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10              Mysterious UFOs Seen by WWII Airmen

         Mysterious UFOs Seen by

               WWII Airman Still


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        Nicholas  Veronico, an author who has written
        several books on military aviation history, says
        that explanation comes up short.

        “The    V-2    rocket    doesn’t    have    the
        maneuverability,” he says. “It couldn’t turn on a
        dime and change its acceleration pattern. Once it
        started burning, it burned and produced thrust at
        one rating.”

        Nothing in Nazi Germany’s military-aviation
        arsenal can explain the foo-fighter description,
        Veronico says. One airman’s observation from
        the time—that the foo fighters follow the
        fighters so closely as to seem almost magnetized
        to them—is particularly confounding, given that
        “there just wasn’t the propulsion or
        metallurgical technology that could enable
        something like that.”                            But I think they would’ve capitalized on it by a new light.
                                                         this point,” the historian says. “Or weaponized
        And yet von Braun’s career after World War II is  it.”[]                                          What conclusion is to be drawn?
        worth considering. Following the collapse of the
        Third Reich, the engineer was recruited to be                                                     One’s own military experiences become
        part of Operation Paperclip, a clandestine U.S.       When Secret Mystery                         mundane in their day-to-day execution and
        military program that spared 1,600 Nazi                                                           every job has it’s annoyances, no matter how
        scientists prosecution for war crimes, moving     Planes Landed At The Air                        glamorous seeming they may be from the
        them instead into the American military, where          Bases Where I Was                         outside. Combat aircraft, for example, are
        their past was whitewashed to the public.                                                         notoriously high maintenance. Conceivably,
                                                                        Stationed                         somewhere out there is an F-22 Raptor pilot who

        By 1952, von Braun had reinvented himself as a                                                    is frustrated to taxi five minutes late because a
        space-flight advocate, writing a piece that year                                                  nagging problem on startup required that he call
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        in Collier’s magazine declaring that “within the                                                  maintenance. It’s those moments in which the
        next 10 or 15 years, the earth will have a new                                                    greater privilege of being part of our nation’s
        companion in the skies, a man-made satellite                                                      legacy and heritage of aerial achievement and
        that could be either the greatest force for peace  Other military personnel share similar         advanced technology is lost on the individual.
        ever devised, or one of the most terrible        experiences that are seemingly brushes with
        weapons of war—depending on who makes and        black projects; some seemingly factual, but      The break in what becomes a mundane routine
        controls it.” His prediction proved overly       many bordering on myth, and in some cases,       comes in experiences like the two I shared in
        conservative:  The Soviets launched Sputnik 1    utter absurdity. In the complete and absolute    this article. They serve as a powerful reminder
        only five years later. Von Braun helped the U.S.  vacuum of anything seen or heard on either      that our nation has the most advanced fighting
        Army launch Explorer 1 shortly thereafter. By    occasion, personal to myself I can’t even        force ever seen in all of human history and that
        1960 he was with NASA, where he became the       speculate as to what happened or what the        force appears to have some wondrous
        chief architect on Saturn V—the rocket that sent  aircraft involved was. That much is agreed upon  capabilities that lay tucked away out of sight.
        Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew to the     by those I shared the experiences with.          Some of which we may never truly understand.
                                                         Looking back, I’ve had to relegate those two     I am just glad I got to at least be in close
        As von Braun recast himself as an  American      experiences to the unknown with diminished       proximity to such a thing, not one, but two times
        patriot, his career in the Nazi party shadowed   expectations they will ever come back to me in   in my military career. []
        him, an ambiguous secret that reporters would
        playfully poke at.  At one press conference
        before one Apollo launch, a reporter asked von
        Braun to assure the press that the rocket
        wouldn’t hit London. But they could never
        prove his involvement, and it was only in
        1985—several years after von Braun’s death—
        that CNN broke news of the full extent of the
        aerospace engineer’s Nazi past, more than 40
        years after the fact.

        Veronico hopes the foo-fighter narrative will
        follow a similar trajectory.

        “The fantasy is that 100 years after the war, the
        U.S. or Soviets will release information about
        what they captured, and it’ll blow all our minds.
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