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10              UAP Report To Congress of 25 June 2021

                OFFICE OF THE

                 DIRECTOR OF



          Preliminary Assessment:

               Unidentified Aerial


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        Expand Collection

        The UAPTF is looking for novel ways to
        increase collection of UAP cluster areas when
        U.S. forces are not present as a way to baseline
        “standard” UAP activity and mitigate the
        collection bias in the dataset. One proposal is to
        use advanced algorithms to search historical
        data captured and stored by radars. The UAPTF    APPENDIX B – Senate Report                       aerospace or other threats posed by the UAP to
        also plans to update its current interagency UAP                                                  national security, and an assessment of whether
        collection strategy in order bring to bear relevant  Accompanying the Intelligence                this UAP activity may be attributed to one or
        collection platforms and methods from the DoD Authorization Act for Fiscal Year                   more foreign adversaries;
        and the IC.                                      2021
                                                                                                                 7.     Identification of any incidents or
        Increase Investment in Research and                                                               patterns that indicate a potential adversary, have
                                                         Senate Report 116-233, accompanying the
        Development                                      Intelligence Authorization Act  for  Fiscal  Year  achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities
                                                                                                          that could put U.S. strategic or conventional
                                                         2021, provides that the DNI, in consultation
        The UAPTF has indicated that additional          with the SECDEF and other relevant heads of      forces at risk; and
        funding for research and development could       USG  Agencies, is to submit an intelligence
        further the future study of the topics laid out in  assessment of the threat posed by UAP and the        8.     Recommendations        regarding
        this report. Such investments should be guided   progress the UAPTF has made to understand        increased collection of data, enhanced research
        by a UAP Collection Strategy, UAP R&D            this threat.                                     and development, additional funding, and other
        Technical Roadmap, and a UAP Program Plan.                                                        resources.[]
                                                         The Senate Report specifically requested that
                                                         the report include:                                      IN MY TIME OF
        APPENDIX A - Definition of Key                          1.     A detailed analysis of UAP data

        Terms                                            and intelligence reporting collected or held by                  DYING
                                                         the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data
                                                         and intelligence reporting held by the UAPTF;
        This report and UAPTF databases use the                                                            What is death? We’re all going to find
        following defining terms:                                                                          out... but here’s how some great minds
                                                                2.     A     detailed    analysis    of
                                                                                                                       have thought of it.
                                                         unidentified phenomena data collected by:
        Unidentified  Aerial Phenomena (UAP):
                                                                       a.      Geospatial Intelligence;
        Airborne objects not immediately identifiable.
                                                                       b.      Signals Intelligence;        •  “At the moment of one’s conception is
        The acronym UAP represents the broadest
                                                                       c.      Human Intelligence; and         when one starts to die.” - Rob McConnell
        category of airborne objects reviewed for
                                                                       d.      Measurement          and
                                                         Signatures Intelligence                            •  “It’s inspirational to see someone who is
                                                                                                               dying smile.” - Arlene Specter
        UAP Event:  A holistic description of an
                                                                3.     A detailed analysis of data of the
        occurrence during which a pilot or aircrew
                                                         Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was         •  “I’m not afraid of death because I don’t
        witnessed (or detected) a UAP.
                                                         derived from investigations of intrusions of          believe in it. It’s just getting out of one car
                                                         UAP data over restricted U.S. airspace;               and getting into another.” - John Lennon
        UAP Incident: A specific part of the event.
                                                                4.     A detailed description of an         •  “Death commences too early - almost
        UAP Report: Documentation of a UAP event,
                                                         interagency process for ensuring timely data          before you’re half-aquatinted with life,
        to include verified chains of custody and basic
                                                         collection and centralized analysis of all UAP        you meet the other.” - Tennessee Williams
        information such as the time, date, location, and
                                                         reporting for the Federal Government,
        description of the UAP. UAP reports include
                                                         regardless of which service or agency acquired     •  “To the well-organized mind, death is but
        Range Fouler1 reports and other reporting.
                                                         the information;                                      the next great adventure.” - J.K. Rowling
        1 U.S. Navy aviators define a “range fouler” as
                                                                5.     Identification of an official        •  “Dying is a wild night and a new road.” -
        an activity or object that interrupts pre-planned
                                                         accountable for the process described in              Emily Dickinson.
        training or other military activity in a military
                                                         paragraph 4;
        operating area or restricted airspace.                                                                                 (Continued on Page 36)
                                                                6.     Identification    of    potential
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