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                                     MAY/JUNE 2022                                                          The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper is
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              These are just SOME of the stories and articles in this edition of

                     THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER                                                         DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in

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         Page o2: When Secret Mystery Planes Landed At The Air Bases Where I Was Stationed                author(s) and do not reflect the opinions of
         Page 04: Pet Psychics Prey On People Who Are Desperate                                           REL-MAR McConnell Media Company or its
         Page 05: Area 51’2 Most Outrageous To Secret Spy Plane Projects
                                                                                                                 Information contained in our published
         Page 08: Does Hangar 18, Legendary Alien Warehouse, Exit?
                                                                                                          works have been obtained by REL-MAR
         Page 09: Mysterious UFOs Seen By WWII Airmen Still Unexplained
                                                                                                          McConnell Media Company from sources
         Page 11: Why Mysterious Green Fireballs Worried The U.S. Government
                                                                                                          believed to be reliable. However, neither REL-
         Page 13: How Skinwalker Ranch Became A Hotbed Of Paranormal Activity                             MAR McConnell Media Company nor its
         Page 15: Huge, Hovering and Silent: The Mystery of ‘Black Triangle’ UFOs                         publishers/authors guarantees the accuracy or
         Page 17: Why have There Been So Many UFO Sightings Near Nuclear Facilities?                      completeness of any information published
         Page 19: Meet J. Allen Hynek, The Astronomer Who First Classified UFO ‘Close                     herein and neither REL-MAR McConnell
                Encounters”                                                                               Media Company nor its publishers/authors shall
         Page 22: How Betty and Barney Hill’s Alien Abduction Story Defined The Genre                     be responsible for any errors, omissions, or
         Page 25: In 1952, The Flatwoods Monster Terrified 6 Kids, A Mom, A Dog - And                     claims for damages, including exemplary
                       The Nation                                                                         damages, arising out of use, inability to use, or
                                                                                                          with regard to the accuracy or sufficiency of the
         Page 29: 6 Theories About Atlantis
                                                                                                          information     contained    in    REL-MAR
         Page 30: The UFO Sightings That Launched ‘Men In Black Mythology’
                                                                                                          McConnell Media Company publications.
         Page 32: The Dark Connection Between UFOs and Grisly Mutilations
                                                                                                                 Neither the editors, authors, publisher,
         Page 35: Vampire History
                                                                                                          or any other party associated with the
         Page 36: The History of Witches                                                                  production of REL-MAR McConnell Media
         Page 39: “Fire In The Sky”                                                                       Company published works accept responsibility
         Page 41: UFOlogist Karl Pflock Comments On Travis Walton Case                                    for any accident or injury resulting from the use
         Page 42: “Profitable Nightmare Of A Very Unreal Kind”                                            of materials contained herein. All persons who
         Page 45: The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 19                                               wish to engage in health / or mental health
         Page 48: What's next for UFO studies after landmark congressional hearing?                       activities / alternative health regiments and/or
         Page 54: Does Time Really Exist?                                                                 suggestions, actual or implied, should receive
         Page 56: The Truth About Slushies Must Come Out                                                  professional    medical     consultation    be
         Page 58: How Cereal Transformed American Culture
                                                                                                                 REL-MAR McConnell Media Company
         Page 60: What Is Your Investor Profile According To Your Zodiac Sign?
                                                                                                          publications do not constitute legal, medical, or
         Page 61: America's Secret Airline The Government Doesn't Want You To Know
                                                                                                          other professional advice.
                                                                                                                 The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper is ©
         Page 62: The ‘X’ Zone TV Show - “Click-to-Watch”                                                 REL-MAR McConnell Media Company,  All
         Page 66: Biggest Inventions Between 1960 - 2000                                                  rights reserved. No part of any REL-MAR
         Page 69: Celebrities Who Died In April 2022                                                      McConnell Media Company published work
         Page 70: We Are The Only Humans In The Universe                                                  may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
         Page 72: What Do Aliens Look Like?                                                               or transmitted in any form or by any means,
         Page 73: We Are Effectively Alone In The Universe                                                electronic,    mechanical,      photocopying,
         Page 74: Aliens Are A Mirror To Humanity                                                         recording, or otherwise, without written
         Page 75: Why the Far Side Of The Moon Matters So Much                                            permission from the publisher.
                                                                                                                 Rob McConnell, Publisher, REL-MAR
         Page 77: The Mood-Altering Power Of The Moon
                                                                                                          McConnell Media Company, 7 Gale Crescent,
         Page 80: How The Brain’s Left Hemisphere “Mesmerizes” Us Into
                                                                                                          PH2, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, L2R
                Misunderstanding Reality
                                                                                                          7M8.  Tel: (905) 902-8492,,
         Page 83: The Race To Develop The Moon

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