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UFOs and Nuclear Facilities                                                                                  17

         Why Have There Been So                          “All of the nuclear facilities—Los  Alamos,      diameter near the Los Alamos labs. And Knapp
                                                         Livermore, Sandia, Savannah River—all had        has interviewed more than a dozen workers from
        Many UFO Sightings Near                          dramatic incidents where these unknown craft     the Nevada desert atomic test site, where scores
                                                         appeared over the facilities and nobody knew     of A-bombs were detonated in the post-WWII
               Nuclear Facilities?
                                                         where they were from or what they were doing     years. He says they told him UFO activity was
                                                         there,” says investigative journalist George     so commonplace there, employees were
                                                         Knapp, who has studied the UAP-nuclear           assigned to monitor the activity.
          It started in the 1940s, near A-
                                                         connection for more than 30 years. Knapp has
          bomb development sites. More                   gathered documentation by filing Freedom of      In the 1960s and ’70s, repeated UFO sightings
            recently, something has been                 Information Act requests to the departments of   emerged at Malmstrom  Air Force Base in
                                                         defense and energy.                              Montana, a storage site for nuclear-tipped
           stalking nuclear carrier strike
                                                                                                          intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).  At
                          groups.                        “There seems to be a lot of correlation there,”  one such alleged sighting in 1967, former Air
                                                         says Lue Elizondo, who from 2007 to 2012         Force Capt. Robert Salas says several of those
                      by Adam Janos                      served as director of a covert team of UAP       missiles became inoperative at the same time
                                                         researchers operating inside the Department of   base security reported seeing a glowing red
                                                         Defense.  The program, called the  Advanced      object, about 30 feet in diameter, hovering over
        Why are so many UFOs being reported near         Aerospace  Threat Identification Program         the facility. Salas, who commanded ICBMs as a
                                                         (AATIP), received $22 million of the             launch officer and later worked in the aerospace
        nuclear facilities—and why isn’t there more
                                                         Pentagon’s $600 billion budget in 2012,  The     industry and at the Federal  Aviation
        urgency on the part of the government to assess
                                                         New York Times reported. Elizondo now helps      Administration, told CNN the “missiles began
        their potential national-security threat?
                                                         lead To the Stars’ investigations.               going into what's called a ‘no-go condition,’ or
        Those are questions being asked by a team of
                                                         The UFO-nuclear connection began at
        high-ranking former U.S. defense and
        intelligence   officials,  aerospace-industry    the dawn of the atomic age.                      Observers can only speculate about the origin of
                                                                                                          these unexplained phenomena. But the repeated
        veterans, academics and others associated with
                                                                                                          proximity to sensitive defense sites connected to
        To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. The      Nuclear-adjacent sightings go back decades,
                                                                                                          our nation’s most powerful weapons has raised
        team has been investigating a wide range of      says Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher and
                                                                                                          the question of whether they might originate
        these sightings—and advocating more serious      author of the book UFOs and Nukes:
                                                                                                          from adversaries—known or unknown.
        government attention.                            Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons
                                                         Sites. Hastings says he’s interviewed more than
        Throughout history, unexplained aerial           160 veterans who have witnessed strange things   The Bentwaters-Rendlesham Forest
        phenomena (UAPs) have shocked, frightened        in the skies around nuclear sites.               incident
        and fascinated sky watchers.  And in the last
        century, more than a few have been reported in   “You have objects being tracked on radar         In late December 1980, air-traffic controllers
        military contexts. In late  World  War II, U.S.  performing at speeds that no object on earth can  encountered something alarming near Royal Air
        airmen called them “foo fighters”: strange       perform,” Hastings says. “You have eyewitness    Force Bentwaters in England. Used by the U.S.
        orange flying lights by the French-German        [military] personnel.  You have jet pilots.”     Air Force as a European foothold during the
        border. During the Korean War, some soldiers     Witnesses to these incidents are often highly    Cold War, Bentwaters housed a secret stash of
        claimed a blue-green light emitting “pulsing     trained personnel with top security clearances.  nuclear weapons in 25 fortified underground
        rays” made their whole battalion sick with what,  In recent years, their reports are being        bunkers.
        to some, resembled radiation poisoning.          corroborated by sophisticated technology.
                                                                                                          “We looked up on the radar scope and saw
        Less known: In the last 75 years, high-ranking   In late 1948, “green fireballs” were reported in  something…not like anything I’d seen before,”
        U.S. military and intelligence personnel have    the skies near atomic laboratories in Los        Ivan Barker, a U.S.  Air Force air-traffic
        also reported UAPs near sites associated with    Alamos and Sandia, New Mexico, where the         controller working that night.
        nuclear power, weaponry and technology—          atomic bomb was first developed and tested. A
        from the early atomic-bomb development and       declassified FBI document from 1950 mentions                            (Continued on Page 18)
        test sites to active nuclear naval fleets.       “flying saucers” measuring almost 50 feet in
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