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The World Is Flat! Are You Kidding?                                                                                    15

               Why The Flat-Earth

             Movement Is The Best

                    Symbol Of The

            Increasingly Diminished

                Value Of Truth And


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          “You want science? Open your eyes,” reads the
          About section to a popular flat-earth support
          group on Facebook. “Per the scientific method
          (sic), science is proven through observation and
          the faculty for observation begins with our
          senses. I see no curvature; I feel no spinning
          earth beneath my feet; I feel the warmth of the
          sun close, not 93 million miles away (a distance
          we cannot even comprehend).” Therefore, the
                                                          understand why people are seduced by the tenor  ourselves from the 3D prison matrix for the
          thinking goes, there is no curvature at all, the
                                                          of the message. The flat-earth movement, in its  mind.  We opened our eyes and witnessed the
          earth does not spin whatsoever, the sun must not
                                                          own peculiar way, appeals to the arrogance of  limitless magnificence of this realm we call
          be many millions of miles away. The facts are
                                                          the ignorant, arousing a dormant sense of being  Earth. All dimensions have opened up to us and
          obvious. If the earth were spinning around and
                                                          meant for something special. It empowers you   we are now the Pilots revising the map.”
          around, wouldn’t you fly a few feet backward
                                                          to overcome confusion and conquer stupidity –          Doesn’t that sound appealing? To have
          anytime you jumped in the air?
                 It doesn’t help to point out that the very  not the hard way, by learning and           things opened up to you, to witness the world in
                                                          understanding, but in a way that’s much easier,  its limitless magnificence? It is a kind of
          purpose of science is to demonstrate the reality
                                                          by redefining the things you don’t understand as  liberation – liberation from serious thought. []
          of that which we cannot perceive ourselves; that
                                                          wrong in the first place.
          plenty of things which seem apparent to our
                                                                 It’s the same quick-fix attitude that’s
          eyes and our ears are not at all as they seem and
                                                          besieging our political landscape: information
          never have been, and that the process of this                                                   Celebrities Who Believe in
                                                          that doesn’t accord with your carefully
          understanding is the very narrative of our
                                                          manicured world-view is “fake news,” opinions        Conspiracy Theories
          evolution as a species. These processes the Flat-
                                                          that don’t cohere with your own are offensive,
          Earthers dismiss as propaganda.
                                                          everything you dislike or that frightens you can
                 Photographs of the earth from space –
                                                          be wedged between scare quotes and rejected
          photographs which quite clearly show that it is                                                Steven Seagal  - The  black-leather-clad
                                                          out of hand. Never mind the “expertise” of
          round – are rejected, indeed practically laughed                                               martial arts star has been a vocal proponent of
                                                          “professionals” and “elites.”  You still matter.
          off, as the product of a few spare hours and a                                                 the conspiracy theory that many mass shootings
                                                          You know everything you need to know.
          copy of Photoshop.  The simplest explanation                                                   are staged, telling Russian state-owned
                                                                 The irony is that we have never before
          that may account for an anomaly of perception                                                  propaganda network RT, "I believe, I hate to say
                                                          had readier access to the truth. It’s never been
          – why skyscrapers don’t appear to tilt away                                                    this, a lot of these mass murders and all this
                                                          simpler to disabuse ourselves of misbelief. But
          from us in the distance, say, or why we can’t see                                              funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this
                                                          perhaps it’s precisely this deluge of information
          the curving horizon while standing flush with                                                  is engineered.”
                                                          that has entrained our retreat from its power. It’s
          the ground – are sneered at as disinformation,
                                                          difficult – frustratingly difficult – to believe a
          fabricated wholesale to fool. Science is spin.                                                 Tom DeLonge - The Blink-182 frontman has
                                                          falsehood when five seconds of research is
          Facts are “fake news.”
                                                          enough to refute the point.                    been vocal about his belief in aliens and their
                 Why would generations of scientists lie?
                                                                 And sometimes what we want are          spacecraft. He's also subscribed to a
          Well, they are leagued in conspiracy against
                                                          falsehoods. We want the comfort of having our  complicated conspiracy theory that  American
          God. Why else? “The number one reason (they
                                                          dearly held opinions confirmed; of thinking    astronauts DID land on the moon, but the
          lie),” explains a website dedicated to the flat-
                                                          that, say, Muslim immigrants pose a threat to  government pushes theories that we DIDN'T
          earth cause, “is a Biblical and gospel related
                                                          the security of our nation, or that gun control  land on the moon to distract us from asking the
          reason.  The ball earth is the foundation for
                                                          does little to curb violent crime. So instead of  real question we should be pondering: "What
          evolution and the Big Bang, which both put
                                                          allowing the facts to dissuade us – instead of  was there when we got there?"
          God completely out of the picture (sic). If the
                                                          permitting the truth to challenge our ideas –we
          world is run by the Satanic elite (which it is),
                                                          take the facts that please us and throw the rest Rosie O'Donnell - Rosie O'Donnell used her
          then their primary goal would be to discredit
                                                          away. It’s not only specific evidence that     show The View to chime in with her thoughts
          and hide God, making us believe He doesn’t
                                                          becomes dubious: it’s the entire principle of  about 9/11, saying, “I do believe it is the first
          exist…  Without the globe earth lie, all of
                                                          research, the entire scientific method that’s cast  time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I
          Satan’s deception (sic) are blown out of the
                                                          in doubt.  Why defer to reason if reason risks  do believe that it defies physics for the World
                                                          telling us something we don’t want to know?    Trade Center  Tower Seven, building seven,
                 But of course. It’s all so simple. NASA
                                                                 “The    discovery   begins    within,”  which collapsed in on itself, it is impossible for
          – “which has ties to Satanism and/or the
                                                          proclaims a flat-earth Facebook group.         a building to fall the way it fell without
          Occult,” according to another reputable flat-
                                                          “Empirically, the human senses are the most    explosives being involved.”
          earth source – has manufactured this globular
                                                          powerful way in which we connect to source             According to Popular Mechanics, it's not
          chicanery for infernal gain. The Bible says the
                                                          and yet we’ve been taught to deny what they tell  at all impossible for a building to fall the way
          world is flat, or anyway says something to that
                                                          us. We’ve been programmed since birth to trust  Building 7 did, as its structure had been
          effect.  We should open our eyes and see the
                                                          pseudo science (sic) over our own connection to  severely weakened by crash damage and
          divine truth.
                                                          source (sic)… We have awoken from the globe    burning jet fuel. []
                 The particulars of flat-earth devotion are
                                                          illusion, a planetary confinement, and freed
          easy to ridicule. But it isn’t difficult to
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