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12                                              Meet Patti Conklin

                        PatP atti C            onkklin
                                    ti Conklin

                       auth or . vibr ational m ediat or . r a dio an d T V per sona ytalit

                       “Healin g c om es f r om blen ding both W est er n an d E ast er nn pr inciples. W ear e
                       par tic les, whic h is scien c e, an d w e ar e souls, whic h is spir ituaal”
                                                                                      -P at ti C onklin

                                          P r iv at e Sessions                                         Monthly Retr          e ats

                                          Priv  t a  e sessions ar e highl                        y    Kick back and enjoy    l  f of  the heal -
                                                                                                                          y  all
                                          cust omiz ed  f or  y our  unique  needs.                    ing, r elaxing amenities in P  a tti’ s

                                          A v ailable by  phone or                     video no        v ery  o wn home! F ood, lodging, and
                                          ma tt er                   wher e  y ou ar e in the  w orld!  daily  medita tions pr o vided!
                                          R a dio an     d T  V                                        W  ebinar     s

                                          W eekl y  episodes of f  H ealing  Within                    T ak e  y our  understanding of f  health,
                                          R adio and  TV                   with leading e xperts       vibra tion,  and  emo tion t o   the ne xt
                                          ranging fr om holistic practitioners                         le v el! W ebinars pr o vide educa tion
                                          t o in ternal l  medicine doct ors!                          f or  y ourself or r   y our  practic e!

                       Th    e issues ar              e in

                       y  our tissues.

                                                                                                                404-47 4
                       A A  20- year r   industry  leader ,  with a pr ogr essiv e,
                       inno v a tiv e style dedica t ed t o pr o viding t op o                    f
                                                                                                                pa tti@pa ttic onklin.c om
                       the line c omplementary  car e t o help  y ou liv e                                      www  pa tticttic onklin comonklin.c omm
                       y our  healthiest, fullest lif e.
                                                                                                                PO Bo x 2695
                                                                                                                Cart ersville, GA  30120
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