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Science Explains Claims of Life After Death                                                                                      11

            Science Explains Claims

                of Life After Death

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          3.  The Debate Between Nature and
          Nurture Has Not Yet Been Solved
          The debate about the use of genetics in
          determining patterns in human behaviors has
          not been solved. Charles Darwin says that
          human behavior is the result of evolutionary
          processes that were created over time to help
          humans survive and adapt to new conditions.
          There is scientific evidence for his claims and
          he is known as the father of the debate on
          human nature.
                 Then, the glory years of psychiatry came
          along. Sigmund Freud, a definitive thinker at
          the time, said that human behavior is the
          product of nurture. His famous argument
          suggested that personalities, traits and behaviors
          were created in spite of and because of the way
          that children are treated by their parents, or their
          absentee parents.
                 The debate has raged on over the years
          and each side makes valid points, some of
          which can be validated scientifically.  The
          importance of this debate does not necessarily
          lie in who is right and who is wrong. Instead, it
          is important that humans note that there are
          patterns in behavior.  Whether someone is
          alcoholic because they were surrounded by       sources. For thousands of years, people have   function can continue after a person is clinically
          alcoholic parents or because there is a         been asking the same questions about the       dead. Research in genetics has found that is
          predisposition in their genes, what scientists do  afterlife. Religion has created all kinds of  possible to pass on your experiences to your
          know is that behaviors have a way of living on  different possibilities.  The monotheistic     children.
          through children and grandchildren.             Abrahamic religions have one idea while pagan         If you adjust your meaning of the words
                 Whether a person has children of their   traditions have more than one. Regardless of the  death and life, it seems as though science could
          own or adopts non-biological children,          belief system in place, one thing is clear: it is a  provide an answer in the not so distant future.
          something of them will be passed on to their    subject that everyone wants to be better       Sometimes the only proof you need is to have no
          children and live on long after they are dead.  informed in.                                   proof at all. []
                 If you think that you can drink because         If the conscious exists, the drive to
          you’re Irish or that you are loud because you are  discover the keys to death and life are possibly  DID YOU KNOW.…
          Italian then you have bought into a cultural    a reflection of the potential to live on after we         IT WOULD TAKE...
          norm that persists through either nature or     die. Some psychologists would say that this fear
          nurture or perhaps even a combination of the    is the fear of the unknown but this is a         ...630 silkworm cocoons to make one one silk
          two.                                            superficial stance to take on the matter. It is  blouse.
                                                          possible to assume that these driving forces
          2. There Is No Proof That There Is Life         come from a knowledge somewhere within           ...a chicken-plucking machine 14 seconds to
                                                                                                           pluck a whole chicken.
          after Death                                     consciousness that people do live on after they
          One of the biggest reasons that science has not  die. Either way, if this is not true, no one can  ...a drop of ocean water more than 1,000
          prepared itself to truly explore the phenomenon  prove it.                                       years to circulate around the world.
          of life after death is because there is no proof
          that there is life after death. There is no proof  Conclusion                                    ...a manned rocket ship 70,000 years to reach
          that the soul exists and there is no proof      Life after death has fascinated people from all  the next closest solar system.
          regarding the parameters of consciousness.      corners of the globe for thousands of years. For
          Because there is no conclusive proof, many      the last few hundred years, science has written  ...about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar
          people walk away from it scientifically because  off the concept as a fantasy only for those who  of peanut butter.
          they believe it to be fruitless.                need religion and the idea of an afterlife to find
                                                          meaning during their time on Earth.              ...a combine harvester 9 seconds to have
          1. There Is No Proof That There Is No                  But since the quantum revolution in       enough wheat to make 70 loaves of bread.
          Life after Death                                science, the way science works has changed.
                                                          Physics has taught scientists that not everything
          But at the end of the day, even though there is                                                  ...a car traveling at 75 mph 258 days to drive
                                                          is quantifiable.  The understanding that some
          no proof of life after death, there is no proof that                                             around one of Saturn's rings.
                                                          scientists have that describable matter makes up
          there is not life after death either.  The entire
                                                          only a small portion of the universe while dark
          concept is a mysterious subject. So many                                                         ...a year’s worth of corks from all the wine
                                                          matter makes up the rest has changed the way
          psychological signs point to the idea that there                                                 bottledin France to circle the world three
                                                          everyone looks at the scientific process.
          may be life after we pass on but none of these                                                   times.
                                                                 While there is no definitive study that
          pass onto the physical.
                                                          can tell anyone that there is life after death,
                 The intense desire to find out what                                                       ...Pluto 248.53 years to travel around the sun.
                                                          some breakthroughs have been leading in that
          happens to people after they die is one that has
                                                          direction. Recent research in science has        DID YOU KNOW by Rob McConnell is available
          gone for as long as the world has had written                                                           at
                                                          demonstrated that it is possible that brain
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