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Sharing My ‘X’mas Memories With You                                                                                          3

              Sharing My Magic of

          Christmas Memories With

                     By Rob McConnell

          As a young child, I can remember the magic that
          the Christmas Season brought to the world.
                 The spirit of love and joy that filled the
          air. Happiness and smiles could be seen on the
          busy streets of Montréal and in the little south
          shore community, some 30 miles south of
          Montreal of Chambly where we lived, and in
          the hustling- bustling stores as holiday shoppers  Perfect Christmas Tree” which he proudly paid come. Dad would then sing or read us a story
          bought gifts for their loved ones. People would  for and brought to our car for the trip home. that lulled us to sleep.
          dig deep into their pockets to put a little bit of  There is something very magical about being in    In the early hours of Christmas morning
          help into  The Salvation  Army Donation        the center of a Christmas Tree lot being surround my brother and I would wake-up, (waking the
          Kettles…bring food to the various shelters…    by the Christmas Trees that would all bring so other up if he was still sleeping) to magically
          and the thriving St. Stephen’s Church Christmas  much joy to so many people. If Christmas had a find a Christmas Stocking filled with fruit,
          Bizarre that was organized to help the less    smell, I am now certain it is that of a real candy and toys at the end of our beds. With all
          fortunate of the congregation and community.   Christmas Tree!                                 the anticipation that two little boys could stand,
                 There was something very magical                A day or two before Christmas, Dad we would ever so quietly creep down the stairs
          about watching the Santa Claus Parade on       would always ask for our help when he brought to peek into the living room, to see if Santa had
          television and then watching Santa arrive at   our Christmas Tree into the house from the back been to our house yet.
          Montreal’s downtown Eaton’s store where        porch, where we had proudly displayed our              As we approached the living room, you
          Mom and Dad would take my younger brother      Christmas  Tree for all to see who passed our could actually feel the Magic of Christmas
          and I to see Santa.                            home. Smiles and the feeling of pride were felt beaming out from the living room and then there
                 Even today, many years later as I write  by my brother and I for we knew that this is was, in its entire splendor, a glorious, fully
          this article, I can feel the Magic of Christmas...  magnificent tree was going to adorn our home as decorated wonderful Christmas Tree with oh so
          that very same feeling as when we rode the     a testament to the Magic of Christmas. I always many presents beneath.
          escalators up to the 5th Floor in Eaton’s and that  thought of our Christmas Tree as a beacon for     Santa had come! The glass of milk that
          all inspiring feeling as we walked up the ramp  Santa and his reindeer to find our home, making we had left for Santa was now empty and the
          to see Santa, all over again.                  sure that he delivered the right gifts to the right cookies we had left for him were gone!
                 That magical feeling is still felt each and  house.                                            After a little while of just staring in
          every time I open a Christmas Card from family         Christmas Eve was always filled with wonderment at all of the presents under our
          and friends.                                   magic at our home. During our baths, the Christmas Tree, the anticipation was too much
                 Memories flood of times gone by when    Christmas  Angels would bring brand new for our little hearts to behold. We would run up
          watching TV when there is a commercial about   pajamas to my brother and I and we would find the stairs to Mom and Dad’s room loudly
          a Christmas show that I watched with family    them under the Christmas Tree that now adorned exclaiming that Santa had been here!
          during Christmas oh so many years ago, when    our living room. Only the Christmas Tree lights        Never too tired to wake up with a smile
          growing up in Chambly, Quebec, along a small   were now on our tree, since every year we had and a loving “Merry Christmas,” Mom and Dad
          river where we fished in the summer, and skated  been told that the Christmas  Angels would would drag themselves out of bed to join us on
          on in the winter.                              return to decorate our tree later that night, before our Christmas morning ritual of tearing through
                 I can still smell the honey cake as it  Santa arrived.                                  the layers of Christmas present wrapping paper
          baked that my Mom still makes to this very day         Our little hearts were now pounding with to see what glorious presents Santa had brought.
          at Christmas time. I can still hear Mom and Dad  anticipation, knowing that in just hours, that in    The feeling that is felt by one and all, the
          singing Christmas carols as we decorated our   the very spot where my brother Anthony and I young and the old, with their family and loved
          home for Christmas and the feeling of love and  were now picking up our brand new pajamas, ones during the Christmas Holiday Time is truly
          wholeness as aunts, uncles and cousins would   Santa himself would be standing there.          the Magic of Christmas.
          visit to bringing with them the love that we all       I remember proudly thinking to myself          Throughout Christmas Day, family and
          shared with each other.                        that Dad always picked the most beautiful friends always stopped by to exchange
                 The night that Dad would take my        Christmas Tree in the world and that it was now Christmas wishes as Mom prepared the
          brother and I to buy our Christmas Tree was a  in our living room. Mom would then help us Christmas dinner. Even now, I can smell the
          sure sign that some night very soon, Santa     strategically place milk and cookies in the living turkey cooking in the oven.
          would be making his magical flight around the  room for Santa to help nourish him on his
          world, bringing toys to all the boys and girls,  worldwide mission of happiness, love, peace                           (Continued on Page 4)
          who, of course had tried their very best       and joy.
          throughout the year to be as good as they could        Mom and Dad would then tuck my                         Past editions of
          be.                                            brother and I into our beds, reminding us that the  The ’X’ Chronicles Newspaper, go to:
                 Dad always knew where to find “The      sooner we went to sleep, the sooner Santa would
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