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10                                Holistic Cancer Foundation

                                          Dr. Carl O Helvie




                                                                                      CARL O HELVIE

                                                                                  HOLISTIC CANCER


                                                                        The Carl O Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation differs from others
                                                                        because we focus on:

                                                                           A holistic approach
                                                                           Multiple aspects of education, research, patient care and politics
                                                                           Multiple cancer types

                                                                        A holistic approach consists of combining physical, mental and spiritual
                                                                        modalities as well as considering the environment, relationships and
                                                                        politics because all of these elements influence health and wellness
                                                                        (cancer and recovery) and may need to be assessed and included in any
                                                                        treatment plan.

                                                                        An important part of any cancer program is education for those who
                                                                        have cancer or want to prevent it as well as lawmakers who influence
                                                                        cancer programs and public access to these programs through the
            Meet Carl O Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H., - Carl O Helvie, R.N.,
                                                                        decisions they make. Likewise, because we evolve in a dynamic
            Dr.P.H. is a registered nurse with a doctorate in Public
                                                                        environment cancer causation changes over time and consequently
            Health (Johns Hopkins) and over sixty years’ experience as
                                                                        ongoing research is needed to identify and find solutions to these
            a nurse practitioner, educator, author and researcher. He has
            published 8 books and chapters in 4 additional ones, and    changing causes. In today’s world where harsh invasive drugs and
            published 40 articles, presented over 55 research papers    procedures that often compromise the immune system have evolved as
            internationally and 60 papers for lay groups. Some of his   the treatment of choice for most medical conditions including cancer,
            books resulted from his development and over 35 years       medical coverage is often denied those who wish to find treatment
            refinement of the Helvie Energy Theory of Nursing and       outside the conventional realm. These cancer patients are subsequently
            Health that has been used internationally in practice,      often required and frequently unable to pay for their treatment of choice.
            education and research by 9 countries. Read more about      This gap provides a rationale for both funding patient care and
            Carl O Helvie at and
                                                                        involvement in the political process to bring about necessary changes in
                                                                        cancer care and funding. Please visit and donate today!

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