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25 Space Conspiracies That Just Won’t Die 25

              25 Space Conspiracies

               That Just Won't Die

                    By Elizabeth Howell

          Space Conspiracies

          On the internet, you need to be a skeptical reader
          these days. Claims of aliens and UFOs, Mars
          being abnormally big, or the moon turning green
          are the kinds of things you should check out
          carefully. Here are some of the biggest space
          myths that just won't go away.

          The Apollo moon landings were faked.

          Twelve NASA astronauts walked on the moon
          between 1969 and 1972, and the Lunar
          Reconnaissance Orbiter has since released new
          photos of the landing sites. In the decades since
          Apollo 11 astronauts first set foot on the moon,
          many theories have been put forward claiming
          that the whole Apollo program was staged. Why
          are there no stars in the sky in the moonwalkers'
          photos? Why are the U.S. flags fluttering on the
          surface?  Why do you see footprints in the
          pictures, but no marks from the lunar modules
          that landed there?
                 The answers to those questions are
          simpler than you may think. There are no stars in
          the sky for the same reason you don't see stars
          during the day on Earth:  The bright glow of           Not convinced?  Try watching a rocket Planet Nine will kill us.
          daylight on the surface washes them out. U.S. launch for yourself, or see the space station and
          flags planted into the lunar soil had metal rods other satellites with your own eyes with the help  In April 2016, the New York Post tweeted, "A
          sewn in them to appear as though they were     of a satellite tracker.                         newly discovered planet could destroy Earth as
          moving.  Without these wires, the flag would                                                   soon as this month."  The newspaper was
          have hung straight down, making for a pretty The Earth is flat.                                referring to Planet Nine, a theoretical planet at
          lackluster photo prop. And the lunar modules,                                                  the edge of the solar system. An accompanying
          though heavier, didn't put prominent marks in  This myth is so popular that there is even a video also claimed that the new planet would be
          the surface in some places because their mass  group named after it: the Flat Earth Society. throwing all sorts of asteroids and comets at
          was more evenly distributed than the astronauts'  Members of the organization argue that the Earth, which would supposedly end up
          weight was in their boots.                     horizon is always at eye level, which they say pummeling our planet.

                                                         would not be possible if the Earth were round.         Although the planet's existence has not
          NASA is a lie.                                 They also say there is no full movie of the Earth been confirmed, astronomers are actively
                                                         rotating from space — which is not true, as looking for it to explain motions of some objects
          Some folks actually believe NASA's whole       NASA has published multiple videos taken from in the icy Kuiper Belt, a vast region of icy
          function is not to explore space, but to generate satellites, including a live video of Earth from objects beyond Neptune. If the planet is actually
          space-related hoaxes. (The Apollo moon landing the ISS, which orbits our planet 16 times per found, the California Institute of  Technology's
          is a famous example that we'll explore in the day.                                             Mike Brown (who is one of the original backers
          next slide.) People who believe this conspiracy,       One way of demonstrating to yourself of the Planet Nine theory) says the planet will
          sometimes    flagged    with   the    hashtag that the Earth is round is to consider how orbits pose no threat to us.
          "#NASAhoax" on social media, will say that     of satellites work. Satellites constantly "fall"
          amazing space pictures of Mars, Pluto and even around the Earth as they are pulled around by Alien research is happening at Area 51.
          Earth are fake, computer-generated imagery our planet's gravity; they just need to be
          (CGI). [Video: NASA Employees 'Welcome'        traveling fast enough at a high enough altitude to The 1996 movie "Independence Day" is one of
          You to the Space Agency]                       not slam into the atmosphere. Or, you can look the sources of the Area 51 hoax, which claims
                 In reality, NASA was formed in 1958 "to  at the amazing pictures taken by astronauts at that aliens and their technology — recovered
          provide for research into problems of flight the ISS.                                          from crashed flying saucers — are being studied
          within and outside the Earth's atmosphere, and         Still not sold?  Watch Neil deGrasse secretly at a classified military base about 80
          for other purposes," according to the National Tyson lay out the facts in a rap battle with B.o.B. miles (130 kilometers) northwest of Las Vegas
          Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, which then-  "The Earth looks flat because you aren't far in the Nevada desert. Some people in the area
          president Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law  enough away at your size,"  Tyson explains. around the base claim that they have seen
          shortly after the start of the space race against "Your size isn't large enough relative to Earth to strange flights out of this area.
          the Soviet Union. Since then, NASA has         notice any curvature at all."                                          (Continued on Page 28)
          launched hundreds of satellites into orbit around
          Earth, the moon and several other worlds. In                      THE ‘X’ ZONE BROADCAST NETWORK
          fact, NASA spacecraft have orbited, flown by or                           
          landed on every planet in the solar system.                     “Searching for Answers, Demanding the Truth.”
          NASA also sends astronauts into orbit, where                                       Listen 24/7/365 at
          they conduct research at the International Space
          Station (ISS).                                                            
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