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Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate                                                                                     11

           Peter Robbins Explains

          His Take on Left at East

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               “For a controversial witness, Larry
        Warren appeared straightforward enough. He
        seemed to be answering the questions as best he
        could and didn't put on airs. If what he was
        saying was true, he had a lot of guts to come
        forward. If he was relating a delusion, or just
        plain lying, he certainly was good at it.”
               And Gary, he wasn’t just good at it, he
        was the best. Perhaps an experienced police
        detective like you might have seen through
        some part of his self-assured initial account that
        I missed. But when someone is fully committed
        to intentionally deceiving you from the start,
        this is especially problematic, especially for a
        well-meaning, self-trained investigator inclined
        to trust someone who was so intensely and self-
        assuredly committed to their account of things.
                                                        objectionable or personally repugnant to you?   even now with him visiting it whenever he likes.
               You write that I am
                                                        No need to answer that rhetorical question. I   The only thing that has ever mattered to me in
               “either the world's worst judge of
                                                        know you well enough to know the answer is      case investigation in general and the RFI in
        character or when some ill-judged questions,
        most of which hold little or no evidential      no.                                             specific is the truth, wherever it may take us and
                                                               As to your writing that I “cast him aside  whomever it may show in a good or bad light.
        credence in relation to LW's RFI involvement
                                                        in a desperate attempt to save your professional  I’m sure you and I are united in this belief. I
        you chose to cut him loose to the gang of
                                                        reputation?” Please.  Regarding Left  At East   think these next few paragraphs serve to
        wolves with a malicious agenda (i.e. condemn
                                                        Gate, what remains of what I’ll laughingly call  illustrate how I came to find myself in the place
        him as a liar, a fraud, a conman first, then claim
                                                        my ‘professional reputation’ does not really    I’m writing from:
        in the next breath that 'their aim was only to
                                                        matter all that much to me anymore. I know that        “Larry arrived Friday afternoon, July 3,
        seek the truth!) or when the going got tough you
                                                        I may well go down as one of, if not the biggest  1987. Though glad to see him, it was quite clear
        cast him aside in a desperate attempt to save
                                                        part in UFO investigative history, but that’s   that I really didn't know whom I had invited to
        your professional reputation.”
                                                        water under the bridge now and I can only take  my apartment. Only two things seemed
                                                        responsibility for the long list of investigative  {emphasis mine} certain about Larry Warren --
        First, the questions you refer to are not “ill
                                                        oversights I am guilty making a quarter century  he had been through something in December of
        judged.” They are not and if you take the time to
                                                        ago and the successful bamboozling I was        1980, and he was still very angry about it. What
        look into them yourself you would find yourself
                                                        subjected to year after year. The question is no  had he been through in England? What effect
        coming to the same damned realizations I’ve
                                                        longer 'what is true about Larry's story', or   had it had on his life? What effect did it have on
        been forced to acknowledge. Nor am I “the
                                                        ‘story,’ as the case may be, and there are many  his present state of mind? More, how curious
        world’s worst judge of character.” Far from it.
                                                        truths that still stand for me. The only question  was I to find out?  At once both open and
        However when it came to ultimately falling into
                                                        now is what he has lied about and the           guarded, things lay behind things with him.
        line with the now hopelessly intertwined nature
        of the true/untrue account I continued to       confirmable evidence that supports the many            Whoever he was, he had brought along a
                                                        allegations of deception perpetrated on all of us  pile of reading for me, all of it on Bentwaters.
        encounter in our ongoing interviews, his stare-
                                                        by him, in our book and otherwise.  With        We talked our way through a number of subjects
        me-in-the-eyes insistence that he was telling the
                                                        respect, I think you have allowed yourself to fall  over a great Japanese dinner. The conversation
        truth and nothing but the truth finally won me
                                                        victim to one of Stanton T. Friedman’s central  continued late into the night and, next morning
        over. And I can tell you for an absolute fact that
                                                        tenants of debunkers, of all things: “Don’t     over breakfast, picked up where we'd left off. His
        each member of that “the gang of wolves with a
                                                        bother me with the facts. My mind's already     account of the incident was riveting, never more
        malicious agenda” you refer to started out as a
                                                        made up.”                                       so than the few times he veered away from
        supporter of Larry Warren, proud to know him
                                                               I know you, as well as I’m able, that you  giving me a direct answer. My impression
        and in the overwhelming majority of cases
        proud to call him a friend as well, if only on  see yourself standing up for a wronged if       {emphasis mine} of him was consistent: I was
                                                        imperfect and troubled witness and friend       not being lied to, but he had more to tell. What
        Facebook. If you dig deeper you will see where
                                                        seemingly under attack from all directions by   though, was I to make of the information he was
        their malice really stems from.
                                                        the “gang of wolves” you’ve referred to, and I  giving me?
               Your next assertion, that there is “little
                                                        can only respect you for that. But be warned.          Not counting breaks, our first
        or no evidential credence in relation to LW's
                                                        You are being ‘played,’ to use one of Larry’s   "interview" ran the full weekend. That Sunday
        RFI involvement” is simply wrong my friend.
                                                        favorite expressions. I’m sorry to have to tell  afternoon, I finally asked him why he was telling
        Take the time to review the particulars like I
                                                        you that the over past few years some of the    me all this? Larry answered that he was looking
        finally did and you will find that there is
                                                        comments he’s made about you in his Facebook    for someone to write a book with and thought I
        evidence in every sense included, even if
        supplied in part by people whose flat-out hatred  messages and phone calls to me have been far  might be that person. After hearing me speak in
                                                        from flattering. His phone remarks you will     Washington, he'd decided to ask if I was
        of Larry may leave you feeling disgusted. I’ve
                                                        have to take my word for, but his written ones  interested.
        been where you are now, and for months upon
                                                        would be easy enough to establish with a series
        months leading up to writing this.  When I
                                                        of screen grabs, that is if he had not blocked me                      (Continued on Page 12)
        finally forced myself to the confirmed facts they
                                                        from his page sometime last month.
        had established I had no choice but to change
                                                               When I finally ended our Facebook              For the Very Best of Alternative
        my mind. When you were a detective did you
                                                        friendship and in effect our actual friendship on
        ever decide to ignore potentially important                                                               Programming 27 / 7 / 365
                                                        or about January 3rd, I made a point of not
        evidence in an investigation simply because the                                                      
        source was in some manner morally               blocking him from my page. I have no problem      Programming from Around The World.
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