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16               2022 Predictions From A Time-Traveller

        'Time-Traveller' From The

            Year 2714 Predicts An

          Alien Attack On Earth &

         A Human-Animal Hybrid

        There have been many predictions claiming
        there are other forms of lives on this universe -
        most call it aliens. But what proof do we have?

        Well, there is an apparent 'time traveller' that
        claims that aliens are real and they will invade
        earth pretty soon. This time traveller goes by the
        name aesthetic time warper on  TikTok and
        Instagram and says that he is here to help

        The account claims that he is a time traveller
        from the year 2714. It claims that Area 51 is
        trying to create a human and animal hybrid and
        they are already working on it. Apparently, the
        first one will be a human-rat hybrid which will
        be successful by the year 2023.                  The  Airborne Object Identification and                  NOT DEAD YET
                                                         Management Synchronization Group will
        To prove that the account is used by a time      "detect, identify and attribute objects of interest
        traveller, they asked us to note five dates and  in [special use airspace]", Deputy Defence        Those awkward times when the Grim Reaper
        events towards the end of 2021 and 2022. The     Secretary Kathleen Hicks said in a memo to                       shows up early.
        time traveller believes that three teens will open  senior Pentagon leadership on Tuesday.
        a portal to an alternate universe using a T. Rex                                                  RESTLESS LEG: In 2013 mourners were
        dinosaur egg in December. They also say that     Their directives include reducing gaps in        attending the funeral of a 34-year-old Zimbabwe
        the mythical sunken city of  Atlantis will be    intelligence detection capabilities, analysing   man named Brighton Dama Zanthe.  As they
        found in the Atlantic Ocean in 2022, housing     intelligence and counterintelligence data, and   passed his coffin to pay their respects, Zanthe’s
        human-fish life.                                 recommending policy in the area.                 boss, Lot Gaka, announced, “His legs are
                                                                                                          moving.” All of a sudden, there was a mad dash
        One of the account's predictions that caught a lot  The defence department has said it takes any  for the exit, but Gaka kept his cool and called an
        of attention was a clip that suggested that      reports of aerial incursions - identified or     ambulance. The “dead man” was rushed to the
        “something amazing happens on  August 11,        unidentified - "very seriously, and investigates  hospital, where he spent two days in intensive
        2021.”  They said: "There will be a very large   each one".                                       care before making a full recovery. Zanthe had
        meteor shower that lasts for 2 weeks, it will be                                                  been ill for several months before he appeared to
        seen in the Northern hemisphere, containing the  Tuesday's statement acknowledges challenges      slip away and was pronounced dead. “It’s a
        Nozic Message.                                   highlighted by a Pentagon report to Congress in  miracle,” said Gaka, “and people are still in
                                                                                                          disbelief.” “I feel okay now,” said Zanthe.
        However, this is not the only time traveller
        account. Another time traveller claims that he is  Lawmakers had demanded the report after the    BEYOND RECOGNITION: When Juan
        stuck alone in 2027 and shows videos of empty    US military reported numerous instances of       Paeayo left his house in June 2018, the 20-year-
        streets and empty places.                        unidentified objects seen moving erratically in  old Paraguayan man didn’t tell his mother where
                                                                                                          he was going. When he didn’t come home the
                                                         the sky.
        Do you believe in this?                                                                           next day, the family put out a missing persons
                                                         It said of 144 reports made about the phenomena  report. A few hours later they were told by police
                                                                                                          that the charred remains of a body had been
                                                         since 2004, they could not explain all but one.
           Pentagon to study UFO                         While the Pentagon said there were "no clear     found in a nearby city (an all too common
                                                         indications" of any otherworldly activity, it did  occurrence in a region plagued by violent drug
          sightings in restricted US                     not rule out the possibility that the objects were  traffickers). Panayo’s family couldn't be certain

                        airspace                         extra-terrestrial.                               that the remains were him, but no one else had
                                                                                                          been reported missing, so they assumed that it
                                                                                                          was him. Two days later, while family members
                                                         Several possible explanations were offered at
        US defence officials have announced the launch   the time, including advanced technologies from   were gathered around his casket, he walked in
        of a task force to investigate reports of        another nation like China or Russia, natural     the front door and asked what was going on. (No
        unidentified flying objects in restricted airspace.  atmospheric phenomena - like ice crystals - that  word on where he was for those three days, or
                                                                                                          the identity of that other body was ever
                                                         could register on radar systems, and
        The group will assess objects of interest and    "developments and classified programmes by       discovered..)
        "mitigate any associated threats", the Pentagon  US entities".
        said on Tuesday.                                                                                  SLEEPY TIME:  95 year old Budh Ram had
                                                         The one case identified "with high confidence"   been declared dead by a doctor after fainting at
        A highly anticipated military report in June     was deemed to be a "a large, deflating balloon".  his home in India in 2018. as family members
        failed to explain dozens of reported UFO         []                                               were giving him a bath ahead of his funeral, he
        sightings and warned of possible national                                                         started shaking. They quickly carried him to a
        security risks.                                                                                   bed, where he came to a few minutes later and
                                                                       The ALL NEW                        said, “ I was just having a nap.”
        The new group will be overseen by top military    ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network Website
        and intelligence leaders.                                                   More fascinating stories are found throughout
                                                                                                          this edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper.
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