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10 Mysteries Of The Bennington Triangle 21

            10 Creepy Mysteries Of

           The Bennington Triangle

          The Bermuda  Triangle is famous for strange
          happenings and disappearances in the ocean
          nestled between Florida and Bermuda.  That
          famous area has a smaller cousin further north,
          centered around Glastenbury Mountain in the
          southwestern part of Vermont. This mysterious
          area is known as the Bennington Triangle.
                 The Bennington  Triangle has a history
          that predates the colonization of North America
          and persists to this day. It has inspired books and
          movies, as well as supernatural reports of
          Bigfoot, UFOs, and interdimensional portals.
          The truth of the Bennington  Triangle remains
          unknown, but the area has mysteriously
          swallowed as many as 40 intrepid hikers and

          10. Native American Warnings

          It’s stated in Joseph  A. Citro’s 1996 book,
          Passing Strange: True Tales of New England
          Hauntings and Horrors, that Native Americans
          refused to set foot on Glastenbury Mountain            Unfortunately, the extreme logging of a massive ape man or gun-wielding nudist as
          unless they were burying their dead.  They     the past left the mountainside unprotected from well. The conversion to a tourist town was hard
          believed that the whole mountain was cursed    soil erosion. In 1897, a massive flood destroyed on the loggers and miners of Glastenbury and
          land because the “four winds” met there in an  much of the railway into Glastenbury. No more Fayville. In 1892, a sawmill worker, Henry
          eternal struggle.  While most refer to this as a  attempts were made to reinvent the town. People McDowell, drunkenly bludgeoned a coworker to
          myth, there is some truth to it. The wind pattern  left the area to start over, leaving the town with death with a rock after he heard voices telling
          on Glastenbury Mountain is so erratic that     a rapidly dwindling population. Ripley’s Believe him to attack. He was committed to an asylum
          weather changes suddenly, and plants grow at   it or Not! documented the Mattinson family in but managed to escape and vanish. Only five
          odd angles.                                    1930. The three members of the family made up years after that murder, another strange one
                 Another myth attributed to the native   the entire town by themselves and held every followed nearby. John Harbour was a prominent
          people of  Vermont is that they believed an    office available between them. In 1937, the town Woodford citizen who went into Bickford
          enchanted stone among the cairns on top of the  was officially unincorporated. As of the 2010 Hollow, just south of Glastenbury, to hunt. He
          mountain could swallow a man whole.  As        census, a mere eight people lived there.        was shot by persons unknown but was found
          reported by Davy Russell in  X-Project                                                         with his fully loaded gun just next to him and
          Paranormal Magazine, a person would stand on
                                                         8. Strange Occurrences Since  The               seemed to have been dragged several yards.
          the rock to survey the area from the highest   1800s                                           Those who investigated his death were left
          point and find themselves suddenly swallowed                                                   wondering why he was so easily shot with a
          whole. That person would never be heard from                                                   fully loaded gun and why his assailant would
                                                         Reports of strange lights in the sky, sounds with
          again.                                                                                         bother to put the gun next to him after dragging
                                                         no explanation, and odd odors on the mountain
                                                                                                         him.  This murder has gone unsolved and will
                                                         predate colonial settlements.  These reports,
          9. A Ghost Town                                                                                likely stay that way.
                                                         combined      with    the    many      strange
                                                         disappearances, have led to speculation about
          Glastenbury seems to have been slated to be a                                                  7. The Disappearances
                                                         UFOs and wormholes in the area. Still, the
          ghost town since its very first day. In 1761,
                                                         strangest report may be the Bennington Monster.
          Benning Wentworth drew the boundaries of the                                                   The Bennington  Triangle’s most enduring
                                                         Thought to be an early Bigfoot or Sasquatch, the
          town on a map without ever stepping foot there.                                                unsolved mysteries are the disappearances that
                                                         monster has been described as well over 1.8
          The area had rough terrain and a very short                                                    plagued the area from 1945 to 1950. In that five-
                                                         meters (6 ft) tall, with hair from its head to its
          growing season, so settling was an uphill battle
                                                         toes.  The first sighting of the monster was    year span, several people went missing on or
          all the way to the 1800s. Literally. There were
                                                         reported in the early 19th century, when it     near Glastenbury Mountain. The first was a 75-
          technically two towns, Fayville and South
                                                         rushed a stagecoach on a washed-out road. The   year-old man named Middie Rivers, who often
          Glastenbury, on either side of the mountain, but  beast knocked the stagecoach onto its side and  served as a mountain guide.[5] He was leading a
          they were never connected due to the impossible
                                                         fled into the dark with a roar. Luckily, no one  group back to their camp in November 1945
          incline between them.
                                                         was harmed.                                     when he got ahead of them just enough to be out
                 Glastenbury was first established as a                                                  of sight. In that short time, he completely
                                                                 In 1967, a somehow less pleasant
          logging and mining town. Workers were brought                                                  vanished. It’s unlikely that he became lost
                                                         monster began to appear on the mountain.The
          up to log and mine coal by a railroad that                                                     because he was highly experienced at navigating
                                                         wild man of Glastenbury lived in a cave near
          climbed 14 kilometers (9 mi) at a ridiculous 76
                                                         Somerset. Unfortunately for everyone, he didn’t  the mountain. Nonetheless, he was never seen
          meters (250 ft) per mile. Logs and coal were sent
                                                         stay there. Reports say that he would descend   again.
          down the Bolles Brook, which forked near the
                                                         into nearby Glastenbury and other settlements in       Paula  Welden (pictured above), an 18-
          town and flowed down the mountain. Both        the Bennington Triangle to harass women. He     year-old college student who had recently taken
          industries relied on finite resources that quickly
                                                         accomplished this by pulling open his ratty coat  up hiking, went to explore the mountain in 1946.
          dried up. In 1894, a final push was made to                                                    Welden was spotted on her way by several
                                                         to reveal his nude body while waving around a
          reinvigorate the town of Glastenbury by making                                                 people, including drivers who gave her rides and
                                                         pistol to scare off anyone who might want to
          it into a tourist hot spot. The simple buildings of                                            fellow hikers who warned her that she wasn’t
                                                         stop him. Luckily, that seems to be all he did
          the town were reinvented as hotels and casinos.                                                dressed warmly enough to hike the mountain.
                                                         before fleeing off back to his cave.
          The railroad was fitted with fashionable trolley
                                                                 There were strange happenings in the
          cars. No expense was spared.
                                                         Bennington Triangle that were less fantastic than                      (Continued on Page 23)
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