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2018 Directory of Who’s Who                                                                                 19

                  THE ‘X’ ZONE DIRECTORY OF WHO’S WHO

                                                             2018 EDITION

                                                                    IS HERE!

                                                                   2019 Edition

                THE 'X' ZONE DIRECTORY OF WHO'S WHO is recognized worldwide as a professional source and guide featuring those
                in the  World of the Paranormal, Science of Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics,  The Strange and Unknown,
                Unsolved Mysteries, Ancient Archaeology, Exopolitics, Alternative Healing, New Age Spirituality, Science Fiction, Alternative
                Realities and Religious Philosophies. The 'X' Zone Directory of Who's Who is used as a source by members of the international
                media including print / digital media, radio and television, including hosts, producers, editors, researchers, publishers and those
                seeking answers to questions that cannot be found anywhere else. The 'X' Zone Directory of Who's Who is edited by Rob
                McConnell, the creator, host and executive producer of the internationally syndicated show, "The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show"
                (1992-present) and publisher of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, Rob has included some of the most credible and interesting of
                the over 3,800 guests that he has interviewed. Rob is a highly respected professional Canadian broadcast veteran, researcher,
                inventor, author, publisher and his expertise in the paranormal and parapsychology has been called upon y other members of
                the media from around the world. When not working on The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show or The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, Rob
                is President and CEO of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ( The 'X'
                Zone Radio/TV Show is available 7/24/365 at The 'X' Zone Merchandise is available for the worldwide
                'X' Zone Nation at

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