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FBI Fails To Stop Mass Murderer                                                                                     3

          The FBI’s Shame: Agency

                Fails To Stop Mass

                         By Kal Korff
                    Host of Kal’s Korner

                                                         Gun Laws                                        exception to this is when what is called a “mass
          Yet another mass shooting in the USA                                                           shooting” takes place, which is generally
          has killed 17 students. As Americans           To be clear, the city of Chicago and its gun    defined by law enforcement as involving the
          struggle to cope with this insanity,           violence epidemic is not a snapshot of the rest of  shooting of three or more people.
          neither the FBI nor especially                 the United States. One of the ironies of Chicago
                                                         is that it has some of the toughest gun laws in Tired Schtick
          politicians are bothering to do their
                                                         existence, yet one would never know this since
          jobs which include passing consistent
                                                         it remains the gun murder capital of the country Every time there is a mass shooting that gets
          and responsible gun legislation and in         by a large margin compared to other cities across widespread attention, the following disgraceful
          the FBI’s case, investigate leads              the nation. Standing in contrast to Chicago is a tired schtick seems to almost always occur. It
          provided to it so as to prevent future         city like Reno in the state of Nevada, where can be summed up in these words — outrage,
          murders.                                       residents can buy guns and carry them out in the prayers and gun control pushes, then nothing
                                                         open in what is called “open carry.”            substantial happens.
                                                                 No permit is needed to do this. Nevadans       The first thing politicians and others do,
          “Another day, another shooting, welcome to
                                                         also have the right to carry concealed weapons, is express their understandable outrage over a
          America,” goes a popular adage. If only reality
                                                         but doing so requires a concealed weapons mass shooting. This is not only logical, it is even
          were this simple where it concerns this subject.
                                                         permit. There is no open carry law in Chicago, commendable, especially when such sentiments
          It isn’t. For the truth about this issue is far
          worse. With each day that passes, the number of  which is in the state of Illinois. Illinois is one of are sincere. Then things typically go downhill
                                                         only five states that has banned open carry. The from here.
          people who are murdered by individuals who
                                                         others are California, Florida, New York, South        The next step are what people call
          use guns is far greater than just a single death
                                                         Carolina and the District of Columbia, otherwise “prayers.”  A typical example of one is when
          each day.
                                                         known as Washington D.C.                        words such as, “Our hearts and prayers go out to
                 In the city of Chicago alone, which for
                                                                 Put another way, as of this reporting, 45 the victims and their families of this tragedy,”
          years now has held the inexcusably infamous
                                                         of the 50 states in the USA allow for some form are said.
          and genuinely morbid distinction of being the
                                                         of “open carry,” some states require a permit to       While some of these remarks are
          murder capital of the United States; in the year
                                                         do this, while others do not. Even California has unquestionably well intentioned, and there is no
          2017, out of a total of 679 homicides, 625 of
          them were caused by people using guns. Put     some exceptions to its open carry law, such as dispute that many people are genuinely upset
                                                         when outside in designated hunting areas, and angry over the news of a mass shooting and
          another way, 92 percent died from being shot.
                                                         obviously hunters can (and do) carry their the devastation it causes, the blunt truth about
                 Drill down further into this morbid
                                                         weapons out in the open out of obvious this issue is that “prayers” won’t achieve
          statistic and the data gets even worse, for these
                                                         necessity.                                      anything.
          aren’t just ‘accidental’ murders, many are
                                                                 This contrast and irony when comparing         Prayers won’t change existing gun laws.
          instead deliberate, cold-blooded, calculated
                                                         Chicago to Reno is beyond obvious. Despite its Prayers won’t hunt down the guilty. For those
          killings. In 2017, of the 625 human beings who
                                                         no permit required open carry law, you won’t who claim to be “religious” and put all of their
          were murdered in Chicago, 325 people, slightly
                                                         find most of the gun owning residents in Nevada eggs in their prayer basket, try this simple
          more than half of them; were shot in the head,
          causing 217 of these 625 deaths.  This is a    walking around openly brandishing their guns, experiment.
                                                         despite their legal right to do so. This is one of
          minimum number where it concerns this
                                                         the ironies of the Great Gun Debate in America.                         (Continued on Page 4)
          statistic since the precise body locations where
                                                         One would think that where liberal gun laws
          someone is shot is not always reported. In 2017
                                                         exist, gun related crimes would skyrocket. This             For the Very Best of
          in Chicago, statistically speaking a human being
                                                         is not happening, as the situations in Reno and     Paranormal and Parapsychology
          was shot every 2.27 minutes, an individual was
                                                         (standing in contrast) Chicago proves. Criminals
          murdered every 12.59 minutes. In 2017, 612                                                            Real News, With Real People
                                                         don’t obey laws, in Chicago most of the killings
          men in Chicago were killed, 63 more were                                                                        24 / 7 / 365
                                                         are done using pistols which are far more often
          women. 2,606 men in Chicago were wounded,                                                                        Listen To
          versus 326 women.                              than not, purchased on the streets illegally.       The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
                                                                 Very few gun related deaths are caused
                                                         by using military grade assault weapons.  The        
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