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12                           1948 Mysterious Green Fireballs

           Why Mysterious Green
                                                           The Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico

         Fireballs Worried the U.S.
              Government in 1948

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        Officially, government investigators concluded
        that the green fireballs were some kind of never-
        before-seen natural phenomenon. Interest in,
        and investigation into, the fireballs dropped off
        at the outbreak of the Korean War.

        “Writing these off as natural phenomena did not
        solve the problem,” says UFO researcher Jan
        Aldrich, who believes the green fireballs were
        related to aerial phenomena spotted in Fort
        Hood, Texas, in 1949. “It just pushed it under
        the table.”

        Nuclear fallout debris?

        But that hasn’t stopped UFO researchers from
        speculating more recently.

        In his 2008 book UFO and Nukes: Extraordinary
        Encounters at Nuclear  Weapons Sites, Robert
        Hastings, drawing on declassified official
        documents, suggests that the fireball trajectories                THE PASSING OF A GREAT FRIEND
        align with those of fallout-debris clouds                           AND CANADIAN BROADCASTER
        associated with top-secret atomic testing.
                                                                            ANDREW KRYSTAL
        But according to Dr. Hughes, there’s another
        reason to suspect those green fireballs were
        buoyant balls of plasma: All those unpredictable
        movements, which suggest their paths may have
        been following electric field lines above the

        “Personally, I think that the erratic change in
        direction is reasonably conclusive proof that the
        phenomenon is electrical in nature,” says Dr.
        Hughes, citing the more familiar sharp angles of
        a lightning bolt streaking through the sky.

        “If the ball lightning phenomenon was a solid
        mass, there would be enormous inertia, making
                                                             Veteran talk show host and journalist Andrew Krystal passed away Sunday, May 22, 2022,
        it very difficult to explain the source of energy
                                                             in Toronto. He was 63.
        for such extreme acceleration. In the case of a
        plasma ball, an internal energy source is not
                                                             Krystal had most recently been hosting Krystal Nation on SiriusXM Canadian current
        required—in the same way that a bolt of
                                                             affairs channel, Canada Talks, and running his own digital content and communications
        lightning does not need some kind of electrical
                                                             firm, working with clients like Tourism Ontario.
        rocket motor to rapidly change direction on the
        way to the ground or between clouds.”
                                                             After graduating with an English degree from the University of Toronto, Krystal started in
                                                             broadcasting creating syndicated entertainment content for Sonic  Workshop, and
        Still, at this stage, it’s hard to shake the sense
                                                             contributed travel content to programs like CNN’s Travel Guide.
        that equating the green fireballs with ball
        lightning is tantamount to explaining a mystery
                                                             He went on to host various talk radio timeslots on AM 640 (CFIQ-AM) and Newstalk
        with another mystery.
                                                             1010 (CFRB-AM) Toronto. Known for his volatility at times, he gained a reputation as a
                                                             “radio bad boy.”
        “I’m a believer in the sense I believe that UFOs
        exist,” says Dr. Hughes, who finds the name apt:
                                                             Krystal was part of the launch team for Rogers’ Halifax all-news station, News 95.7
        “They are unidentified flying objects. I just
                                                             (CJNI-FM) (now CityNews Halifax), where he hosted Maritime Morning for the station’s
        don’t think there are little green men at the
                                                             first five years bringing the show to #2 in the market. He returned to Toronto in 2010
        controls.” []
                                                             where he went on to work with Sportsnet 590 The Fan (CJCL-AM) and CityNews, where
             THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO/TV SHOW                      he served as the Toronto City Hall reporter during Mayor Rob Ford’s first few years in
                             with                            office.
                     ROB McCONNELL
                                                             Krystal won an RTNDA award in 2010 for his editorial on the death of Michael Jackson.
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