been there  subjected the whole world and all life forms to Meier’s handwritten notation for the date, it
        or that there had been humans on it.            an evil change.”  While there is a mention of becomes even more suspicious.
               As for the Face on Mars, we know that    nuclear fission, there is nothing about atomic
        it is a natural formation caused by the resolution  bombs directly, or above ground testing of those                    (Continued on Page 4)
        of the camera taking the photographs and tricks  weapons in the years that followed. Here, it    A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE
        of lighting on terrain features on the planet’s  seems that the important point is the CFCs. In
        surface. Subsequent photographs of the same     Meier’s letter about this, written not long after   with DR. KEVIN RANDLE
        area, using a higher resolution camera, at a    the waring, he does not mention the atomic                       Daily on
        different angle, at a different time of day     testing at all.                                 The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
        showed the face as the natural formation it is.        There is more to all this however, and it
                                                        becomes somewhat confusing because of the                 WWW.XZBN.NET
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