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18                       Silicon Valley’s Flying Saucer Man

          The Forgotten Legend of                        laying in bed, just about falling asleep, incident involved multiple witnesses
                                                         and everything got kind of glowy, and I observing strange lights descending into
            Silicon Valley’s Flying
                                                         felt this presence. I got this flash of white the waters off Shag Harbour, leading to
                     Saucer Man                          light, and I was overtaken by this feeling. speculation about extraterrestrial activity.

                                                         I just thought for sure it was Weygers. I
                                                         accepted it and figured it was the spirit of Falcon Lake, Manitoba: Falcon Lake is
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                                                         Weygers telling me I’m doing the right known for the Falcon Lake Incident, in
                                                         thing, that he was grateful and that I which a man claimed to have
                                                         should continue my mission.” Hunter encountered a UFO and suffered burns
        We spent a couple of days together
                                                         died a few days later.                           after approaching the strange craft. The
        talking about  Weygers for hours upon
                                                                                                          area has since become a hotspot for UFO
        hours. I’d sit next to Hunter on a couch
                                                         Hunter wanted a big party and had left sightings and paranormal activity.
        and he’d begin a story, get drowsy from
                                                         Thomas detailed instructions on exactly
        painkillers, nod off for 10 minutes or so,
                                                         what to do. His funeral was held in a San Bonnyville, Alberta:  Bonnyville has a
        then rouse himself and pick right back up
                                                         Jose church with a circular shape, like the history of UFO sightings, with reports of
        where he’d left off. The stories were still
                                                         Discopter.  A couple of members of glowing orbs, strange lights, and
        all there, only muddled. Hunter struggled
                                                         Weygers’s family turned up, as did a unidentified objects in the sky. The rural
        to find dates and the right sequences of
                                                         couple hundred more who knew Hunter. setting and dark skies make it an ideal
        events, his once-encyclopedic knowledge
                                                         After his funeral, we all gravitated to a location for stargazing and watching for
        of Weygers reduced to an abstract feeling
                                                         large ballroom nearby, where a band took UFOs.
        of what was true. He’d hang on to me as
                                                         the stage as people ate dinner. I sat with
        we walked around the property and kept
                                                         Thomas and Hunter’s mother, sister, Muskoka, Ontario: The Muskoka
        talking about his plans. Now he wanted to
                                                         brother, and friends. Just about everyone region in Ontario is known for its
        create a nonprofit dedicated to Weygers
                                                         got up and danced.  Thomas said she’d picturesque landscapes and unspoiled
        that would fund science scholarships for
                                                         decided it was her turn to see the mission wilderness, making it a prime location for
        kids. At one point, his shoes came untied,
                                                         through and find some money to support observing the night sky. UFO sightings
        so I bent down to fix them, and there they
                                                         the  Weygers Foundation. “It’s what have been reported in Muskoka, with
        were: an $800 pair of suede Gucci
                                                         Randy wanted,” she said. []                      witnesses describing unusual lights and
        chukka boots with rainbow-colored
                                                                                                          objects in the area.
        UFOs on the side. “The price sure isn’t
        the  Weygers way,” Hunter said. “But I             THE BEST PLACES TO
                                                                                                          Mount Seymour, British Columbia:
        had to have them.” Off to the left of this         WATCH FOR UFO’S IN
        main room, Hunter                                                                                 Mount Seymour is a popular spot for
                                                                        CANADA                            UFO enthusiasts in British Columbia,

                                                                                                          with sightings of strange lights and
         Late on our last night together, Hunter,
                                                                                                          objects reported in the skies above the
        filled with opiates, turned spacey and
        reflective. “I’ve had a couple dreams            Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia:  Shag                 mountain. The remote location and dark
        about meeting Alex,” he said. “One time          Harbour is famous for the Shag Harbour           skies make it a promising location for
        was a really euphoric experience. I was          Incident, a well-documented UFO                  watching for UFO activity. []
                                                         sighting that occurred in 1967.  The
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