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                                                           “Unfortunately, there is no evidence to

                                                           suggest UAPs are extraterrestrial in


                                                                                                                                   - NASA

               NASA is taking                                   - NASA is appointing someone as "no reason to conclude" that any
                                                         its director of UAP research - but is sightings have been alien in origin, their
          "concrete action" to                           withholding their name due to "actual report warned any mysterious flying

                                                         threats" being made to its team.                 objects were a "self-evident" threat to
         explore the potential                                                                            American airspace.

                                                                - The space agency is "looking for
               threat of UFOs                            signs of life" both "past and present".          Their 33-page report said NASA should

          following the release                                                                           play a larger role in detecting such
                                                                - NASA administrator Bill Nelson phenomena - and the agency has already
         of a landmark report                            believes they will discover another appointed its first director of UFO

                                                         habitable planet in the universe.                research to lead the way.
          into the phenomena.

                                                                - The presence of UAPs "raises NASA is also seeking to rename UFOs to
                                                         serious concerns about the safety of our UAPs                 (unidentified        anomalous
         NASA officials and experts have                 skies", according to Dan Evans, an phenomena) to remove a "stigma" that

         sought to rename UFOs to UAPs                   assistant deputy associate administrator can prevent people from reporting
               (unidentified anomalous                   for research at NASA's Science Mission sightings.

            phenomena), as they seek to                  Directorate.
         disassociate their "serious" work                                                                Mr Nelson told a news briefing after the
                                                                -  Unfortunately, there is no report's release: "We are looking for signs
          from the public's never-ending
                                                         evidence      to    suggest     UAPs       are of life, past and present, and it is in our
          fascination with potential alien
                                                         extraterrestrial in origin.                      DNA to explore and to ask why things are
                             life.                                                                        the way they are."

                                                         The agency's administrator, Bill Nelson,
        Thursday, September 14, 2023:  After said it was time to "shift the conversation He said "we all are entertained by Indiana
        speaking for around an hour and from sensationalist to science", having Jones in the Amazon finding the crystal
        answering several questions, the NASA received the recommendations of an skull", citing the impact of Hollywood
        media briefing has come to an end.               independent panel tasked with looking and pop culture on people's fascination
                                                         into years of sightings.                         with the topic.
        Here's a recap of what we learned:

                                                         While the 16-team panel stressed there is                            (Continued on Page 3)
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