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Stolen Valor Popular in the Paranormal                                                                                       3

                                                           Meet Dr. Rev. Lola W Dawg...
              POPULAR IN THE


                      Internet Paper
                          Mill and
                        Non Existent
                      Phony Degrees
                       Popular with

                   Paranormal Experts


                                                        Education's National Center for Education advice to when dealing with any problem, and
                                                        Statistics (NCES), the average net price of a yes, even in the paranormal.
                                                        doctorate degree at a public school in the 2013-       Whether a paranormal researcher,
                                                        2014 school year reached $10,725 each year. investigator, ghost buster, ghost hunter, or any
                     Rob McConnell
                                                        Private school tuition during the same year rose other title they wish to give themselves, they
                                                        to $22,607 annually. A typical doctoral program have no right giving any advice to anyone, under
        They can be found in every aspect of the
                                                        takes five full-time years to complete, bringing any circumstance, or for any reason. They are
        paranormal... those people who call themselves
                                                        the total cost to roughly $53,625 USD -$113,035 totally inexperienced and under qualified to do
        Reverends, Bishops and Doctors with
                                                        USD, depending on whether attendance is at a so.
        doctorates in Divinity, UFOlogy to Paranormal
                                                        public or private school. A far cry from the Paper     By asking personal questions during
        Sciences… all of which are bogus and not from
                                                        Mill PhD cost.                                  what they call their initial interview, and giving
        accredited institutions of greater learning but
                                                               It took me less than 5 minutes to go on their      conclusions     after     so-called
        from the Internet Paper Mills that feed on the
                                                        line and find a free degree center, typing in my “investigations”, these amateurs could be
        ego of people who want to be better than they
                                                        dogs name earned her  DOCTOR OF opening a can of worms that will send a person
        really are.
                                                        PHILOSOPHY           IN     PARANORMAL who already may have psychological problems
               Claiming to be something that they are
                                                        SCIENCES!                                       spiraling downwards.
        not is not only fraudulent, but also dangerous to
                                                               Then there are the on-line Ordination           You cannot learn strictly from books or
        unsuspecting people who put their trust in these  Paper Mills.                                  the Internet without the practical training, field
        “Paper Mill” experts.
                                                               It took me less than 1 minute to have my training and mentoring from fully trained
               As I have said many times before, the
                                                        dog ordained as Rev. Lola W Dawg, who now, professionals who have a proven track record in
        internet is the largest septic tank that humans
                                                        according to the website of the Universal Life the profession that they have chosen.
        have ever created and the so-called degrees
                                                        Church Monastery, at,             Doctors go to medical school. Police
        from these Paper Mills are the toilet paper for
                                                        our 6-year-old Shih  Tzu can, “start your own officers go to the police academy. Pilots go to
        the septic tank of life, the Internet… because,
                                                        church, create good in your community in your flight school. Dog groomers go to dog grooming
        that is the only true use for these bogus degrees.
                                                        new capacity, as well as perform baptisms, school.  Teachers got to teacher’s college. Yet,
        Why the established and recognized institutions
                                                        weddings, funerals, house-blessings, baby- those who want to dabble in and present them
        of higher learning who offer legitimate degrees  namings, and a number of other ceremonies.”    self as degree holding professionals the world of
        that are legal and recognized are not doing
                                                               So why do people put their faith and trust the paranormal think that all they need to do, in
        anything about it baffles the imagination of
                                                        in those who have these bogus degrees and some instance, pay a little bit of money, have a
        those who have not paid their dues throughout
                                                        titles? Simply because they want so hard to bit of knowledge, and they deserve the same
        their journey throughout the legal and
                                                        believe in something that cannot be proven or rights and privileges as the thoroughly educated
        established academic system.
                                                        confirmed by scientific investigation means, that and trained professionals who pay dearly both
               A PhD takes twice as long as a
                                                        they will stoop so low as to seek contact with monetarily and with years of education behind
        bachelor's degree to complete.  The average
                                                        these charlatans than rather face the fact that the them.
        student takes 8.2 years to slog through a PhD
                                                        event they believe has really happened is              Really?
        program and is 33 years old before earning that  nothing more than a figment of their                  Give your heard a shake.
        top diploma. By that age, most Americans with
                                                        imagination.                                           Remember, a little knowledge is a
        mere bachelor's degree are well into
                                                               Do these fake degree holders pose a dangerous thing.
        establishing themselves professionally. Yet, you
                                                        threat to people that they counsel?                    If you want to earn the right to have Rev.
        have these people who desire to have the rights
                                                               According to professionals, they most or Dr. in front of your name or letters behind
        and privileges to put Dr. before their name and
                                                        certainly do.                                   your name, do it the right way. Earn them.
        PhD after, who simply go to an Internet Paper
                                                               Professional     psychiatrists     and          Stop fooling yourself and those that have
        Mill and buy their degrees after taken none
                                                        psychologists are clinically trained, board had the unfortunate of meeting up with you.
        recognized on line courses but who are able to
                                                        certified and licensed by governing bodies and /  where frauds and charlatans are found.
        pay up to $4,000.00 USD to do so which proves   or governmental departments.  Those who are            For The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper and
        the old saying, “more money than brains.”
                                                        under educated and under trained pose a serious The ‘X’ Zone Radio /  TV Show, I am Rob
               According to the U.S. Department of
                                                        threat to the people that they give psychological McConnell. []
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