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24                  Stupid Top Moon Conspiracy Theories

              Top Moon Conspiracy

            Theories and Why They

                       Are Stupid

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          Others claim that they just can't sleep on the
          night of a full moon. Though there are studies
          aimed at trying to find a link between a full
          moon and these activities, they have all come up
          short. For example, a 1985 literature review
          found that there was no link between the full
          moon and timing of mental illness, criminal
          behavior or other such human activities.

          The supermoon can cause disasters

          A supermoon is when the full moon looks really
          big because it happens to be on its closest swing
          by our planet. Because it's closer, it does exert  Is NASA lying to us?                               With that in mind, the video asks why
          more gravitational pull on our planet than usual,                                              the idea of seeing Long Island from London
          which has led some to theorize that it causes    Moon is only 4 MILES                          with a telescope is a ridiculous concept.
          natural disasters.                                                                                    The video says: “Yet NASA is telling
                 But supermoons have no effect on              from Earth claims                         you you’re able to see something half that size
          disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis,                                                    from 238,900 miles away – over 69 times farther
          according to a previous Live Science report. "A        shock 'evidence'                        than the distance from London to New York.
          lot of studies have been done on this kind of                                                         “And that’s with the unaided eyes.”
          thing by USGS scientists and others," John      STARGAZERS across the globe                           ThePottersClay then claims to “do the
          Bellini, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological                                                 math” by scaling down the distance from the
          Survey previously told Live Science. "They are preparing to witness the                        moon by 60,000 percent without any

          haven't found anything significant at all."     spectacular January Super Blue                 explanation as to why he chose that specific
                                                          Blood Moon, but a flat Earth
                                                                                                                He says: “If you bring down Tycho’s 54
           Moon Facts...                                  conspiracist has broken the silence            miles by 60,000 percent you’ll get about 4.75

                                                          to reveal how NASA have                        feet.
           The Moon (or Luna) is the Earth’s only                                                               “Then do the same math with the
           natural satellite and was formed 4.6 billion   supposedly lied about the distance             distance to the moon and you get right at 4
           years ago around some 30–50 million years      from the moon.                                 miles.”
           after the formation of the solar system. The                                                         The bunkum video comes after popular
           Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth               By Sebastian Kettley                 YouTube conspiracist Ritchie from Boston,
           meaning the same side is always facing the                                                    similarly alleged that the moon is only 4.7 miles
                                                                        The Guardian
           Earth. The first unmanned mission to the                                                      from Earth.
           Moon was in 1959 by the Soviet Lunar                                                                 The popular video maker brazenly
                                                          It is a scientific fact that the moon averages a
           Program with the first manned landing being    distance of around 238,855 miles (384,400 km)  claimed NASA have been lying to everyone
           Apollo 11 in 1969.                                                                            about the moon, chemtrails and many other
                                                          from Earth, but conspiracists are disputing this
           The dark side of the moon is a                                                                       He said: “That’s crazy. They’re lying to
                                                                 A crackpot conspiracy video uploaded
           myth.                                          to YouTube by ThePottersClay 2 alleges to have  us. Do not believe NASA because they are lying
                  In reality both sides of the Moon see   crunched the numbers to reveal that the moon is  about our entire origin.”
           the same amount of sunlight however only       actually four miles from Earth.                       But despite what these self-proclaimed
           one face of the Moon is ever seen from                The video kicks off with a warning to   ‘truthers’ might claim, there is ample scientific
           Earth. This is because the Moon rotates        the viewers to “prepare yourself”, as it       proof to rubbish their conspiracy theories.
           around on its own axis in exactly the same     unleashes    its  hogwash     theories   and          NASA have been able to very accurately
           time it takes to orbit the Earth, meaning the  ‘calculations’.                                track the distance from Earth to the moon,
           same side is always facing the Earth. The             The video says: “NASA tells us Tycho    thanks to the use of powerful lasers and Lunar
           side facing away from Earth has only been      measures 86 km in diameter. Eighty-six km      Laser Ranging RetroReflectors left on the moon
           seen by the human eye from spacecraft.         equals about 53.4 miles.                       by the Apollo 15 mission.
                                                                                                                The US space agency explained: “The
                                                                 “So almost half the size of Long Island
           A person would weigh much less on              if you were to compare the two.                distance to these retroreflectors from the Earth
                                                                                                         can be and is still routinely measured to the
           the Moon.                                             “We are told the distance from the Earth  centimetre level or better, and their relative
                  The Moon has much weaker gravity        to the moon is 238,900 miles. The distance from  positions are known to a similar level.
           than Earth, due to its smaller mass, so you    New York to London is 3,456 miles.                    “Such measurements can be used for
           would weigh about one sixth (16.5%) of                “Let’s assume for a moment the Earth    several purposes, such as precisely determining
           your weight on Earth. This is why the lunar    was flat and we’re using the best telescope    the orientation and orbit of the Moon, testing
           astronauts could leap and bound so high in     money can buy. Do you think we could see       gravitation and general relativity theories, and
           the air.                                       Long Island from London?”                      for establishing a highly precise latitude and
                                                                 The conspiracy video goes on to
                                                                                                         longitude coordinate frame for the moon."
           For more interesting facts and myths watch     underline that there is a big difference in how       To      see     the     video,    goto
           The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel on         far the naked eye can see when compared to, on  The ’X’ Zone  TV
                                                          telescope zoom lenses.
                                                                                                         Channel. []
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