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28 25 Space Conspiracies That Just Won’t Die

               That Just Won't Die                        new images made it quite clear that the "face on Mars is as big as the moon.
                                                          Mars" is nothing more than a trick of light and
                                                          shadows on a completely normal Martian         Originating in 2003, the infamous Mars hoax
                  Continued from Page 25                  mound.                                         asserts that Mars was closer to Earth than it had
                                                                                                         been in the 60,000 years prior, and that the
                                                          The moon Iapetus is an alien Death             planet will appear as large as the full moon.
          While Area 51's true focus is classified, the U.S.  Star.                                      What started out as a misconstrued email turned
          government has acknowledged its existence                                                      into a recurring rumor that gets reshared every
          (although the CIA officially calls it "Homey    Iapetus is a moon of Saturn that looks somewhat  August and, naturally, has spread to social
          Airport" or "Groom Lake"). A part of Edwards    like the infamous Death Star in the "Star Wars"  media as it became more popular.
          Air Force Base, the area was a known location   franchise, with a large crater that resembles the      Although Mars is indeed relatively close
          for high-technology airplane flights in the 1960s  fictional weapon's superlaser focus lens.  The  to Earth in a cosmic sense, it will never be as
          and 1970s. It first served as a proving ground  Death Star is a planet-killing machine that    large as the full moon. It will appear as a red dot
          for Lockheed U-2 and  A-12 OXCART spy           destroys entire worlds with its outrageously   in the sky, just as the ancient astronomers saw it.
          planes as early as 1955. UFO sightings reported  powerful laser. It was prominently featured in  If you'd like to see Mars magnified, take out a
          in the area were indeed unidentified objects, but  the 2016 movie "Rogue One:  A Star  Wars    telescope or look at one of NASA's spectacular
          only because the planes were top-secret — not   Story," as well as in 1977's "Star Wars: Episode  Mars pictures.
          because they were flown by aliens.              IV - A New Hope."

                                                                 A Daily Mail article published in May   The moon will turn green.
          There is a killer planet known as               2016 claimed Iapetus is an artificial object
          "Nibiru."                                       crafted by aliens.  As "evidence," the article  In spring 2016, there was a rumor that the moon
                                                          cited a photo taken by NASA's Cassini          would turn green because several planets had
          Conspiracy theorists say another dangerous      spacecraft in 2004. In the photo, there's a line  aligned and caused an eerie glow.  This was
          planet is Nibiru, which was first mentioned in  around the moon's equator that resembles the   supposed to happen on April 20 and again on
          the 1976 book "The  Twelfth Planet," by         equatorial trench around the Death Star. But this  May 29 for the first time since 1596, the rumor
          Zecharia Sitchin. In the book, Sitchin translated  line isn’t nearly as interesting as the Death Star's  alleged.
          ancient Sumerian cuneiform and claimed that     trench, which houses the battle station's              The moon never actually turned green,
          the text is proof of a planet beyond Neptune    engines, thrusters and docking bays. That line is  although it can appear red during a lunar
          called Nibiru that orbits the sun every 3,600   nothing more than a mountain ridge, and        eclipse, when the moon passes through Earth's
          years.                                          Iapetus is actually just made up of boring old  shadow. In the same way sunsets often appear
                 Years later, self-proclaimed psychic     rock and ice. Cassini has flown by the moon to  red, sunlight is scattered as it passes through
          Nancy Lieder claimed to have communicated       take pictures several times without being      Earth's atmosphere, casting a reddish shadow on
          with extraterrestrials who said Nibiru would    blasted by deadly alien lasers.                the moon's surface.
          collide with Earth in 2003.  When that didn't                                                          Skywatching columnist Joe Rao
          happen, the date was moved to 2012 (and         Saturn's hexagon is alien technology.          debunked this green-moon myth. He pointed
          linked, of course, with the 2012 doomsday                                                      out that a full moon actually took place on April
          predictions). Of course, the collision never    Saturn's hexagon was first spotted when        22, 2016, and speculated that the April 20 date
          occurred, the world didn't end in 2012 and no   NASA's Voyager spacecraft flew by the giant,   of the "green moon" might have to do with
          astronomer has ever found a planet on a         ringed planet in 1980.  The bizarre, six-sided  "National Weed Day," popularly known as 4/20.
          collision course with Earth.                    structure on the round planet's north pole caused  Considering that the last green moon
                                                          quite the stir, because straight lines and     supposedly happened 420 years ago as well, this
          There is a face on Mars.                        polygons are not so common in nature.          doesn't appear to be a coincidence.
                                                                 Immediately after the Voyager returned
          In 1976, NASA's  Viking 1 spacecraft took a     its first images of Saturn's strange feature, even                    (Continued on Page 31)
          picture of what appeared to be a face on Mars.  stranger theories arose to explain it, including
          Immediately, some people said there must have   that it was somehow related to alien technology,
          been aliens on the Red Planet that left that face  or perhaps even was a gateway to hell.  The
          behind as evidence of their existence. NASA,    hexagon is not artificial, but rather a weird-
          however, pointed out that the suspected face is  looking hurricane at Saturn's pole. NASA has
          really just a pile of rocks casting shadows that  done several flybys of this region with the
          resemble face-like features.                    Cassini spacecraft, studying the haze particles
                 NASA followed up with better-            and other features of the storm, to try to learn
          resolution pictures taken from the Mars         more about its weird properties.
          Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Mars Global      “Searching for Answers,  Demanding the Truth
          Surveyor in 1998 and 2001, respectively. These                -
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