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20                               The Divine Order of Alchemy

                                THE DIVINE ORDER

                                               OF ALCHEMY

                                                                                 THE DIVINE ORDER OF ALCHEMY
                                                                                 The Ancient Secret To Union With God

                                                                                 Do  You Know  Yourself? Do you Know
                                                                                 Your Life Purpose…..? or IS Your Life In

                                                                                 Drastic Need of an Overhaul?

                                                                                 Knowing who you are and why you’re here

                                                                                 is the quickest way to find meaning, hope,

                                                                                 and purpose in life. Inside this book you’ll
                                                                                 find a pure vein of golden knowledge that

                                                                                 explains the nature of who you are and why

                                                                                 we’re here. As you – the initiate- follow the
                                                                                 esoteric steps through the Mystical

                                                                                 Tabernacle, divine understanding begins to

                                                                                 download within your mind.  You start to
                                                                                 comprehend the glorious shining truth that

                                                                                 defines your identity and purpose  AND

                                                                                 EVERYTHING BEGINS TO CHANGE.

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                                                               MEET AUTHOR DANIEL CLARK:

                                                                      Daniel Clark has carefully studied and visited

                                                               countless faiths and religions from around the world. He
                                                               is an informal scholar of religious psychology, having

                                                               thoroughly studied the works of well-known thinkers

                                                               like David Hawkins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra,
                                                               Marianne Williamson, Father Leo Booth, Father

                                                               Thomas Keating, John Bradhsaw, Eckhart Tolle, and
                                                               many others. He is actively involved in educating

                                                               people about the dangers of religious repression and

                                                               destructive cults.

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