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Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate                                                                                     11

           Peter Robbins Explains

          His Take on Left at East
                   Gate - Part II

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               True, your dumping James turned him
        into an attack dog overnight, and over the top in
        some respects, but you are 100% responsible for
        turning him from a major supporter into a major
        critic, no one else. Your rage and paranoia can
        be contagious in such a situation.
               And speaking about paranoia, were you
        even remotely serious in your August post: “16
        hr delay....due to a bomb threat against the
        flight.just       found          out        ?
        makes one wonder..trolls n all.” I am sure as I
        can be that you did not tell people or note on
        Facebook what your flight to  Toronto was or
        what airline you were flying, did you? So how
        could anyone have made such a threat? And do
        you honestly think, even for a moment, that if
        one of your haters did have your flight
        information, they would actually be willing to
        risk a major felony or even terrorism charge just
        to delay your flight? If so please think again.
        The Larry Warren I used to know would never
        have even considered it. But ‘Old Laz’? He’s
        something else again.
               I could go on Larry, but do I really need
        to? I would never have believed it, not even as
        recently as early this summer, but you have
        blown your credibility with me. Correction. You
        have blown enough of your credibility with me
        that I do not know what to trust and what not to
        trust anymore when it comes to your statements,
        opinions, beliefs or stances. This is so not where
        I saw our relationship being after 29 years and I
        need to separate myself from you and get on
        with my life.
               I know I’ve given you a lot to think
        about. I hope you know I wish you well, but
        also stand by all I’ve said here. With respect,
        this has got to stop. Peter.
               This is Larry  Warren’s copy of USAF
        In-processing Sheet for personnel entering the
        81st Security Police Squadron at RAF
        Bentwaters. It appears on page 446 of Left At
                                                        confirm with certainty. USAF form 490 is a      brilliant flash of light that Larry has always
        East Gate and is self-explanatory. Note that Sgt.
                                                        light blue five by seven card whose purpose is  maintained    immediately     preceded    the
        Swain has signed off on it, twice, and with two
                                                        to confirm a medical or dental appointment. In  appearance of the craft in the farmer’s field
        different pens. I have never confirmed this with
                                                        this case confirming, or seemingly confirming   known as Capel Green.I think I have brought
        Sgt. Swain, but while other men named Lee       that Larry had an appointment to have his eyes  this impressive ‘fact’ to the attention of others in
        spell their name that way, he spells it ‘Lea,’
                                                        checked at the clinic located at (fairly) nearby  interviews, talks, radio broadcasts, and
        twice, even though ‘Lee’ appears clearly typed
                                                        RAF Lakenheath. You can find it on page 451 of  conversations on several hundred occasions.
        below the first signature. Cutting Larry Warren
                                                        our book. A memorable part of his account of    Unfortunately, if Larry was there, this piece of
        every latitude possible, I guess there is a chance
                                                        his involvement on the third night of UFO       paper should be given no weight whatsoever in
        that this Lee is the one-in, what? A thousand?
                                                        activity was that his eyes began to bother him  backing up his assertion.
        Fifty thousand? Who spells ‘Lea, but if not, Lee
                                                        immediately after the incident he claims to, and       Dr. Paul Echols was (and remains) a
        misspelled his own name, twice, and with two
                                                        may in fact have been involved in. If only      doctor of orthopedic surgery, not an
        different pens. I think this is damning.  Why
                                                        because of some of the outright lies I caught   ophthalmologist or eye doctor. Note:
        didn’t I follow up on it twenty five years ago?  him in last year I will never again be able to take  Orthopedics is the medical specialty concerned
        Because I believed Larry and rationalized that
                                                        him at his word again on anything that is not   with correction of deformities or functional
        Sargent Swain did spell his name with an ‘a,’
                                                        100% fully documented.                          impairments of the skeletal system, especially
        and that the typed word ‘Lee’ was simply an
                                                               The problem that exists here is both     the extremities and the spine, and associated
        understandable bureaucratic typo. I was
                                                        massive and undeniable. There is no question    structures such as muscles and ligaments.The
        obviously not the investigative writer I wanted
                                                        that there was only one Dr. Echols serving at   only reason Dr. Echols might have been
        to be back then. Highly suspicious?  Yes.
                                                        that clinic at that time. It was he who signed off  assigned to examine this patient would have
        Smoking gun? Not quite.
                                                        on Larry’s form 490 and would have written the  been if his eyes had been attached to his spine or
               The document below however is
                                                        explosive comment, “OPTI/RET BURN/EXP -         other bony structure rather than set in his face.
        damning, and the only piece of  Warren’s        optical retinal burn exposure, caused by the
        original paperwork loaned to me that I can                                                                             (Continued on Page12)
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