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          Page 01: Cover Story: They Lied!
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          Page 03: Buzz Aldrin: “We Didn’t Go To The Moon”
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          Page 04: UFO Myths: Stephenville, Texas, January 8, 2008                                        for damages, including exemplary damages,
          Page 09: The Media And The Stephenville UFO                                                     arising out of use, inability to use, or with
          Page 11: Feature Story: The Nature of Evil by Jock Brocas                                       regard to the accuracy or sufficiency of the
          Page 14: Feature Story: Did Astronauts Go 1,000 Times Further 49 Years Ago Than                 information    contained    in    REL-MAR
                        They Can Today? by Bart Sibrel                                                    McConnell Media Company publications.
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          Page 40: Moving From I To We
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          Page 41: A New Earth Rising                                                                     production of REL-MAR McConnell Media
          Page 42: Symbolic Attachment: A Way Out                                                         Company published works accept responsibility
          Page 43: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon and Astronauts                           for any accident or injury resulting from the use
                        Gone Wild                                                                         of materials contained herein. All persons who
          Page 44: Life Is A Learning Experience                                                          wish to engage in health / or mental health
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          Page 45: A Breath Of New Life After Divorce
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          Page 46: SimulTV                                                                                professional   medical     consultation   be
          Page 47: SimulTV                                                                                commencement.
          Page 49: 3 Ways To Discover Your Inner Voice                                                           REL-MAR McConnell Media Company
          Page 51: Antilia                                                                                publications do not constitute legal, medical, or
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          Page 52: An Introduction To Conscious Evolution
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          Page 55: Deadly Departed by Jock Brocas
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          Page 56: Steve Judd’s Monthly Musings                                                           rights reserved. No part of any REL-MAR
          Page 57: Where Our Consciousness Is Headed                                                      McConnell Media Company published work

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          Page 65: Big Fight Over Bigfoot In British Columbia, Canada
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          Page 66: Gluten Free Isn’t Enough
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          Page 67: Scar Tissue Locks In Trauma And Lost Souls                                                    Rob McConnell, Publisher, REL-MAR
          Page 69: News From The XZBN/XZTV Newsdesk                                                       McConnell Media Company, Hamilton,
          Page 72: The True Face Of A Woman                                                               Ontario, Canada, L8W 3G9.  Tel: (905) 575-
          Page 73: How Important Is Your Name?                                                            1222, (800) 610-7035 Ext. 143, www.rel-
          Page 74: A Disturbance In The Force                                                   ,
          Page 75: Gran’s Garden
          Page 76: In The Mirror Of Nonviolence
          Page 79: Soul Nutrients - A Love Letter
          Page 80: The Born Aware Phenomenon
          Page 82: Guiding Visions From The Universe
          Page 83: The Importance Of Shadow Work

          Page 86: In The News: Beware of Maria Duval

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